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While there are numerous skincare brands in the market today, most of them get their product formulation from a mix of chemicals that are often not common to us. And yes, were grateful for the leaps in the skincare technology that allows skincare brands to introduce the latest mixes and compounds that target even very specific issues in our skin, but don’t we all long for the natural and organic products once in while?

Chantecaille 5Chantecaille, a whole luxury cosmetics line answers to that. All the label’s skincare and makeup items are made from the good stuff. And by good stuff, we mean purely essential oils, vitamins, flowers and botanicals.

An Accidental Journey to the Beauty World

Chantecaille gets its name from its owner and founder, Sylvie Chantecaille. A graduate of history of art and theater, the French-born lady set off into the corporate world planning about being an art dealer. However, her love for makeup and having friends who share that same love eventually led her to a journey different from what she had in mind: the Beauty World Journey.

Together with her friend and known fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, Sylvie created a fragrance and a whole cosmetic company. It was then that opportunities in the beauty industry opened for her. The Lauder family asked her to create a beauty company, which turned out to be a success and now we know as Prescriptives. Through that experience she was able to be at the forefront of pioneering developments in the beauty world, including custom-blend shade for customers.


So by the time she launched Chantecaille in 1997, Sylvie wasn’t a novice in managing and leading a team that has a goal of creating the best products for its customers. Driven by her personal passions, Sylvie anchored her brand on pure ingredients and incorporated advanced technology and luxury into the mix. Year later, her two daughters joined her company to share with their mother her vision  for the brand and the company.

From a Fragrance House to a Full Beauty Line

The luxury brand didn’t start with a full set of beauty line. In fact, it was a French fragrance house when it launched, featuring only four original scents. After just over a year, Sylvie decided that aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, and natural products should have a bigger place in the beauty industry. With that, Chantecaille has set off into a whirlwind of success, including addition of numerous products to their collections.

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Of course, with the brilliance in the brand’s items, it has been noticed by beauty junkies, gurus, and celebrities alike. Even Angelina Jolie, whose famous lips are everyone’s envy, has become a fan of Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss—so much that she ordered it in every color. Another big moment was when the famous actress applied that same gloss on her lips during the Golden Globes, which aired and became a defining moment for the brand.

Best of Chantecaille

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Aside from the fabulous lip gloss, other bestselling makeup items from Chantecaille include their Lip Chic Lipstick with a lightweight formula and a beautiful range of shades. The Just Skin Anti Smog Tinted Moisturiser, on the other hand, is a moisturizing product with a beautiful natural coverage. For the eyes, the Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara doesn’t only make the lashes look gorgeous, but it helps them grow longer as well.

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Chantecaille’s face products are huge hits, too, especially as they offer nourishing and hydrating benefits to the skin through organic ingredients. Some of the people’s favorites include the Rose De Mai Face Oil, Detox Clay Face Mask and Bio Lifting Serum.

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But of course, who wouldn’t fall in love with the lovely scents that the luxury brand has to offer? It is through fragrances that the brand started in the beauty business, and until now, perfumes such as Chantecaille Frangipane Parfum, an original fragrance of the brand still mesmerizes our senses.

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