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There should be no more introductions required for Artistry. The name itself renders the brand self-explanatory to those who haven’t heard of it; immediately putting art to mind before vanity when it comes to women’s cosmetics.

Artistry is a skincare and makeup brand under Amway, which holds together a number of other lifestyle brands, one of which is Nutrilite. It’s a classic case of a brand made by a woman for women. The wife of the Nutrilite’s founder started Artistry in the ‘50s to increase women’s options and offer specialized skincare that meets women’s needs and requirements for their skin type. At present, the brand is included in the top five premium skincare brands that makes it pretty tough to beat.

Three brand pillars


The brand’s success is driven by what they call the three pillars: discovery, imagination, and invention. These three are the guiding principles that pull the brand together through any kind of challenge whether in the business or technical aspect of developing products or marketing them. They also make up the brand’s distinguishing characteristics that differentiate their materials and processes from others.

Discovery is meant for the brand’s efforts in search of the most effective and groundbreaking ingredients from natural resources all around the world. The brand looks to the most difficult of natural areas to reach to find rare herbal ingredients that could do good for people’s skin. These ingredients are discovered and experimented with by the brand’s experts in skin health research and used as the foundational base for all of Artistry’s highly-advanced beauty products. Some of the rare ingredients the brand often use are the Afrian baobab fruit for its antioxidants, the Norwegian Fjord water, which comes from the thousand-year-old glaciers and purified by quartz sand.

Imagination is the next step after finding the rare ingredients. Science and technology come together not only to produce what women will need at the moment, but to think ahead and imagine the next set of skincare needs women in the future will need. Artistry has global connection between engineers and scientists that pass ideas back and forth to create the brand’s anti-aging products. However, imagination doesn’t only refer to the forward-thinking approach of the brand. It applies to other aspects like the packaging that they changed to level up the branding and appearance. The new look was named Crescendo and won AmeriStar’s Packaging Competition in 2007 and the best International Design Awards in Packaging (IPDA) the year after.

Lastly, Artistry puts a lot of value in Invention. This last pillar is also directed towards bringing futuristic scientific technologies and innovations into prominence right now. It’s a major reason for the success of the brand and why Artistry have more than 250 granted patents and even more still pending.

Skin treats

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From preventive measures to reparative solutions, Artistry’s skincare offerings are clinically tested to ensure delivery of what it promises to give the skin. The brand is an expert in skin aging dilemmas and majority of its collections is mostly about helping the skin keep its brightness and elasticity.

Artistry recommends the basic four-step regimen consisting of cleansing, toning, treating (with serums, masks, and the like), and moisturizing the face and neck. An additional service also offered by the brand is a skincare recommender, so that customers would know exactly what Artistry products would be beneficial for their skin type and at their certain age bracket.

Forward beauty

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Just like the three pillars of the brand, Artistry’s cosmetics line follows three main categories to make the products easier to understand for newbies and professionals alike. The even, define, color technique is also the basic steps for every kind of makeup look that you can achieve with Artistry’s makeup products. It enables unlimited options for expression and experimentation, especially with different shades and color palettes.

The first step to any Artistry makeup look is to even out the skin using foundation, multitaskers or Artistry’s sheer alternative to foundation, powders, and concealers. Artistry boasts of having an extensive range of foundation shades for every skin color.

After the first applications, defining the face is an important step to create accents where they’re needed, mostly around the eye area. This is where you can choose from Artistry’s selection of mascaras, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and eye shadows. For the finishing touches, you add color to the lips and apples of the cheeks to balance out the look. The brand offers lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners, and the Artistry Signature Color® Blush with a wide range of artistic shades.

With at least 400 beauty products developed in the last 60 years or so with multiple innovations and inventions along the way, Artistry has proved to be worthy of its premium skincare brand status. All signs of aging and stress factors are visible first and foremost through the skin, so when it comes to caring for your own, there should be no compromise. Artistry doesn’t only develop products constantly, but it also guides you along the way. From your 20s through to your senior years, there’s always something Artistry can do for your skin.

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