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All hail to the royalty of all luxury fashion houses, Versace! Everyone bows down to this premium iconic brand because of their top of the line designing and purely perfect execution. For how many years, Versace remains to be one of the most recognized makers of decadent and glamorous fashion items. Despite of all other millennial labels that are on the rise right now, the industry’s respect and fondness with this fashion pioneer prominently dwell. Without argument, Versace is a fashion house that gained the respect of the entire high fashion industry through time.

In the high fashion scene, you can only count in your hands the labels that hold the same kind of reputation as Versace’s. Even after the death of its founder and hands-on designer Gianni Versace, this label didn’t go anywhere but upwards. Gianni’s sister Donabella Versace made sure that she will still put his brother’s legacy up to the pedestal where it belongs. Up to now, they are still one of the top picks of world-class personalities. In every international red carpet moments, they are worn by the most popular personalities, celebrities and even by royal bloods. But despite their apparent success, let’s dig in further to how, when and where Versace was brought to life.

Models walk the runway during the Versace fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week in 2016.
Models walk the runway during the Versace fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week in 2016. Credit:

The Birth of Versace in the Fashion World

Versace Boutique at via Monte Napoleone street in Milan, Italy.
Versace Boutique at via Monte Napoleone street in Milan, Italy. Photo: Boris-B

In 1978 is when it all started for Versace. Founded by an Italian local, Gianni Versace, an upmarket label that is inspired by Italian fashion and culture was brought to life. During then, this label is popularly known for their ready to wear clothing and leather accessories. Gianni Versace himself has the appetite for the natural vibrancy and rock and roll vibes of the Italian culture which became his inspiration in designing his fashion creations. His work caught the industry by storm is such a short span of time. From his humble beginnings, Versace’s supremacy by then and until now is very evident not only in Italy but across the seven continents.

Did you know that this brand also started from nothing? Gianni Versace started small but with his consistent efforts and passion in designing and his excellent know-how in marketing, he managed to succeed big time. When Gianni Versace was still young, he already had the fascination in making clothes which was cultivated in her own mother’s little sewing business. There he learned the basics and the techniques in making clothes. Aside from making clothes, Gianni is also extremely captivated by ancient Greek history. Because of that, he studied Latin and Ancient Greek in the Liceo Classico Tommaso Campanella. At the age of 26, he then moved to Milan to start his career in fashion design. From assisting his mother in her little sewing business, Gianni ended up designing a line they called “Byblos” for a known brand in Milan Genny. He earned the trust of the company and Genny gave him another experimental line called “Complice”. Genny was very happy with his performance and the whole of Milan’s industry started to notice Gianni Versace’s potential. After his success working with Genny, he started to establish his own name. After a few years at the Palazzo della Permanente Art museum of Milan, he proudly launched his very own signature women’s collection. After then, he had his first ever fashion show. Then and there, Versace’s rise has been very rapid. In 1978, he opened his own label’s boutique in Via della Spiga in Milan. This boutique became Versace’s headquarters.

From 1978 up until now, this premium luxury brand became an international fashion sensation. Their signature style embodies vibrant colors, unconventional prints and classy cuts. Versace doesn’t play by the rules of simplicity. They always go for vivid colors, keen detailing and appealing shapes and cuts. His solid interest in ancient Greek history explains Versace’s logo which is a portrait of Medusa’s head. This brand is all about sex, fun and out-of-the-box class. The characteristic of Medusa is the ultimate exemplary of each of Versace’s output. As what a very current saying in the fashion scene, “Armani dresses the wife, Versace dresses the mistress”. This only means that their style is oozing with pleasure and appeal.

At the age of 50, Versace’s founder Gianni Armani, came to rest. On July 15, 1997, after his morning walk in the beautiful Miami Beach, he was shot to death at the steps of his very own mansion. He was shot by an avid fanatic who became very obsessed with his reputation in fashion. Even after his sudden death, Gianni’s signature style was still continued by his sister Donatella Versace. Donatella Versace led the fashion house and she succeeded in continuing the legacy of her brother. For over 20 years after the death of Gianni, Versace is still here and there. It is still one of the most prominent fashion houses that dominated today’s global fashion era. They are worn by the brightest stars of the entertainment industry. They are always featured in world-class high fashion magazines. They are here and there in fashion shows anywhere in the world. There is no need explaining, Versace is and always will be one of the world’s best fashion aristocrats.

Versace Boutique in Toronto, Canada.
Versace Boutique in Toronto, Canada. Photo: JHVEPhoto

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