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Has anyone else saw Christian Louboutin entering the beauty industry back when the luxury brand was still all about their shoes with its signature red soles?

Well if you have a bit of a background of how the iconic red soles of Christian Louboutin came about, you’d probably had an inkling way before 2014, when the fashion giant started extending its reach to the beauty world. Christian Louboutin’s decision to get a red nail polish and put them on a shoe with a color that didn’t quite make the artistic cut gave birth to the style women adore for years, until this very day.

Christian Louboutin 5Such association of the brand’s beginnings with nail polish was somehow a foreshadowing of the eventual entry of the brand to the beauty industry. Because true enough, nail polish was the gateway of Christian Louboutin to bring its glamorous touch not only to women’s feet, but their faces, too.

A new door of opportunities

The genius behind the brand who bears the same name, Christian Louboutin, recalls that many people have come to him to work on a fragrance line. Had he agreed to just one of them, it could have been the entryway of the brand to the beauty realm. Yet it didn’t sit well with him—the idea that somehow shoe design doesn’t actually connect to fragrance directly.

And then the nail polish idea hit him.

Christian Louboutin 3It was only logical that a company of shoes, which also considers nail colors all the time when designing look books would eventually make their own nail polishes. And that’s what Christian Louboutin did, opening an entire new world of opportunities for the brand to paint its fabulousness into other items, of course with the hint of its love for shoes as well.

Started off with a fabulous bang and the glamour continues

The first set of nail polishes of the Christian Louboutin Beauty were contained in spiky and tall bottles, reminiscent of the tall stilettos the fashion side of the brand is known for. The initial launch of the nail polishes were made in partnership with Batallure Beauty, a New York-based beauty company.

Christian Louboutin 4The assortment nail lacquers captivated the colourful world of the luxury brand, with a total of 30 shades in cool categories: Nudes, Pops, and Noirs. Of course of out all these, the label’s signature color, named Christian Louboutin is in a foxy red hue.

Eventually, the luxury beauty brand wasn’t all about nail polishes anymore. The release of the first ever lip product collection of Christian Louboutin beauty set the world on a trance, waiting for the glamorous lipsticks that exceeded luxury beauty standards. From the design of the tube, which has traces of Babylonian antiquities and a stiletto-like pointed base, up to the thoughtful categories of finishes (Velvet Matte, Sheer Voile and Silky Satin), Christian Louboutin Beauty’s first 38 lipsticks became a sensation in the luxury beauty community. Afterwards, a collection of highly sparkly and shiny lip glosses followed with the release of the Loubimiroir and Loubilaque Lip Gloss collection.

Christian Louboutin Beauty 1Christian Louboutin Beauty 2Further expansion years to other makeup products later did not tone down the glamour of the beauty brand. Christian Louboutin Beauty released the Oeil Vinyle collection with products that accentuate the beauty of the eyes: an eye definer, a brow defining pencil, an ink liner, and a lacquer mascara. It even took the eye game up a notch by offering the products in highly pigmented and vibrant shades, including a yellow eye pencil and maroon mascara.

Christian Louboutin BeautyMost recent of all releases from the luxury brand is the highly anticipated Tape à l’Oeil Eye Colour collection: the cherry on top of all collections. It introduces the exquisite creamy eye shadows of the brand made with the perfect formulation and contained in equally breath-taking packaging. The collection features both matte, neutral shades and metallic shades as well, which all don’t easily smudge and look utterly electrifying when worn.

Christian Louboutin Cream Eye Shadows 1Hyper-luxury

What sets Christian Louboutin apart from other luxury brands is its aim to always stand out. It doesn’t follow the standards—it always rise above them. Luxury beauty has always carried the highest standards in the beauty industry, yet with the arrival of Christian Louboutin, a higher level of beauty was introduced: hyper-luxury.

Christian Louboutin 6While elite brands like Chanel and Tom Ford would give you the fab and glam of luxury beauty, Christian Louboutin sets its products higher than these brands, with prices that are even more expensive. But while it may be true that this makes the brand harder to reach for the budget beauty shoppers, it puts Christian Louboutin in a position where everyone can’t help but look up and wish to get a hold of the exclusive luxury products the brand offers.

Image credits: Christian Louboutin, Ewkke, OOB Magazine, Pink Blog, Ca Fleur Bon.


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