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We’ve known of luxury brands that were maintained as family-run businesses. We’ve also known several generations of creative bloodline passing on the baton for leadership for the best brands in the world, but we rarely see people who try to make their own name aside from the family business.

That’s what makes Aerin Beauty a unique company to begin with, as its owner and founder, Aerin Lauder brought with her the ingenuity she learned from her family’s beauty empire to create a name for herself and bring luxurious and feminine products to women around the world.

Of A Lauder Bloodline

Being the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, whose work in the beauty world have transformed the way women viewed fragrance in the 1950 through her iconic Youth Drew. Naturally, Aerin was drawn to fragrance, even from her younger years of growing up in New York, spending vacations in Florida and France, or going to their family home in Long Island. She also spent two years in Vienna, as her father was an ambassador to Austria.

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Aerin later graduated from the Annenberg School of Communications at the UPenn, and proceeded to working for Estée Lauder in 1992. She took on executive roles in the company, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President and Creative Director. When 2012 came, she finally founded her own brand using her first name, and launched it as Aerin Beauty. While she started her very own brand and company, she remained as Estée Lauder’s Style and Image Director, a position she still holds up to this day,

A Global Lifestyle Brand

Aerin Beauty started to bud from Aerin’s idea of the importance of beauty, especially when it is being juggled in between family, work, and home. It was a very personal brand for Aerin where she added her personal touch, yet its reach became global as the lifestyle brand’s effortless style captured the hearts of many.

Aerin Beauty

Floral infusion is one of the major things about the luxury label. Alongside that, the idea of making women feel beautiful and confident by the creation of the best products for them reflects the sophistication and femininity of its own founder. Hence, all home décor pieces, fashion accessories, and beauty items offered by the brand have in them a tinge of Aerin’s character.

Premier Fragrance, Rose Bath & Body, Makeup

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The feminine and luxurious flowers added to the products of the brand are the star of their fragrances as well. But aside from that, Aerin’s own experiences enrich the stories behind the inspiration of each fragrance. Amber Musk, for example, is a product inspired by the founder’s skiing experiences in the Austrian mountains—it gives that cosy and quiet moment. Gardenia Rattan, on the other hand, is filled with memories of Aerin in her grandmother’s house where she remembers spending time during summer smelling fresh grass and the seaside. The Evening Rose, of course, reminds her most of her grandmother, whom she recalls is a real rose lover.

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The Aerin Rose Collection gives the brand’s customers an experience of luxury inside the bathroom with its face and body care products that were infused with roses. The Rose Night Table Cream & Overnight Mask that moisturizes the skin and gives beautiful radiance, plus the Rose Gentle Cleanser that removes skin impurities while still taking care of the moisture are all examples of how precious the brand products are.

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Aside from these, another amazing skincare product from the brand, which Aerin herself admittedly loves, is the AERIN Rose Lip Conditioner, which can also be used as a nude lip product alone, or a beautiful top lip coat after your favorite lipstick. More makeup from the brand includes lip glosses, compact but luxurious palettes and blushers that are all packaged elegantly to match the label’s glamorous aesthetics.

From the finest ingredients to a dedicated management from an amazing woman who comes from an esteemed family in the beauty community, there is no doubt that Aerin Beauty deserves our trust and respect. While only being in the industry from almost 7 years now, the luxury label has proven itself worthy of the attention it gets, not only in the US and France, but also in different areas of the world.

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Image credits: Aerin Beauty, Estee Lauder, Unsplash, Ocean Blue Magazine, Harrods, Sirenuse Journal.

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