Best-selling Versace Menswear Collection in 2018

Top 9 Fashionable Long-sleeved Versace Shirts for Men in 2018

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out the allure of Versace designs. If not the captivating face of Medusa as its logo, it’s the brand’s unfailing fresh presence in the fashion world and beyond that takes its name to the highest ranks. From Gianni to Donatella, the brand has only expanded to become one of the biggest fashion designer brands in the industry whose shows we most anticipate.

For every women’s line they create, a just-as-incredible menswear collection accompanies it. Versace began in 1978 but it didn’t take too long since it became known to be the designer brand that dressed the likes of Sting, Elton John, and Michael Jackson along with a long list of female celebrities and models.

It’s no secret that Versace’s Medusa logo has contributed to their cutthroat designs, but here we’ll see how the boldness and fierceness translates to the best-selling Versace menswear collection.

The list of best-seller included in this post: Men’s Versace shirts, t-shirts, bags, shoes, coats & blazers and accessories.

Versace Shirts

  1. VERSACE Baroque Print Shirt

VERSACE Baroque Print Shirt

Price: US$773.00
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If you’re the guy over at a restaurant table who really looks good in this Versace black and white Baroque print shirt, well-paired your white smart trousers and leather loafers, you’d look irresistible. I’d bet that beautiful girl want to sit at your table and introduce herself; if only you did not come with your lady friend. Or maybe she’ll wait for the lady friend to go to the washroom before she (or you) can make the first move.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Embroidered Shirt

VERSACE Medusa Embroidered Shirt

Price: US$514.00
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You can easily be spotted wearing this white cotton Versace, even when you just arrived at the cocktail bar. With that Medusa logo that the luxurious Italian brand is renowned for, embroidered in black thread all over a white fabric is one detail a girl would not miss. Plus, it looks really, really modish. How about striking a conversation with that girl who keeps on staring while you enjoy your drink?

  1. Versace White & Blue Striped Long Shirt

Versace White & Blue Striped Long Shirt

Price: US$475.00
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While sipping latte in a coffee shop, a lady’s eye catches a man enter and go straight to the barista in this white and blue striped long shirt from Versace. That black knee-length lightweight coat he was wearing with white canvas sneakers gives him a boy-next-door quality about him. You can be that guy. Wear this piece and you will the that friendly, attractive and interesting guy who wears a fashionable outfit.

  1. Versace Greca Jacquard Sport Shirt

Versace Greca Jacquard Sport Shirt

Price: US$695.00
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The royal blue color of this silk and cotton Versace is enough for that gorgeous woman in front to to take a second look at you inside the elevator. No need for other fancy details on this no frills shirt, the Greca jacquard pattern on the fabric is enough. Now listen, if she stops looking back at you, you know for sure she’s just trying hard to keep her gaze straight. You know it, she’s been checking you out.

  1. Versace Blue All Over Medusa Shirt

Versace Blue All Over Medusa Shirt

Price: US$575.00
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It wasn’t so bad attending a friend’s wedding alone after all, especially when you are wearing this light blue cotton shirt. A lady’s wandering eyes wouldn’t miss the Medusa logo printed all over the shirt–an obvious clue that you are indeed wearing a Versace underneath that navy blue cashmere sweater and coat. She’ll instantly recognize that there is at least one male guest who knows how to dress properly with his nicely cut smart trousers and leather shoes. Maybe you’ll hit it off after you ask her for a dance. It would not hurt to wait a bit longer before you escape this party, especially when it actually became more interesting.

  1. VERSACE Miami Print Long Sleeve Silk Shirt

VERSACE Miami Print Long Sleeve Silk Shirt

Price: US$1,350.00
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Who would not notice that fine-looking man partying in the hip night club in Florida? Note: he is wearing this floral green and yellow Miami Print shirt that flaunts the trademark Versace print and logos at the back. He may look happy-go-lucky in this black vibrantly printed shirt, ripped studded black jeans and that fancy gold-tone buckled designer belt, but man, he’s got style! And we can also imagine Bruno Mars wearing this silk shirt in one of his 24K Concert Tours singing “Versace on the floor”. That man should be your fashion guru. Copy his impeccable style.

  1. VERSACE Embroidered Capitelli Shirt

VERSACE Embroidered Capitelli Shirt

Price: US$495.00
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At a hotel lobby, even just holding your black blazer on your arm can make you look dashing. Why? People get to admire how you look in this Versace dark grey shirt that has aa really interesting appearance with its embroidered Capitelli on the left front side. It makes one think of going to Greece or Rome where these columns are most famous for. Ladies may start looking at that elaborate Capitelli embroidery, but it can be a chance for them to somewhere else… your haandsome face, maybe?

  1. VERSACE Classic Shirt

VERSACE Classic Shirt

Price: US$515.00
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Your girlfriend would be proud showing you off in this Versace Classic Shirt. The shirt may be lacking embellishments, you think. But its simplicity and sleek lines say it best – timeless class and style. Wear this under a matching dark grey suit and tie, and she will be the envy among friends not only for having a smart handsome man beside her but a well-dressed one to boot! And she’ll know in her pretty little head that some woman or women is checking out her guy, too.

  1.  VERSACE Studded Collar Shirt

Price: US$595.00
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When your crush accidentally looks outside the window, you gotta be there on the street, wearing this black studded collar shirt from Versace. You’ll look ruggedly attractive when you throw in your black Chelsea leather boots and bomber jacket into the mix as well. She’ll try to crane her neck looking for a black sports car nearby that will just go well with that tough yet neat get up. Just be careful… your look may cause her to fall out the window she takes a better look at you.

Versace T-shirts

  1. VERSACE logo T-shirt

VERSACE logo T-shirt

Price: US$321.00
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Black on black is a modern detail that continues to shock us every time we spot it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but quite harder to accomplish than to appreciate. This black shirt does it effortlessly so with black patched-on letters for its logo in the middle—unseen in the dark but catching a slight glow in the light.

  1. VERSACE Medusa painted T-shirt

VERSACE Medusa painted T-shirt

Price: US$532.00
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Art and fashion collide in this t-shirt that looks painted on with a Medusa face in white brush strokes. It borrows the look of an oil painting and champions minuscule details like the small black studs that divide two designs, which you’ll only see if you look closer.

  1. VERSACE Baroque print T-shirt

VERSACE Baroque print T-shirt

Price: US$583.00
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Versace’s designs take inspiration from old (read: ancient) influences similarly as their Medusa logo was taken from a character in Greek mythology, though they also recreate it with modernized looks. This baroque print t-shirt displays what looks like age-old illustrations with a black and yellow color combo that looks royal at best.

  1. VERSACE graphic statue print T-shirt

VERSACE graphic statue print T-shirt

Price: US$375.00
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We see how the brand incorporates new waves of trends with their old-fashioned graphics in this sculpture statue t-shirt print. The use of primary colors and letter blocks, as if magazine cutouts, almost make it look like a digital collage that can only be created for a designer piece in today’s time.

  1. VERSACE Medusa print T-shirt

VERSACE Medusa print T-shirt

Price: US$438.00
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Against a black shirt, Versace goes with a bold and bright aesthetic for their signature Medusa print. It depicts golds and diamonds in the image, which adds to the richness and elegance of the design. Here, it’s partnered with a blazer and trousers, which says a lot as only few shirts go with a suit.

  1. VERSACE studded T-shirt

VERSACE studded T-shirt

Price: US$995.00
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Versace is known to stand out because of their all-out haute couture or their simplistic and minimal designs. This gold and silver studded shirt stands in the middle of the two extremes in their designs, as it brings a familiar fit and a growing classic in their brand’s collections that we might see in future pieces.

  1. VERSACE embroidered T-shirt

VERSACE embroidered T-shirt

Price: US$581.00
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The Medusa head isn’t the only influence from Greek mythology in anything that Versace puts out. This t-shirt shows a new nuance with a Greek arch embroidered in gold. This brings an original piece for men with old souls who like to express their appreciation for intricate ancient architecture.

  1. VERSACE patterned Medusa T-shirt

VERSACE patterned Medusa T-shirt

Price: US$489.00
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Taking inspiration from pop art, this t-shirt brings a much more playful and colorful appearance to the Medusa logo featuring different shades of blues and neutrals. The reason for the logo was because of the Greek character’s ability to capture anyone without them having the ability to stop themselves. In this and several other Medusa logo t-shirts, the intention is aimed at the fashion set who want edge in their basics.

  1. VERSACE Barocco print T-shirt

VERSACE Barocco print T-shirt

Price: US$521.00
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While some pieces in the recent collection feature big, distinct prints, this t-shirt takes advantage of the intricacy of old baroque patterns to highlight bold colors instead. With striking shades of some primary colors, this tee brings some noise to a rather simple outfit. It looks like a perfectly done adult coloring pattern.

  1. VERSACE brushstroke print T-shirt

VERSACE brushstroke print T-shirt

Price: US$481.00
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With an abstract brush strokes print, this t-shirt hints at Gianni’s playfulness in designing, which continue to appear in essence in Versace’s overall aesthetic, even and especially since his sister started taking over. It is simple and unassuming, bearing only a small logo you won’t see if you don’t look for it, because you don’t really have to see a big name to know Versace when you see it.

  1. VERSACE printed Medusa T-shirt

VERSACE printed Medusa T-shirt

Price: US$369.00
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When Donatella brought out the SS18 collection, in her mind it was a tribute for Gianni to remember him in the 20th year after his death, but also, to celebrate his life. This t-shirt presents many remembrances of him: first and foremost the four portraits of Medusa, and then the Miami sunset colors, which is where his famous mansion-turned-hotel is.

  1. VERSACE logo print T-shirt

VERSACE logo print T-shirt

Price: US$495.00
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Just as she brings back influences from her brother, Donatella Versace also introduces new ideas in the collection. This t-shirt’s print, which shows joined fragments of the Medusa head in different art mediums like a sculpture and a painting, represents the different facets of Versace and the people behind it.

  1. VERSACE Tresor de le Mer Tribute T-shirt

VERSACE Tresor de le Mer Tribute T-shirt

Price: US$1,056.00
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Tresor de le Mer was once a Versace signature in the ‘90s, and it has resurfaced especially for Donatella’s collection in homage to Gianni. This is for those who were there since the originals and would like to sport them once again, or a new fan who just wants to show support for the genius behind the creation and early prominence of the brand.

  1. VERSACE Medusa embroidered T-shirt

VERSACE Medusa embroidered T-shirt

Price: US$1,098.00
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You’ve never seen the Medusa’s head this colorful and vibrant and full of energy before. That’s because this is what Versace has always done: made something unexpected out of the mundane and familiar. Only Versace dares to interpret the Medusa as uniquely as in this way, but it unsurprisingly works in their favor.

  1. VERSACE panelled embellished Medusa T-shirt

VERSACE panelled embellished Medusa T-shirt

Price: US$975.00
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Versace takes on a new perspective on embroidery using small studs to form a Medusa print on this panelled t-shirt. The synergy of these details and the asymmetry of the embellishments provide a mystical effect which represents the feel of the brand to its customers.

  1. VERSACE Triptych print T-shirt

VERSACE Triptych print T-shirt

Price: US$650.00
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Greek structural features are focused on in this t-shirt, along with the collection it belonged in for AW17. With vibrant colors, Versace reimagines the fantastical elements of ancient Grecian time, from where a lot of their design inspirations come from.

  1. VERSACE Baroque print T-shirt

VERSACE Baroque print T-shirt

Price: US$750.00
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What you see at first glance may just be another baroque print, but this t-shirt hides from immediate view the traces of modern prints like zebra, and maybe not a full-on leopard and floral but impressions of them through the intricate patterns. This tee could double as a fun “I spy” game with any detail-oriented person in your life.

  1. VERSACE embroidered faded Medusa T-shirt

VERSACE embroidered faded Medusa T-shirt

Price: US$925.00
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We’ve seen this similar Medusa logo print t-shirt several times in this list alone, but none are exactly the same nor close to each other. And we’re likely going to see this in future releases as it has become a mainstay in the Versace fashion house.

Versace Jackets

  1. Versace Blue Embroidered Denim Jacket

Versace Blue Embroidered Denim Jacket

Price: US$2,595.00
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First on our list is a denim jacket made truly fashionable by Versace. The fashion label undeniably recognizes the textile’s timelessness; denim just never goes out of style, which is why it is among the must-haves in anyone’s wardrobe. This blue jacket looks handsome even with the intentional fading and distressing that gives the jacket more character. Multicolored graphics which include florals and cars add a playful touch, and the big embroidered label on the back proves that what you have is a masterwork.

  1. Versace Black & Tan Nylon Baroque Jacket

Versace Black & Tan Nylon Baroque Jacket

Price: US$1,925.00
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Versace is an expert in making pieces that blend both the nobility of centuries past and the invigorating touches of the present. We’re not going to downplay the appeal of this jacket—it is big, loud and gorgeous. The elaborate design will draw one’s eyes in and entangle it in the swirls that have even more ornate designs in them. While the tones in yellow and tan all over emulate high style, its structure also makes it desirable on the streets. Don’t blame us if you get plenty of attention than you’re willing to handle.

  1. Versace Hooded Sweat Jacket

Versace Hooded Sweat Jacket

Price: US$625.00
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Versace can go extreme on the embellishments then turn around and pump the gas all the way to the other direction with admirable ease. This hooded jacket, which has none of the elaborate designs of the previous entry, is proof of that. Despite it being “plain” in comparison, this hoodie still is very regal for a sweatshirt often associated with teenagers and college students. Look cool and menacing with the combination of black, Greca key trims and zip fastening in gold-tone.

  1. Versace Barocco print jacket

Versace Barocco print jacket

Price: US$625.00
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The Italian fashion house sure does love its baroque prints. We see another iteration of a ‘barocco’—just the Italian word for baroque—print in this jacket. This one is fresh from Versace’s Spring and Summer 2018 (SS18) collection, with creative director Donatella Versace remembering and paying homage to her brother and former Versace patriarch, Gianni Versace. The lightweight jacket evokes styles the brand was known for in the 90s, but is also given a modern touch that makes the print relevant even today.

  1. Versace printed bomber jacket

Versace printed bomber jacket

Price: US$2,534.00
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We have another remarkable item from the SS18 collection with this Versace bomber jacket. The familiar silhouette of stand up collars, zip fastenings and slit pockets is made noticeably different from the plain Janes by incorporating baroque prints. Versace is maximalist rather than a minimalist, if you have not figured that out by now, even if it can do the latter exceptionally. What you have here is nothing less of what you would expect from the fashion house—ravishing, extravagant, and daring.

  1. Versace Red & White Medusa Track Jacket

Versace Red & White Medusa Track Jacket

Price: US$1,295.00
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Pumped up and ready are what you’re gonna say with this Versace track jacket in bold red and pearly white. The gorgeous track jacket woven in fashion paradise Italia is made out of polyamide and cotton that will last through seasons and years. With the white and gunmetal accents complementing the contrasting colors of the jacket, one thing’s for certain: you will appear like a fiery fireball dashing on the tracks.

  1. Versace baroque print hoodie

Versace baroque print hoodie

Price: US$1,338.00
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If you’re going to experiment with loud, audacious prints, do it right and bring on this Versace. We have yet another barocco print hoodie in our list that while seemingly familiar, is also still very unique. Among the many things the brand is, meek just isn’t one of them. Versace injects excitement into the mix of an otherwise monochromatic getup, which makes it enticing. We’re warning you though—not everyone could afford and give justice a Versace jacket as fabulous as this.

  1. Versace fitted biker jacket

Versace fitted biker jacket

Price: US$3,898.00
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Now, now… you may have expected to be ruggedly handsome with a black or brown leather jacket, but who knew you could be a dashing bad boy with tricolors, too? Versace is well-versed with the preferences of men as much as it knows how dresses could fully accentuate the female form. You would look elegant in it too, thanks to the crisp calf leather of the jacket. It’s fitted, it’s smooth, and it’s beautiful, all the desirable things you wish you could find in a biker jacket.

  1. Versace Medusa bomber jacket

Versace Medusa bomber jacket

Price: US$2,324.00
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We’re sure that the Medusa head on the back will immediately draw you in. After all, the Greek mythological character is just what Versace wants to be—magnetic and able to stop you on your tracks, but hopefully without having to turn you into stone. Without the iconic logo, this sleek bomber that combines comfort with elegance will still be ravishing, but regardless, it all works wonderfully. The combination of cotton and lambskin proves to be highly desirable; the meticulous ribbing further enhances the look of the jacket.

  1. Versace logo print biker jacket

Versace logo print biker jacket

Price: US$8,034.00
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Even with a smooth and handsome piece of black leather, Versace just could not resist to give it the splash that it thinks it is in dire need of. This is what you get with this snazzy biker jacket. Leather jackets, especially of the biker variety, have so far been consistent in appearance: smooth, buttoned (this one has Medusa head buttons, what else do you expect?), lots of fancy folds and black. Versace breaks the rut by introducing floral prints into the lambskin.

  1. Versace Black Medusa Bomber Jacket

Versace Black Medusa Bomber Jacket

Price: US$2,195.00
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Go casual all you want, we really don’t mind. But if you’re here because you want a touch of glamour, then Versace is IT. This bomber jacket is deceptively simple in front, but the show doesn’t end there. With this jacket, what you’ll have aside from a snazzy outfit is also a status symbol in the form of a Medusa head right behind you. It is sneaky, and just when you thought you’re fine, it just unexpectedly blinds you in gold-tone. Yes, nobody does casual luxe like Versace.

  1. Versace studded denim jacket

Versace studded denim jacket

Price: US$1,486.00
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Don’t be afraid to break a few rules, especially with Versace. While the other denim jacket we have on the list already is not vanilla by any means, this jacket far along the list puts embellishments on a whole new level. There is no restraint in this piece; the denim is abound with studs of varying tones to form diamonds and swirls. The studs definitely compensate for the worn look of the denim, and more.

  1. Versace panelled hooded jacket

Versace panelled hooded jacket

Price: US$3,045.00
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Versace expertly works with the quality materials of this hooded jacket to make them do their magic and give you an outerwear that, while subdued in its blue, still manages to toughen your look by strategically placing black leather all over. It is a confident work that will get you through from the cold to the warmer days without much fuss. The cotton and smooth satin lining paves way for easier layering. Overall, we can’t complain.

  1. Versace baroque pattern hooded jacket

Versace baroque pattern hooded jacket

Price: US$725.00
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Strut in the streets with a companion that is guaranteed to amp your style. Versace has ventured into streetwear like most designers, and added elements that have put the brand in the spotlight. The result is casual wear redefined to include glam into the mix. The smooth and luminous jacket is in monochrome, but don’t you dare call it drab as it is quite the opposite. The signature baroque style adorns the entirety of the jacket’s exterior. There is something charming about how the fabric reflects light that people will be quick to notice once you go out and about wearing this.

  1. Versace hooded bomber jacket

Versace hooded bomber jacket

Price: US$2,174.00
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If reaction is what you’re wishing for, then reaction is what you’ll definitely get. This hoodie made out of black leather and cotton is opulent and handsome that people won’t help but comment how great it looks. Luxury is cozy too, as the lambskin and cotton will keep you toasty. Plus, let’s not lie, the jacket emblazoned with the label’s name in fiery red will make most heads turn. Clearly, you’re a man of style and means, and completely unfazed in showing what you’ve got.

Versace Bags

  1. VERSACE baroque zebra print backpack

VERSACE baroque zebra print backpack

Price: US$1,395.00
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In a recent collection, Donatella Versace made a tribute with classic baroque prints from Versace’s very early years under her brother Gianni. This backpack brings back his memory with the classic Grecian patterns and zebra print covering the entirety of the backpack from the front to its borders.

  1. VERSACE Beverly Palm Print pouch

VERSACE Beverly Palm Print pouch

Price: US$559.00
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A pouch isn’t the kind of bag that we’d normally associate with men. But, women are not the ones constantly asking a favor for their counterparts to put their wallets, cardholders, keys, or whatnot in their bag. If there’s anyone who need pouches more, it’s men. This Beverly Palm print will match the upcoming sunshine seasons, so it’s better to get stocked up.

  1. VERSACE Medusa laptop bag

VERSACE Medusa laptop bag

Price: US$2,025.00
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Briefcases used to only look like the heavily-structured, sharp-edged rectangle bags, but they’ve evolved to also come in softer materials and with rounder edges. This laptop bag is an example of its more modern form. You can fit a standard-sized laptop in it and still it gives you adequate depth for other things.

  1. VERSACE Medusa backpack

VERSACE Medusa backpack

Price: US$1,995.00
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The material is one of the aspects that determines if a backpack is for casual looks or can pass for dressier outfits. This sleek and smooth leather backpack only needs the quilted stitching and centered Medusa head to mark it as one of Versace’s. Those obvious details are surprisingly quietly brilliant in making it suitable for men with minimal design preferences.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Palazzo holdall

VERSACE Medusa Palazzo holdall

Price: US$1,327.00
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For a weekend away from home, the gym, or just the grind of a normal busy day, this duffel bag is the perfect all-around bag to carry for any kind of trip or activity. A holdall is probably the most acceptable man bag because of its utility, so with this there’s no thinking twice, it’s just a matter of necessity.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Palazzo backpack

VERSACE Medusa Palazzo backpack

Price: US$2,125.00
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A backpack is the most ergonomic way to carry a heavy load, so it’s just bound to be owned by men and women alike. This backpack, though already equipped with the most supple and high-quality Italian calf leather, is finished with a chiseled signature Medusa head on the front compartment in gold tone for some Versace touch.

  1. VERSACE Baroque print clutch

VERSACE Baroque print clutch

Price: US$366.00
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Baroque became a trend in recent past, appearing in shows and general mainstream street style, but to the fashion world, it will always be associated to Versace in Gianni’s time. This clutch features the decadent baroque prints he came to make a Versace signature both on the front and back.

  1. VERSACE micro studded Medusa clutch

VERSACE micro studded Medusa clutch

Price: US$652.00
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While some clutches thrive as a man’s bag, this micro-studded clutch looks more like the man purse that used to be why men were made fun of for wearing. This is for those who are really ready to break the mold of man bags to make it a normal sight for street wear.

  1. VERSACE Medusa shoulder bag

VERSACE Medusa shoulder bag

Price: US$1,177.00
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Modeled after a messenger bag, this Medusa shoulder bag is made with the intent to really keep your things secure and protected, just like what the messenger bag does for important documents during transit. Like the backpack, this is embellished only with a Medusa head because Versace also knows how to perfect minimalism as much as intricate prints.

  1. VERSACE Clutch Medusa

VERSACE Clutch Medusa

Price: US$995.00
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Made with a beautiful Italian grainy leather, this clutch is rigged with an abundance of zipped pockets and compartments, both inside and out for easy access to immediate needs and protection for much important essentials. Also, unlike Versace’s other clutches, this one is provided with an added depth to accommodate heftier stuff.

  1. VERSACE Medusa head backpack

VERSACE Medusa head backpack

Price: US$1,003.00
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In this bold red backpack, Donatella brings out the boldness of her brother Gianni Versace. Made with water-resistant polyester, it can endure and hold things secure in harsh weather. Its material and design choices lend it a more sporty attitude, which caters to most men’s interests.

  1. VERSACE Baroque print clutch

VERSACE Baroque print clutch (2)

Price: US$667.00
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At first glance, you’d think this is one of those trendy bohemian patterns, but it’s a more personal Versace baroque print because it’s made to look like a raw sketch in black and white, as if drawn on with a pencil. A Medusa head is never missing and on this clutch, it’s a small one. This is proof of Versace’s versatility in colorful and monochrome designs.

  1. VERSACE baroque print clutch bag

VERSACE baroque print clutch bag

Price: US$450.00
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In front of this clutch bag is a gentrified baroque print that’s more minimal than others that Versace is known for, but it comes with an element of surprise at the back with the classic intricacy and detail-heavy classic version. A clutch may be a little harder to get used to for a man to call his bag, but it comes down to the design that makes this bag have that masculine look.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Palazzo backpack

VERSACE Medusa Palazzo backpack

Price: US$2,125.00
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“Real men wear pink” was such a famous mantra a few years back. But we say real men wear any color (and bag) they please. This backpack takes us to a trip down memory lane with its nostalgic pastel pink shade. Versace in its earlier years was known to make something bold out of soft pastels and this is a nod to that glorious era.

  1. VERSACE printed backpack

VERSACE printed backpack

Price: US$1,073.00
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We’ve seen the brush stroke print utilized in a myriad of ways in Versace’s items, but this backpack is the first time it appears in a big accessory. This backpack breaks the monotony of an all-black outfit without delving too far away from a monochrome aesthetic.

Versace Footwear

  1. Versace Greek Key Running Shoe, Gold

Versace Greek Key Running Shoe, Gold

Price: US$895.00
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Are you the type who regularly hits the gym after work for a serious calorie burn? Well, this pair is for you! This Versace running sneaker in lace-up front and round reinforced toe will make you not wanna miss visiting the gym and yeah – make the most out of your gold gym membership.

  1. Versace Multicolor Strap Sandals

Versace Multicolor Strap Sandals

Price: US$695.00
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Are you the type who finds putting on socks kinda hassle and a little frustrating?  Then, you have every reason to wear this Versace multi color strap sandals! This sandals in yellow, red and blue will be a huge convenience for you.  The luxury really knows how to pamper your feet while glamming them up to look bold and stylish. Adventurous weekends or roadtrips with your buddies call for comfy footwear, and you just hit jackpot with this one.

  1. Versace White Palazzo Slip-On Sneakers


Versace White Palazzo Slip-On Sneakers

Price: US$1,175.00
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Are you someone who loves toning up a day’s outfit in bright colors, neutral tones, and bold patterns? Well, a good pair of white sneakers is perfect for you. Such versatile and fashionable sneakers will be your foundation in any outfit you want to mix-and-match. And this Versace pair will have you covered. No need to worry looking too loud and proud with your colorful clothing combination, these shoes will give it a classy finish with not only the divine white color, but the luxurious golden Medusa Head on the pair’s tongues.

  1. Versace Black Medusa Loafers

Versace Black Medusa Loafers

Price: US$520.00
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Want to look extra stylish and classy? This Versace Black Medusa loafers can be your best buy. The perfect cut, sleek design and impeccable fit of your favorite suit will come together with these loafers. But if you think its classic look is its only charm, you have to look longer–this pair has the majestic Medusa head in gold hardware as the central piece at the vamp. Stylish black suede on its sides give a contrasting texture to the shoes, showing off the craftsmanship of the label.

  1. Versace contrast trim sneakers

Versace contrast trim sneakers

Price: US$645.00
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Going to the beach for a weekend vacation? If you aren’t too keen on swimming and will just go there to enjoy the scenic view, then by all means wear a cool pair of sneakers! Complete your shorts and tee attire with these sneakers and maybe complete the look with your cool designer cap? No doubt it’ll be the perfect beach attire for a cool guy like you.

  1. Versace Black Medusa Head Sneakers

Versace Black Medusa Head Sneakers

Price: US$520.00
Buy It

Your classy all-black outfit just found its perfect match . These Versace black Medusa head sneakers, designed with low-top buffed leather and gold tone accents can instantly elevate your dapper look. This is the perfect pair to channel a minimalist but highly stylish look for your dinner dates and other social events.

  1. Versace Velvet Medusa Mule, Black

Versace Velvet Medusa Mule, Black

Price: US$595.00
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Are you into slip-ons and sandals? Try this pair of medusa mules that are perfect for your everyday walk. These were made from black velvet (yes, smooth and stylish velvet!) so you aren’t only assured of a cool look, but a comfortable walking experience as well. You can easily pair this with your favorite trousers  and a white polo–or basically any casual wear in your wardrobe–and you’ll perfectly channel a classy laid-back vibe!

  1. Men’s Barocco Silk & Leather Skate Shoe, Black/Gold

Men's Barocco Silk & Leather Skate Shoe, BlackGold

Price: US$595.00
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If you’ve been searching for the perfect pair of shoes to complete a black leather jacket rockstar kind of a look? Search no more, as this barocco silk and leather skate shoe can catch up with the punk-look of your fashionable jacket. Created with a bold design in black and gold, the glamorous pattern and gold hardware along the sides make this truly a Versace pair. Don’t miss the Medusa head on the back panel as well, it gives a nice luxurious look next to the geometric design of the heels.

  1. Versace side zip Medusa sneakers

Price: US$692.00
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Are you a serious sneakerhead and always wants to look cool and trendy all the time? Then you must add this pair to your collection! This forward looking design by Versace is made of calf leather featuring a round toe, a lace-up front fastening and a side zip detail. Combine this with wool coat and jeans, a rightfully trendy attire for a city folk like you.

  1. Versace printed Medusa hi-top sneakers

Versace printed Medusa hi-top sneakers

Price: US$950.00
Buy It

Have you ever collected Jordans when you were a teen? Why not step up your shoe addiction by adding these contrast colored sneakers to your shoe rack? This will be a good boost to your collection, not only because of the vibrant hues against the white leather, but also the interesting design of the print, as if the shoes were treated like an artist’s canvas. It is definitely a good pair to amp up your look even just with hoodies and jogger pants. A totally cool dude look for you!

  1. Versace Greek Key embossed loafers

Versace Greek Key embossed loafers

Price: US$595.00
Buy It

Another pair of loafers from Versace deserves a spot on this list. Just the iconic baroque pattern of these Greek key embossed loafers is enough to make a statement. Added with the embossed sole pattern, as well as the black leather t the back panel, these shoes perfectly combines a vintage and modern look? For easy styling, just put on your shorts and a denim polo, and you’re all set!

  1. Versace Medusa Mesh & Suede Wrestling Sneaker, Red

Versace Medusa Mesh & Suede Wrestling Sneaker, Red

Price: US$795.00
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The ‘swag look’ isn’t perfect without a bold pair of hi-top sneakers to steal attention every time you enter a room. Versace knows what it takes to be that bold and extra, and they have channeled those to this vibrant and bold pair of wrestling sneakers. Not only does it carry the might Medusa head on the shoe tongue, but also suede trims that frame the mesh material of the piece. Paired with your distressed jeans, your favorite cardigan and a cool top, these sneakers will make you feel like a fashion royalty.

  1. Leather Harness Mid-Top Sneaker with Gold Medallion, White

Leather Harness Mid-Top Sneaker with Gold Medallion, White

Price: US$895.00
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Are you a guy who keeps it simple but still want to look fab? These mid-top sneakers have just the right kind of minimalist vibe but added with key details to make them even more interesting. The grip strap on the ankle not only serves as a functional detail, but also a style that highlights the beauty of the gold Medusa medallion. This pair has the kind of beauty that can mix with anything. Our pro styling tip: Wear these with a plain basic tee and a rugged jeans.

  1. Versace Red Back Medusa Head Sneakers

Versace Red Back Medusa Head Sneakers

Price: US$665.00
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If you want to look fashionably bold as possible, then you have to partner your graphic prints with a red footwear–and these ones are just the right shoes for that style! The Red Back Medusa Head sneakers will never fail to catch anyone’s attention. The luscious red hue of this pair will definitely make an impression. Don’t be fooled by the classic-looking front side of it though, look on the back panel and feel the beautiful red glory of the Medusa head captivating your gaze. A crowd getter with a bold personality, plus a fashionably on-point guy in is what they read from someone who wears this piece.

  1. Men’s Medusa-Head Slide Sandal

Men's Medusa-Head Slide Sandal

Price: US$395.00
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If grand and huge footwear is what you’re after, then this Medusa head slide sandal is what’s best for you. Designed with very comfortable modal insoles, these slides are just the best one to use at the comfort of your own home. Your feet will thank you for the cozy fit of this pair, but your ego will thank you too, for not letting go of your fashionable image even when you’re alone.

Versace Blazers and Coats

  1. VERSACE brush stroke double-breasted coat

VERSACE brush stroke double-breasted coat

Price: US$3,925.00
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Set a trend with Versace’s printed coat, immediately marking your spot in the stylish men among your social circles. Part of the label’s AW17, you’ll see the artistic vibe of the piece through the brush stroke details all over it. It looks fashionably perfect for formal events, especially styled with dark trousers and a pair of black leather shoes. It’s easy to style down, too. Just put on some white skinny pants, a button down shirt and colorful loafers and you’re all set for a laid-back night out with your buddies.

  1. VERSACE belted double breasted coat

VERSACE belted double breasted coat

Price: US$3,175.00
Buy It

A classic black double-breasted coat is a manly man’s must have. You should skip on all the colors, designs and prints no matter how gorgeous they look, if you still don’t have a piece like this one. This is exactly the coat you can practically style with anything: sneakers, leather pants, denim jeans, t-shirts and what-have-you. Walk on the city streets with your hands tucked inside the front flap pockets, and we’re sure no one can ever resist your formal and masculine charm.



Buy It

Versace’s checked blazer gives you a lot of options to mix and match, not only because of its versatile color, but also the tailoring that is adaptable to any inner wear or bottoms you pair with it. You’ve got a whole lot of options from statement tees, sweatshirts and even thin hoodies! And stop fretting about not owning the matching pants for this piece–get out your favorite pants (yup, even the distressed ones), and they’ll look just as cool with this wool-silk-linen combo piece. Feeling a bit bolder? Wear nothing underneath the coat to flaunt your sexy chest, a great representation of what is means to be a Versace man.

  1. VERSACE classic double breasted coat

VERSACE classic double breasted coat

Price: US$3,595.00
Buy It

Now, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a beige one on this list, right? And if any label can channel the classic beauty of a beige double breasted coat, it should be Versace. The length of this piece is the perfect duplicate of the famous old English gentleman look–not too long and not too short, just perfectly right for that irresistible virile appeal. Don’t limit yourself on wearing formal pieces with this one. It is a chance to be adventurous with your ensemble, say, throw in a pair of semi-platform sneakers in the mix? Believe us, it works.



Buy It

We won’t skip an important look for every career man out there, and we present to you Versace’s single breasted tuxedo jacket. With its sleek fit and smooth looks, this piece can be the jacket-of-the-hour anytime. We’re talking about a 24-hour schedule here. From your business meeting in the morning, to meeting a client at lunch, to giving a business proposal in front of a crowd, to attending a formal event right after work, until a dressed up romantic dinner with a lovely lady, this coat has you all covered. No worries on the comfort, too. This fully lined wool piece will keep you looking confidently dashing every single time.

  1. VERSACE single breasted coat

VERSACE single breasted coat

Price: US$2,550.00
Buy It

We’re taking the formality down a slight notch with this black single breasted coat, a piece that you can wear daily to work. The thing with classic coats is that they transform you, no matter how quirky or formal you usually style yourself. Putting on this mid-length coat gives you a look that you can switch from formal to casual real quick; all it takes are two black buttons. A humble polo is a safe choice for this coat, but a stylish Versace man knows that to impress, a turtle-neck sweatshirt is the way to go to. And you know what? A true gentleman always aims to impress.



Buy It

Ever get clueless about what to wear for a formal evening event? This Versace piece would hide all the traces of that and make you look born ready to be the center of attention at a ball or formal dinner. This evening jacket’s design makes you comfortable to pair it with a sleek pair of black pants, because aside from its white virgin wool material, it has a black satin shawl collar and single black button that seals the deal. Add a black bow tie when you wear it closed; or a cummerbund when you leave it open.

  1. VERSACE single breasted coat

VERSACE single breasted coat

Price: US$1,750.00
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Versace’s single breasted coat is a more forgiving piece for the newbies and style-confused men, so it’s a great piece to start with. The black color and loose silhouette balances any out-of-the-box options for your outfit–it could be a brightly printed skinny pants, a chunky pair of high-top sneakers, or a satin shirt–name it, this coat can handle it.



Buy It

If you don’t want to look like an amateur in the men’s blazer game, try out a printed one. Versace ensures you’ll never drift away from the gentleman look you are aiming for with this pinstripe blazer. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing look of the stripes, this blazer makes your torso look longer, leaner and of course, more masculine. Give the shirt-less blazer look a go, sprinkling the gentleman vibe with a dash of sexiness to make the ladies swoon.

  1. VERSACE shawl collar coat

VERSACE shawl collar coat

Price: US$8,875.00
Buy It

If wearing coats isn’t all that familiar to you, and you’ve got almost any basic piece in this list: black, white, beige, printed, single-breasted, and double breasted; then you’re ready to venture out into the dandy-esque world of fur accentuated coats. Everyone always get sucked into the beautiful obsession of cashmeres, and for a good reason–they are soft, comfy, and highly stylish. If you haven’t quite join the club yet, the 100% cashmere outer composition of this coat will definitely convert you. Combined with the mink fur in the shawl collar, this piece is totally a killer.

Versace Accessories

  1. Versace velvet crown baseball cap

Versace velvet crown baseball cap

Price: US$378.00
Buy It

For many men, baseball caps are simple, easy and cheap that one could easily don without giving it much thought. For you, we know that just is not the case. This Versace cap will be evidence of how much you plan your outfits and how unafraid you really are to show your love for luxury. Made with navy blue cotton blend, this cap that features an embellished crown patch and comes with a velvety finish is heaven to your head.

  1. Versace Silver Large Round Medusa Chain Necklace

Versace Silver Large Round Medusa Chain Necklace

Price: US$510.00
Buy It

We know that men are often uneasy to wear jewelry. And necklaces? Well, they are usually an afterthought in the world of men’s accessories. They don’t have to be, you know, especially when you’ve got this Versace chain necklace that features the iconic Medusa for a round pendant and engraves a Greek key pattern. The pendant is already a definite symbol of luxe, but even with silver-tone chain, the necklace still manages not to be an overkill. In fact, Versace seems to pin just what a man’s necklace should look like.

  1. Versace foldover logo wallet

Versace foldover logo wallet

Price: US$309.00
Buy It

While Versace became revered for its bold prints and clashing colors, it also does minimalist and pared-down exceptionally well, as this foldover wallet can prove. The slightly pebbled black leather looks stately, even without the inclusion of the Italian brand’s logo, and the interior is seamlessly stitched, making you feel more secure in putting your cash and other valuables. Your essentials ought to be stored in a wallet as sleek as this.

  1. Versace sculpted buckle belt

Versace sculpted buckle belt

Price: US$426.00
Buy It

Belts are often treasured for their function more than for their style; it’s just that important to keep your pants up! Kidding aside though, if you want to add more zing to your getup, it can easily be achieved with a belt. Opt for this leather belt that showcases Versace’s impeccable craftsmanship. Project a more worldly character with the belt buckle of a Grecian motif, something that the fashion house has already claimed as its own.

  1. Versace printed scarf

Versace printed scarf

Price: US$369.00
Buy It

Put yourself on the spotlight by styling with this plush scarf from Versace. Made out of 100% silk, this scarf is indulgent and has a monotone print which is similarly glamorous. This scarf truly deserves some space on your ensemble.

  1. Versace printed tie

Versace printed tie

Price: US$148.00
Buy It

Here’s another accessory featuring a monotone print that a man’s sure to want to keep for himself. It has an eye-catching pattern that gives you more personality, and a silk material most Versace ties are made in which is a delight to the senses. It’s a foolproof way of adding pizzazz to a plain and straightforward office attire.

  1. Versace Black Leather Medusa Bracelet

Versace Black Leather Medusa Bracelet

Price: US$180.00
Buy It

Gianni Versace is said to have chosen Medusa for the logo because he wanted people to respond to Versace pieces the same way that men do after gazing upon the Greek mythological figure’s face: completely stopped in their tracks and under her spell. This leather bracelet is sure to have the same effect on you and other onlookers. It doesn’t hurt that it features the Medusa head in gold-tone which looks opulent against the black leather.

  1. Versace crown embellished velvet baseball cap

Versace crown embellished velvet baseball cap

Price: US$378.00
Buy It

Come on, don’t be afraid to make a statement with a baseball cap that’s sure to give you some attention and plenty of nods. This Versace cap is similar in design to the first we featured here, also bearing a crown motif with embroidered with beads and metallic embellishments. But rather than navy, this one comes in failsafe black. The velvety texture makes one rich-looking cap that would fit nicely and protect your head adequately.

  1. Versace Medusa print tie

Versace Medusa print tie

Price: US$155.00
Buy It

Be bold as Versace this 2018 with this Medusa print tie that is guaranteed to turn heads. The tie is made out of silk that gives unmatchable comfort, something always to be desired. Aside from an adjustable fit and pointed tip, it also comes in a luxurious black color,  that will make you appear even more dapper and mysterious.

  1. Versace square medusa head belt

Versace square medusa head belt

Price: US$405.00
Buy It

Can’t get enough of the iconic Medusa head? Well then, here’s another to add to your collection. This belt is high-class and fashionable, as it is made of calf leather. The square head buckle even gives it more edge. With its opulent appearance, we can’t blame you if you just can’t help but admire this piece of leather.

  1. Versace Baroque print long wallet

Versace Baroque print long wallet

Price: US$242.00
Buy It

Versace is bringing back the trend that has made it much revered back in the the 80s and the 90s: loud baroque-style prints. The design is a classic that would not seem out of place regardless of the decade, so we would not even dare question Versace’s penchant for them. This baroque print wallet features a foldover top, a baroque print, multiple interior card slots and an internal logo stamp.

  1. Versace oversized tinted sunglasses

Versace oversized tinted sunglasses

Price: US$237.00
Buy It

Simultaneously protect your eyes and one-up your look with these attention-seeking oversized tinted sunglasses. Versace gives a lavish update to your dependable sunglasses by featuring a maximalist Italian design. They are also fashionable items on men and women alike, so if you choose to go out with your girlfriend with matching sunglasses, they will be perfectly fine.

  1. Versace reversible Medusa belt

Versace reversible Medusa belt

Price: US$392.00
Buy It

Belts deemed more ordinary-looking than this one are already worth the investment so long as they are made out of quality material like the other Versace belts we have on this list. But if you want to have more in an accessory that already blends fashion with function well, then go for this Versace reversible belt. Whether you prefer rich black or more color is irrelevant; you will look very dapper in this belt that is sculpted in luxurious calf leather and has a 3D Medusa head buckle in gold-tone.

  1. Versace embossed Greek Key cardholder

Versace embossed Greek Key cardholder

Price: US$350.00
Buy It

This wallet is another showcase that proves just how much Versace has mastered the craft, even when left to the essentials. The modern gentleman will have no qualms in possessing this simple yet handsome bifold that has embossed Greek key details all over. This is such a sophisticated accessory that will make you want to put your plastics in its multiple and carefully seamed interior card slots immediately.

  1. Versace patterned intarsia scarf

Versace patterned intarsia scarf

Price: US$395.00
Buy It

Drape this stately piece of fashion from Versace for the ultimate cozy and luxurious look. This scarf proudly displays Italian craftsmanship in virgin wool, which features an intarsia pattern, part of the Versace iconography. The scarf also has a frayed logo and a designer logo on the side. Expertly made, this can and will easily be the centerpiece of your outfit.

  1. Versace ‘Rock Icon’ embossed sunglasses

Versace 'Rock Icon' embossed sunglasses

Price: US$287.00
Buy It

Dress like you are a rock star even if you are not one or are not even particularly skilled at handling an instrument by wearing these standout Versace sunglasses. They are the perfect frames when you want to have everyone’s attention and admiration—like our previous eyewear entry, these feature maximalist Italian design and opulent detailing. These sunglasses are silver, embossed, and oval-framed; they have straight arms and a silver-tone logo plaque that is very prominent, if only to boast of the luxury you are wearing. They are truly for the daring and the unabashed.

  1. Versace Medusa Greca beanie

Versace Medusa Greca beanie

Price: US$265.00
Buy It

No need to keep your head down; be loud and proud by wearing this lovely Versace beanie while also being extremely comfortable. What makes this special, you ask? Well, aside from being made in the luxury brand’s homeland, much attention has been given in weaving this wool-silk blend beanie. You can pull it all the way down to your ears if you like, which will allow it to give maximum comfort in the chillier seasons as any good winter wear would. The beanie, functional as it is, also looks luxurious and timeless, a result of Versace showcasing its obsession with Greek themes.

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