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Revlon ColorStay™ Long-Lasting Pencil Eyeliner Review

Revlon ColorStay™ Long-Lasting Pencil Eyeliner Review
Product Description
The Revlon ColorStay™ Eyeliner has become iconic within the beauty world—both in a good and bad way. To its credit, a huge chunk of the popularity comes from how easily available this product is, and how affordable it is if you’re in a bind and really need eyeliner. True to its name, it’s also a very colorful product, coming in a great variety of colors, and serving intense color payoff. The hugest point against the product would probably be how fragile it is—so much so that it ultimately makes the product unreliable for prolonged use. In our opinion, this product shines where it shines, but gets dragged way, way down by the problems inherent in the formula.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Easy availability
Very affordable
Good range of colors
Great color payoff
Breaks and crumbles easily
Skips and drags during application
Not good for precision application
Wears out quite a bit over time

The reputation of the ColorStay™ Eyeliner by Revlon is definitely not the best among folks in the beauty community, and yet it continues to be such a popular drugstore product.

Probably the biggest point in favor of this product is that it’s so readily available at drugstores everywhere—probably moreso than most eyeliner products out there. This eyeliner has gained an unprecedented level of visibility, and has thus become an easy choice for an eyeliner if you need to get one in a pinch. It also definitely helps that the eyeliner is so affordable—another reason why it’s so popular. The product comes in a good range of colors, so you can go with a classic eyeliner look, or something more graphic, depending on what you’re looking for. And finally, the color payoff is also quite good, giving plenty of intensity in one swipe.

Most of the problems of this product are deeply rooted in one major issue: fragility. This eyeliner is so quick to break with the smallest amount of pressure that it quickly becomes unreliable. Because it crumbles so easily, it’s hard to get a precise application out of this eyeliner, and because you have to be so gentle in handling it, it also tends to skip and drag during application. Another issue with the product, while not as noteworthy, is its wear time. To be fair, it does generally wear fine, but the initial intense color payoff of the eyeliner feathers and blurs over time, so it can be difficult to keep on for very long.

So our verdict? It’s definitely not the best eyeliner out there—not even the best drugstore eyeliner. But it does have enough good qualities for people to keep coming back to it despite those issues, and that’s probably what made this product such a popular product in the first place.

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry eyelids.

Other Information

  • The Revlon ColorStay™ Long-Lasting Pencil Eyeliner is available in eight shades, from classics like black and brown, to more graphic shades like blue and green.

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