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There are numerous ways to look good, but the best way? That is to feel great about your body. When you feel great about yourself, everything else follows. The fashion industry works hand in hand with the beauty industry in developing confident and stylish women that take control of their lives.

The concept of beauty is subjective and for the longest time, many debates have centered on this concept. But if there is one thing certain about beauty, it is the fact that it is ever-changing. What was beautiful a hundred years ago may no longer be what the modern society perceives to be beautiful. Regardless, one thing remains: That beauty is so more than the clothes we wear.

A look in the past couple of years reveals the shift of women to understanding and realizing the impact of beauty products to one’s state of mind and body. Beauty products are no longer the items used for the sake of looking good. They have become an extension of self-care and self-love. It is part of the process of paying attention and listening to your body. Beauty products have become instrumental to any woman to feel confident about herself and in crushing stereotypes in the society. What is more impressive is the fact that women by turning to beauty products, the society has substantially acknowledged the unfair and divisive standard of beauty among women, thereby creating a culture that redefines and reshapes what real beauty is about

These beauty products are not masks, but instead a mere tool for any woman to emphasize or highlight her features. We strongly believe that beauty products are made to develop and create a better version of yourself without having to completely change who you really are. It is when you take care of yourself and make yourself confident and beautiful that you show how you love being you.


The history of the world we know of today as the beauty industry shares a colorful history that will make any makeup enthusiast appreciate it more.

The ancient Egypt has been known for giving high regard in their appearance. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that the history of beauty products, especially makeup, can be traced to the Egyptians in 4,000 BC. They were popular for their use of kohl, which is a combination of almonds, ochre, lead, ash, and copper to create a dramatic eye makeup. Their version of eye shadow called mesdemet was made from lead ore and copper. For their cheeks, the Egyptians made use of red clay and water mixture, while yellow and orange henna chemicals were applied to their nails. The products used then by the Egyptians proved to be fatal, save as the flower essence and milk they used to bathe in.

Other early beauty items include natural ingredients like charcoal, bugs and berries. But the use of lead as an ingredient was adopted by the Greeks. The Romans, meanwhile, used sheep’s blood and fat to paint their nails. In the 19th century, a chemist was also able to produce a zinc oxide combination to manufacture cream and rouges. By reason of the use of harmful ingredients that jeopardize one’s health, a lot of beauty products later emerged to address this concern.

The 20th century was a grand period for the beauty industry, one of the reasons is the shift to colored televisions that showcased the smooth and spotless skin of celebrities and wide use of makeup. Makeup salons mushroomed across the United States, especially in the 1920s. makeup brand, Max Factor, also created its first foundation for movie celebrities. Moreover, as elegant eyebrows were made up, the 1920s introduced mascara and eyebrow pencils.

The 1960s to 1980s use of beauty products were largely influenced by the fashion during those times transitioning from mod to natural to big and complicated styling. In 1990s, however, women opted for a natural look while the closing of the 90s saw the dominance of dark.

Fast forward to today, beauty products have gone beyond colors to the face as they desire for products that will have a long-lasting benefit for them. Hence, the number of brands offering skincare products has ballooned.


We believe that in the world where women give a high premium on beauty and wellness, it is with great interest that we learn new facts or information about the beauty industry that we so love.

• The first swivel-up lipstick placed in a tube was launched in 1923.
• The first deodorant, Mum, was invented in 1889 in Philadelphia with aluminum chlorohydrate as its active ingredient.
• Nail polish was believed to have been founded in China using beeswax, acacia gum, egg whites and colored powder.
• L’Oreal introduced the first hairspray to be released to the market in 1960.
• The term “cosmetic” comes from the Greek word kosmos, which means “of this world” or “worldly”.


A colorful means to express one’s self, makeup is a staple to any woman. No, this does not mean that you have to build a room that is big enough to hold your makeup collection. Even with few pieces, as long as you have the right products, they will all make a big difference. Women wear makeup, primarily to enhance their features, to express their selves, and to boost confidence. No matter what your reason may be, make sure that the products you wear are safe and that they work perfectly with the type of skin you carry.

Skin Care

A healthy skin is not only desired for a flawless look, but more importantly to promote bodily and overall health. Being the largest organ of the body, deserves the same extraordinary care we give to other major organs like the heart. The skin is the protective barrier from the harmful environmental elements, thereby protecting the inner parts of the body. As such, it is exposed to harsh elements and toxins including harmful ultraviolet rays.

Finding and maintaining a skincare routine improves the health of your skin. In effect, you age gracefully, prevent skin-related diseases and improves quality of life. On the surface, a healthy skin appears radiant and glowing as compared to the dull ones, which is very helpful to develop one’s self confidence. There are skincare products that help cleanse and moisturize the skin day to night, as well as, protective items like sun block.

Perfume & Fragrance

Studies suggest that one’s scent has something to do with the interpersonal connection or ties he or she creates. The scent is also very telling about how other people would react to him or her. It is not enough that you look good as it is more important that you exhibit yourself as a hygienic and self conscious individual by paying attention to your scent, among others. This is where perfume or fragrance comes in. They hint about an individual’s personality and they likewise affect the impression we leave on other people. When choosing a perfume or fragrance, we must consider our health. Choose one that does not cause discomfort or harm to your olfactory system.

Bath And Body Wash

Still banking on the role of skin in protecting our body, it is important to wash and clean our body during bath with skin-friendly and appropriate bath and body wash. Body wash is used an alternative for soap as it efficiently kills germs while keeping the skin soft and smooth. As such, body was helps prevent body odor or other odor-causing bacteria. Make sure that you get yourself a bath and body wash that has the right pH, does not dry the skin, but rather hydrates and moisturizes.

Hair Care

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. The same makes a good and lasting impression. It is also a manifestation of her personality. Hair to women is very important; hence, how a woman treats her hair says a lot about the importance she gives in taking care of herself. But not all hair is the same. This is why some hair products works really well for others, but not for some. The first step is knowing the type of your hair and determining what products are appropriate for such type. The rest includes consistent hair care, which is important to keep them shiny and smooth and to prevent hair breakage, damage, or loss. Moreover, nourish not only your hair, but also your scalp.


A clean and well-trimmed nails extends beyond aesthetics as it is vital to promote overall health and to prevent spread of diseases. We use our hands almost all the time, which is the reason why it is among the major carrier of germs. Hence, taking care of your nails play a major role in keeping your health intact. Apart from that, nail grooming is likewise important if you want to look good as well-trimmed and healthy nails suggest cleanliness. You will never look good with unhealthy nails, not even if you wear upscale clothing brands.

Other Beauty Related Products

You see, the world of beauty is not exclusive to the aforementioned products or categories. When we talk about beauty products for women, it means everything that aids health and wellness including those that keep us at peace and calm like candles or essential oils. These relax the mind, body, and spirit. Let these products cleanse the inside of your body and let the effect flow as it will surely emanate on the outside.

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