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Often, when we see skincare products that come with jaw-dropping price tags, such as La Prairie, we wonder if the extra cash that can be saved when opting for cheaper solutions is really worth spending. After all, there are plenty of things you can spend on the difference, and let’s face it—not everyone could afford high end beauty products. But those who can splurge on the luxury equivalent of skincare, such as Hollywood celebrities Chrissy Teigen, Angelina Jolie and January Jones, swear by them. And they’re known for their glowing skin and look way younger than their actual age, so that must be saying something.

Plus, with La Prairie, the price is not arbitrarily assigned just because they can. For many decades, it has devoted its energies to researching and formulating products that would serve as fountains of youth in a tub. The company sets the benchmark by which others are judged in terms of innovation and effectiveness. They’re worth it, but we know you’re probably going to need a little more convincing.

A brand with a penchant for innovation

La Prairie
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By the branding, it is already apparent where La Prairie originates from, but what is not easily known is how the brand exactly came about. Well, La Prairie was the brainchild of a Swiss doctor who graduated from Zurich University and goes by the name of Dr. Paul Niehans. He held firmly to the belief that he could create a formula that is the key to eternal youth. Finally, after years of expending energy and resources for this grand goal, he made a breakthrough when he developed cellular therapy in 1931. And we tell you, the doctor was ecstatic with the results.

Since ageless beauty has been a desire for most in generations, word soon spread of Dr. Niehans’ innovation. The society’s elite came to him for the purpose of rejuvenating their skins and getting their youthful glows back. Through the decades, La Prairie continued to expand and add more products that deal with aging in its repertoire. Headquartered in Volketswil, Switzerland near Zurich, La Prairie now has 220 staff in its local office and about 1200 employees developing the brand further internationally. La Prairie has also become a part of Beiersdorf, the same group that brought you Nivea, Elastoplast, Labello and Eucerin.

Formulas that add life to years

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When Dr. Niehans aspired to create the key to eternal youth, it is a futile dream because we know now that no product can stop aging, and any brand that claims to do so is just bluffing. No, La Prairie would not make you forever young. But through its formulas that are justifiably priced for their precious ingredients that occasionally include gold and caviar, you can add life to your years and keep your skin glowing for longer.

The Cellular Complex, which signaled the brand’s start of success, is ingrained in La Prairie’s offerings such as its lauded creams, serums and whatnot. It is exclusive to the brand that is also deeply guarded and developed into being used with the most sumptuous of ingredients. Not many can afford to use it, but to those who have the liberty to do so, the effects are unprecedented. Which is probably why it continues to gain loyal customers among celebrities and the elite who are willing to pay the price because they only want the best.

Products that are guaranteed to work

With La Prairie, you can expect all effects of aging to be dealt with, may it be wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin or pigmentation. The brand has different collections that work best for your concerns, and some of them are multi-purposed so even if you just go for one, your skin can have just the luxurious care that it needs.

The Platinum Rare Collection is named as such because its products borrow the benefits of the earth’s rarest resources to counter the major signs of aging. Just when you think it cannot be salvaged anymore, your skin is treated by La Prairie with blessings from the land, creating a smooth finish and a firmer structure for your skin.

If, for some reason, you just don’t like caviar, then you can opt to put them on your skin instead. But wait—we not talking about the actual food on your plate, of course! La Prairie’s The Skin Caviar collection is the better substitute. It is especially famous for its use of extract taken from fish eggs, which has been proven to be helpful in making the skin firmer and refined in texture. It is also an effective soothing agent to the skin and helps with getting you that wanted tone. You’ll likewise be luminous with the White Caviar collection that uses golden caviar extract for lightening the skin and dealing with uneven skin tone.

If you’ve ever seen a highly priced La Prairie and wondered if it is that way because it has gold in it, you might not be entirely wrong. Its Radiance Collection has pure gold, not only leaving you feeling plush but also giving you a healthy glow and a hydrated skin. Meanwhile, the Anti-Aging collection is pretty much self-explanatory. However, it is more experimental compared to the other collections, and does not prominently feature any precious ingredients. The products especially target skin that’s withered after exposure to harsh environmental elements, and works to make the skin be younger-looking again.

Trying it on for actual proof

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If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of buying products from the luxury skincare line, then the best way to quench your curiosity is to try them firsthand. Its bestsellers, the Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion, Line Interception Power Duo and Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, may be good places to start if you’re just about to have your first try at La Prairie. You can just keep in mind that these products are not just made haphazardly, as there is thorough research and effort done in the formulations you’ll have in the bottle. The brand is worth the buck, and your favorite La Prairie celebrities and users can prove it.

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