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Part of every skincare aficionado’s wish list is to get their hands on the most prized skincare holy grail. Because as trends come and go and no matter how the market can get competitive, holy grails remain as holy grails. Their unflagging spot in the beauty industry is just an example of how they are valued in every patron’s hearts—because no matter how they seem unreachable, their quality can never be surpassed nor replaced.

La Mer: International Luxury Brand

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The long standing testament to this fact is skincare giant La Mer. Every skincare hunter has probably come across this brand without being drawn and intrigued by its massive following. The brand’s steadfast reputation in the world of both luxury and beauty continues to win the love and loyalty of women all over the world. La Mer’s excellence and innovation throughout the years earned them the irrefutable spot of being one of the most luxurious and esteemed beauty company in the world.

Under the umbrella of multinational manufacturer, Estee Lauder, the product that has thrust La Mer into international spotlight is the so-called ‘magic’ and ‘miracle’ cream called Crème De La Mer. Rave has been understatement for this product’s immense acclaim across the globe. The cream claims to moisturize and soothe the skin, bringing it to its most vibrant and healthy glow.

The steep price didn’t stop consumers from continuously repurchasing from La Mer’s shelves. It still prevails to be a cult favorite among women from different continents. Hollywood personalities like Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, and Amy Adams vouch for Crème De La Mer as well as other La Mer items.

The Birth of La Mer

Despite its star status today, this skincare giant certainly wasn’t created overnight. The birth of the formula behind Crème De La Mer actually started from a search for a simple solution—treatment for burns. Dr. Max Huber, a scientist who had burns from lab experiments, started searching for natural remedy to his problem.

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In the 1950s, he embarked to the sea to seek for marine elements that would bring a solution to his dilemma. His journey was faced with myriads of twists and turns—it took him 12 years and 6,000 attempts to craft the quintessential formula called the Miracle Broth.

This ‘legendary elixir’ as La Mer touts it, is now the star behind every La Mer product. This innovation is a product of fermentation from sea kelp, vitamins and minerals. This promises to renew skin cells, soothe and moisturize, reviving it to its best yet. The Miracle Broth gave birth the ever renowned Crème De La Mer. Others that followed suit are The Concentrate and The Treatment Lotion.

After Dr. Huber passed away in 1995, Estee Lauder was able to obtain La Mer, though reviving the original formula created by him became difficult on the latter’s part. Despite this, the promising Crème De La Mer was successfully recovered and was still relished by thousands of its patrons.

The Treatment Lotion

Now, aside from the well-loved cream by glamorous American stars, La Mer also boasts the rest of their line, also with the Miracle Broth as their base. One of their promising products is The Treatment Lotion. With the price tag of $150, this lotion is a lighter version of the Crème De La Mer. This might be perfect for hotter, humid days and for those with oiler and combination skin types for a glow that does not clog the pores.

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La Mer says that it optimizes the skin’s hydration like ‘liquid energy’. If your skin is suffering or is prone to dullness, this might be the perfect answer for you, because not only is it lightweight but also potent with fermented essences with the Miracle Broth to assure you of impeccable texture and soft baby skin.

To attest to the powers of Crème De La Mer and The Treatment Lotion, Man of Steel star Amy Adams says she bounces back with her use of the two, depending on the weather she is in.

The Concentrate

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Rosacea and redness might be some of the most common skin concerns that women from cooler climates might experience. But not to fret, La Mer created a formula that caters to this worry. The Concentrate is the answer to soothe and heal redness on the skin. It is packed with a sufficient amount of Miracle Broth powerful enough to aid the skin’s renewal process. It will be able gradually alleviate the skin’s irritation by reversing the signs of tightness and flush, making it more healthy and plump.

The Eye Concentrate

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Another gem from La Mer is The Eye Concentrate that is specifically made for those precious area under your peepers. For those who struggle to maintain a well-rested and healthy looking undereyes, The Eye Concentrate might be of help. The product guarantees to actively hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of unpleasant and dark circles.

It is always a must to keep the under eyes looking well-moisturized to avoid looking worn out, so an eye serum serves instant relief to undereye exhaustion.

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