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Gimmicks and trends often permeate the beauty industry. There are promos and discounts that companies use to their advantage to sell products, sometimes developed according to what ingredient is in at the moment and with little consideration about their efficacy. Aesop does not want that, nor is it encouraged to conform to traditional marketing techniques. What it desires is to make everyone that goes into their stores feel special, which often is the case that ends in a purchase, and for their products to do their magic as promised.

A brief peek into Aesop’s history

Aesop is a company that had its origins from the Land Down Under. Established three decades ago now, Aesop was a brainchild of Melbourne hairdresser Dennis Paphitis, who loved philosophy and literature as much as style. He was also a bit of nonconformist, wanting to take a different route for his company after finding many products on the market unsatisfactory. He began working with a chemist from Los Angeles to create a range of products that included hair products as well as oils. In the beginning, Paphitis only wanted these for his salon, but in the coming years it became a line that expanded into lotions, creams, and serums. It achieved a cult status for its unconventional approach to marketing and the arresting shops it has across the globe.

Although still associated with Paphitis’ name, the company is now wholly owned by Natura Cosmeticos, a Brazilian beauty company. Paphitis still has his say by being a member of the board, but the face of the company now is CEO Michael O’Keefe, who keeps the former’s vision alive. Aesop is still headquartered in Melbourne.  

The main objective

Aesop, as what has already been discussed, is not one for fads. The objective from the beginning is to create products that are of top quality and are efficient. Research is done to create and improve the Aesop line, but the ingredients used have been tested plenty of their effectiveness and safety and not because a competitor is using them. In fact, Aesop has no desire to one up other skincare products or compare their performance to others. The focus is on its own line and how they can be in their best form. It also follows that the company does not care much for celebrity endorsements so that they can be talked about. They want to be the subject of the conversation because they work.

The goal of the company is health rather than beauty, too. The products are not sold for their anti-aging components, they are marketed for their ability to keep your hair and skin in tip-top shape. The smells that come with their products are not for vanity, they are a natural result of the ingredients combined together. If there is an aspect where aesthetics are factored in, that will be on the packaging and the interior design of Aesop stores. Still, the containers are modest looking in comparison with other brands, and putting more weight on function rather than form.

Almost everything is locally made

It’s already been established that Aesop does things differently, so when it sources its ingredients from its home country Australia, that does not mean that they’re doing it because of cost cutting. The products’ quality is a main priority, and so far everything they need is right in the continent.

This is what justifies the pricier tag that its line of products comes with. Almost everything is steeper than your usual supermarket and drugstore products, but you’d be willing to pay more for the thought and care that’s bordering on obsessive Aesop has for what it has to offer, or so it believes. Aesop thinks that a customer would pay the price for the right product, and as far as the company is concerned, they do have just the right formula to make things happen for your body.

And that’s not just for women – recently, the company has been intent on developing products and treatments both sexes can benefit from, and so far male and female customers in Asia have been enjoying Aesop’s products. The brand has also maintained its reputation for environmentally safe items, so there’s no guilt in consuming them.

Approaching the future

While the company rejects traditional marketing, it has not been cast into oblivion by doing away with the Internet. In fact, Aesop has a strong digital presence as it wants to create a community online as well as sell its products. For the company, this is a route they are keen on developing in the future. Besides its stores in 20 countries, Aesop sells through different channels, including their very own website. The brand warns against fakes however, that are rampant especially online.

Aesop may not be among the most recognizable skincare brands, but it definitely makes up for the effectiveness of their items without opting for harsh and potentially harmful ingredients. And they do not need celebrity testimonies to prove this, its sizeable following is enough testament to that. After all, skincare products like Aesop’s should focus more on results rather than buzz, and Aesop has got that pinned down.

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