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White Mountaineering Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


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White Mountaineering Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
Oftentimes, streetwear can look like "homeless chic" when not styled properly. Such was the sin of White Mountaineering's Fall 2019 Menswear show. What would have been an incredible array of functional and fashionable winter-gear was downgraded into a gimmicky presentation of unnecessarily heavy layering and seemingly poor ensembles.
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Oftentimes, what pulls a collection down is its overall styling. When John Galliano explored the “homeless” look for Dior in the early 2000s, his take was creative, idealistic, and even slightly innovative. But Yosuke Aizawa‘s own version for White Mountaineering this season, however, wasn’t any or all of that. And the truly worst part is, these aren’t supposed to be ‘homeless’ looks in the first place. That’s how awfully styled his Fall 2019 Menswear show was. Most likely his muses here were nomadic mountaineers (hence the brand name) who need functional and fashionable winter-gear, and to a certain extent, he delivered. But the way he presented and assembled his pieces were so overwhelming that, ironically, the end results were extremely underwhelming. The heavy layering was abysmal and the pattern play on stripes, plaids, and leopard prints was just confusing. A multi-layered look of differently-hued camouflage prints didn’t look cool or tough but rather seemed like a homeless man had slept near a construction site overnight and was dripped on by many colored paints. This is the sort of streetwear aesthetics that most designers have to tow the lines at the risk of presenting an array of homeless-looking ensembles. Had Aizawa broke such outfits down and focused on the essentials instead, this would have been a stronger outing than realized.

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