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NYX Cosmetics Calfornia Beamin’ Face & Body Bronzer Review

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NYX Cosmetics Calfornia Beamin’ Face & Body Bronzer Review
Product Description
The NYX Cosmetics California Beamin’ Face & Body Bronzer is a new product from the drugstore makeup brand, and despite wanting to love it, we just couldn’t find it in ourselves to even want to use it. The product does deliver on its promised “warm faux glow” and “satin finish,” but is sadly unable to do so for the rest. This bronzer has a weird level of intensity that works really badly with its patchiness. It doesn’t blend well either, and it just wears off way too quickly. Overall, we found this to be an unpleasant bronzer experience.
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Nice finish
Can look a little too intense
Very patchy
Doesn’t blend well
Wears off too quickly

Most of the time, what impresses us about drugstore makeup products is that they’re able to provide an affordable alternative to the “best” high-end items out there. Some of these drugstore products can hold their own and actively compete for space on people’s vanities not just by virtue of their price, but also because they can actually perform quite well. Alas, the same does not prove true for the California Beamin’ Face & Body Bronzer from NYX Cosmetics.

This product promises “a creamy texture” and a “warm faux glow with a flattering satin finish.” We can’t agree with the creaminess of the texture (more on that later), but we have to give it props for luminosity. The powder contains ultra-fine shimmers that, on top of the color, make the skin appear luminous and glowing. Once the product has set, the finish also looks nice—just the right balance of matte and glowy.

Unfortunately, there are just too many things we actively dislike about the way this powder has been created. While the powder does pick up quickly, it’s also way too easy to accidentally grab a lot of powder, and make the product look far too intense for probably anyone’s liking. This is made worse by the patchiness of the formula’s application, so there are spots where the color looks too much, and spots where the color doesn’t even seem to have made a mark.

Another claim that this product doesn’t follow through on is blendability. NYX claims that the powder “blends smoothly” for an airbrushed effect, and we respectfully have to disagree. In our experience, the formula is tough to work, so it’s almost as if where you place the product initially is where it will stay forever—and no amount of buffing out or blending can change it. Finally, this product just wears off too quickly, generally speaking. You’d think that for all the powder formula’s toughness, it’d stay on much longer, but you would be mistaken. The fade-out is also quite harsh, looking awful once it’s done for.

We can’t find it in ourselves to say a lot of good things about this product because there just isn’t much good to say about it. It’s disappointing because we do adore most of what the NYX Cosmetics brand puts out, but with a product that performs this badly, we have to ask: NYX, what were you thinking!?

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to oily skin types.

Other Information

  • The NYX Cosmetics California Beamin’ Face & Body Bronzer is available in six (slightly muddy) shades.

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