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Versace Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Versace Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
Feather-trimmed suits and satin boxing shorts? Must be Versace! Donatella Versace flexed her ostentatious Italian fashion muscles in her Fall 2019 Menswear show, showing to the world that no matter who owns her fashion house, the spirit of the brand will remain hers and hers alone!
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Donatella Versace ensured that even though Capri Holdings (formerly Michael Kors Holdings) bought the label, it will still remain as Versace as ever under her creative control. To relieve people of their doubts, she sent out an archive-influenced Fall 2019 Menswear show that touched upon classic house codes. It began with a BDSM parade of harnessed men in slouchy tailored suits and leather-induced ensembles. The aggressive sexuality was slightly overbearing, but when was it ever not in the house of Versace? Comparatively, the Pre-Fall women’s looks were more ostentatious, taking in on the shimmer of pleather outerwear and skin-tight mini-dresses with all their sexual confidence. As the show went on, the color and prints starting popping out with vibrant hues in overwhelming combinations. At times it became too silly to take seriously, especially a grey check suit with a bright tangerine feather trim. No self-respecting gentleman in the business world will wear that on Wall Street, but evidently, they’re not the men Versace is trying to attract. Donatella’s men are those who wear bright neon coats with embroidered baroque denim jeans or one who pairs a well-cut black blazer with satin boxing shorts. In its entirety, it was all tacky, whether tragically or delightfully depends on the customer.

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