We believe that our readers are here to look for information quickly. Humble & Rich pride ourselves in having short & sweet reviews rather than having long and detailed ones.

Our reviews are written in such a way that readers can consume all the vital information including the positives & negatives of a product in less than a minute.

We Take Pride in Having Short & Sweet Reviews

To construct short and impartial reviews on a consistent basis, we have a strict no direct-advertisement policy with any brand, product or website.

We are a review site – a small one at that. We are not an ambassador, advocate or advertiser for any particular brand. And we plan to keep it that way throughout our endeavor.

All in all, we believe in the power of summarizing reviews and sharing what we know with the world.

Humble & Rich is a Reader-support Site

We monetize Humble & Rich through 3rd party advertisement. We are currently using Google Adsense. We also monetize through affiliation with retailer sites. Meaning to say that we may earn commissions through the links on this site. Here are a few of the common sites that we constantly link to:

  • Sephora
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  • Barneys
  • Harrods

And a few others. Our reviews remain unbiased and completely impartial regardless of who we link to. We also link out to many sites that we have absolutely no affiliation with. The purpose of us linking out is to allow our readers to compare prices on different websites.

If you are not a fan of this practice, simply enter the URLs of the consumer site in your browser that you wish to purchase from instead of using the links throughout this site. That way, we will never earn a commission from any of your purchases.

If you are interested to find out more, check out our Affiliate Disclaimer.

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We are actively searching for ways to help our readers make better online purchases by publishing short and impartial reviews on a daily basis (except for Sunday).

You can contribute to Humble & Rich by simply leaving an honest review (our comment editors do not edit readers’ reviews unless absolutely need to, like editing grammar, punctuation or censor curse languages), just contributing one honest review and you have already done an excellent job impacting this community.

We do not just focus on publishing new reviews, we are constantly updating existing reviews too. If you find any mistake or error on the site, please do not hesitate to let us know below.


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