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Caudalie got its name from the word caudalie [kodali], which is a measuring unit for how long the flavor of the wine stays in the palate. One caudalie means one second of the flavor lingering. Meaning, the more flavorful and higher quality of wine, the more the caudalies are.

You might ask, “So what is the connection between a skincare brand and wine? Why would anyone based a skincare brand name related to wine?”

Read on and you’ll find out.

Started in a Vineyard

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Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas were young couple back in 1993 when they launched Caudalie, a brand that’s been inspired by the vineyard Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. The vineyard was owned by Mathilde’s family, and the couple didn’t actually know they can use the grapes from the vineyard for a skincare product, until a pharmacy professor pointed that out.

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After finding out that grape seed contain a powerful antioxidant called polyphenols, the couple started building their own brand and years later, they have actually fulfilled their dream to start their own cosmetics company.

Backed by Science

The couple sought the help of a team of scientists, including Professor Joseph Vercauteren, one of the few experts in Polyphenols all over the world. With him as the lead scientific advisor for the brand’s research center, it has successfully established polyphenols in the seeds of the grapes to bring out its skincare potential. With the same “technology”, the label made and released different skincare products that focused on anti-aging, which was further solidified by another ingredient, resveratrol.

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With a team of scientists, they stabilized the polyphenols in grape seeds to create anti-ageing and other skincare products and patented the process. They then did the same with the ingredient resveratrol, found in red wine and considered a potent anti-ageing force. Caudalie officially signed a Research Convention with the Faculty of Pharmacy at Bordeaux before it all started, and the innovation that was the team brought out to the world proved to be worth it.

Skincare Breakthroughs

Through a discovery of a hot spring, the brand was able to create a product that features the combination of grape and vine extracts for Spa treatments. This led to the creation of the first ever Vinothérapie spa way back in 1999.

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A year later, Caudalie released the Vinexpert Firming Serum with Resveratrol, which was followed by the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting. The serum was part of the Vinoperfect range, another well-received collection from the label. But side from these, a lot more of the other fan favorites and best-sellers of the brand include moisturizers, beauty elixirs, serums, and face & eye creams.

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Today, Caudalie is one of the best skincare brands that are highly trusted by customers as well as skincare lovers worldwide. After all, we admire the endeavor of the brand, especially in pursuing organic materials and removing of parabens in each of the label’s products. Healthy and organic skincare at its finest, right?

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