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Best-selling Versace Womenswear Collection in 2018

21 Best-selling Versace Bags for Women in 2018

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Anyone familiar with designer labels knows Versace; it needs no introduction in the fashion world. This Italian fashion powerhouse is known for its elegance and unique sense of glamour.

We won’t try to fill you with added explanation on how Versace climbed up the ladder to fashion stardom. Just have a look at these top best-seller from the brand in 2018 and you’ll know why Versace is Versace!

This list includes the best-selling Versace bags, dresses, jackets, vc apparels, vintage collection, accessories and shoes.

Versace Bags

  1. VERSACE Printed Medusa Empire tote

    VERSACE printed Medusa Empire tote

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It would be nice to daydream sipping pina colada, sand on your toes and the ocean waves at your ears. This is what inspires one to think about when they catch a glimpse of the bright striking print on this Medusa Empire Tote from Versace. But then again you remember that your are still sitting on the desk with piles of work to be done. Maybe it is time for that much needed vacation to the Caribbean.

  1.  VERSACE Printed Leather Shoulder Bag

VERSACE Printed Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: US$1,860.00
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Enjoy a cocktail or two with co-workers after a stressful day at work or even go out on a date instead and bring this  stylish printed leather shoulder bag from Versace. The gold toned chain and bright yellow print on the black leather adds a stylish yet rugged quality to the bag that says enjoy life and have fun. A greater bonus: you’ll look extra elegant and fab, a perfect look for the city night life.

  1.  VERSACE oversized colour-block tote

VERSACE oversized colour-block tote

Price: US$2,475.00
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This Versace oversized colour block leather tote in yellow, black and purple is perfect for days when you just want to throw everything in your bag. The roomy interior just fits everything in and has room for some more. It is so roomy that it would be a challenge to dig your keys and phone in this black hole of a bag.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Head Small Pouch Bag

VERSACE Medusa head small pouch bag

Price: US$663.00
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There are days when you just want to feel light and free. Take this pouch bag from Versace, grab your phone, cash, cards and keys and then go. The leather and gold toned straps secures it to your wrist so you do not have to worry that you will ever misplace it.

  1.  VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

Price: US$606.00
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When your office is your runway, then this embossed black leather clutch from Versace is for you. It’s like cherry on top the cake. It accentuates any outfit without being overpowering due to its classic black leather material and simple gold-toned hardware. Unleash that fashionista in you!

  1.  VERSACE Embossed Medusa Clutch

VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

Price: US$978.00
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There are times when we are swamped by so many things that we feel like we have lost ourselves into our daily routines. When you catch yourself getting depressed and cranky, just wear a bold red lipstick, matching red high heels and this red leather clutch from Versace. We need time to ourselves every now and then, go ask the bartender for that martini.

  1.  Versace Black Medium Day Dreamer Bag

Versace Black Medium Day Dreamer Bag

Price: US$2,075.00
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For a woman who likes to read, this bag will be full of books. This black leather daydreamer bag from Versace evokes a bookworm, preppy vibe for women who wants to stay home and read.

  1.  VERSACE Mini Pouch Shoulder Bag

VERSACE mini pouch shoulder bag

Price: US$1,338.00
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Confident and assertive women will pull off wearing this Versace mini pouch shoulder bag around the waist and still look elegant and chic. Made for days when you have to rush to run some errands.

  1.  VERSACE Palazzo Empire Tote Bag

VERSACE Palazzo Empire tote bag

Price: US$2,150.00
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This Versace Palazzo Empire tote inspires thoughts of Greece. Its white leather makes one think of the white Greek buildings and homes. All you need is turquoise jewelries and a floral blue dress and youre all set for that Mediterranean holiday.

  1. VERSACE Greek Medusa Shoulder Bag

VERSACE greek Medusa shoulder bag

Price: US$1,995.00
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This is gonna be your take anywhere and everywhere bag from Versace. The black leather enhanced by the gold-toned hardwares and chains makes it perfect for casual or even formal days and nights. A must have bag that will complement any outfit and mood.

  1.  VERSACE medium DV One bag

VERSACE medium DV One bag

Price: US$2,304.00
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Go on a cruise and take this Versace bag with you . You will definitely look  as pretty as a picture in a flowing floral dress,  floppy hat and sandals and of course, this red leather DV bag.

  1. VERSACE Palazzo Pouch

VERSACE Palazzo pouch

Price: US$750.00
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This Palazzo pouch from Versace in light brown leather comes with both a wrist strap and adjustable shoulder strap. Choose however you wear it. Just the wrist strap when out with friends or the shoulder strap when you go malling so you can freely inspect that beautiful matching shoes.

  1.  VERSACE Printed Medusa Clutch

VERSACE printed Medusa clutch

Price: US$338.00
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This bright pink and blue clutch from Versace just adds a pop of colour to an otherwise plain and dark outfit. Make sure to wear a matching hot pink sandals or heels to really complement that bright and sunny disposition.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Empire Tote

VERSACE Medusa Empire tote

Price: US$3,295.00
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This is a bag to take when get invited to a weekend family lunch at your boyfriend’s home. The classic sleek line and elegant white leather of this Medusa Empire Tote from Versace will win you points for your future in-laws.  Pair it with pastel coloured outfits and simple accessories to complete the look.



Price: US$2,325.00
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A power bag for a strong smart woman like you. This DV bag is full of character with its black leather and red trims on the side says that whoever owns it mean business. So go ahead and wear that power suit and don’t forget to take this matching bag with you and close that deal.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Empire Crossbody Bag

VERSACE Medusa Empire crossbody bag

Price: US$2,150.00
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Your girlfriends would be jealous when you meet them for coffee with this Nude Versace Medusa Leather Bag in your hand. The colour will definitely complement any outfit that you would opt to wear. You can even take this pretty little thing to work just to show it off at the office.

  1.  VERSACE Palazzo Empire Tote Bag

VERSACE Palazzo Empire tote bag

Price: US$2,850.00
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Even when paired with another colourful ensemble, we’re sure that this Versace Empire Tote Bag in navy, beige and red will still stand out. So go ahead, don’t be shy, don that pretty colourful coat with this bag and add a splash of colour to a gloomy cloudy day.


  1. VERSACE Medusa Empire Tote

VERSACE Medusa Empire tote Red

Price: US$3,451.00
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For those days when you feel like staying home but have to go to work, take this calf leather Versace Medusa Empire Tote with you. Its vibrant red colour and embossed pattern is enough to lift one’s spirits. Style it with your favorite monochrome or all-black outfit, complete with your luscious red lipstick and you’ll surely earn glances everywhere.

  1. VERSACE studded Medusa backpack

VERSACE studded Medusa backpack

Price: US$2,846.00
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Singalong, dance and party with the crowd while your favorite band is playing. You’ll be rocking the whole night sporting an all black outfit and this awesome gold studded Medusa Backpack from Versace. Removing the hassle of carrying stuff with your hands, it will sure let you enjoy more without compromising your stylish getup.

  1. VERSACE Baroccoflage backpack

VERSACE Baroccoflage backpack

Price: US$1,152.00
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Take this pink and blue leather Versace Barocaflage backpack on your next adventure! This bag keeps your hands free to take pictures of that beautiful scenery or even hold and inspect that beautiful shell you found on the beach. Even a simple outfit will be well-accentuated by the lovely combination of red, pink and blue hues in this piece, so get ready to be glammed up!

  1. VERSACE Stardvst shoulder bag

VERSACE Stardvst shoulder bag

Price: US$2,575.00
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The warm color of this mauve leather Versace Stardvst shoulder bag makes one think of the Fall season. This is one tiny bag that packs a full punch with its zipped compartments (one solely for your phone!) and gold-toned chain. Pair it with cream coloured sweaters and leather booties and you can go have fun with friends while sipping some hot apple cider or pumpkin latte.

Versace Dresses

  1. VERSACE Printed silk-twill midi dress

VERSACE Printed silk-twill midi dress
Price: US$2,950.00
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The blend of baroque and leopard prints on this dress is reminiscent of dresses worn by Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Carla Bruni in their heydays. As part of the tribute to Gianni, this silk dress can be worn with full coverage or in a daring show of skin with the matching bralette. Wear it with a black belt to cinch the waist and balance the semi loose fit.

  1. VERSACE signature printed dress

VERSACE signature printed dress
Price: US$1,375.00
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Versace has as much tropical-themed prints under their belt as much as baroque ones. It’s become a signature to the fashion house as well because of its frequent appearance in a lot of their pieces from clothes to bags and other accessories. This dress incorporates a little bit of both to revamp a familiar silhouette of this sleeveless dress. Interesting color palette is a signature to the brand as well, just like how the play of the purple tones played with the greens and golds in this piece.

  1. VERSACE Pleated cady and satin mini dress

Price: US$1,795.00
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When a classic red lip or red pair of stilettos can’t cut it, a bold red dress does the trick. Made with a sleek and smooth luxurious cady fabric, this dress features all the elements that can make it sumptuous: a deep V down the neckline and back, slightly pleated A-line silhouette, and some slits to reveal a red satin lining underneath. A dress to both exude your authority and femininity, Versace did a great job in capturing the strength of women in this dress.

  1. VERSACE front zipped dress

VERSACE front zipped dress
Price: US$3,162.00
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It’s common knowledge that a little black dress is a basic necessity in a woman’s wardrobe. But for Versace, the LBD doesn’t have to be your usual plain black dress. Their version incorporates some minimal additions like a V-neck, sparkles, front zip that goes all the way down to the hem, and different textures of tulle, spandex. The fitted silhouette of this piece makes it utterly sexy, a fab LBD that will mark in the minds of people.

  1. Versace Multicolor Palms Shirt Dress

Versace Multicolor Palms Shirt Dress
Price: US$1,575.00
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A spring and summer-appropriate palm trees and leaves shirt dress either for the office or for weekend dates and vacations. There’s a detachable belt that allows you to change the vibe of the dress from slightly formal to casual. Even with a bold print, Versace maintains balance with the shirt structure and blue-and-white striped trim and collar.

  1. VERSACE beaded dress

VERSACE beaded dress
Price: US$3,177.00
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As important as a little black dress is, a little white dress should also be given a special space in your wardrobe. Most of Versace’s dresses employ bold prints, colors, or design. They’re not as known to be minimal, but this beaded dress transcends all others because it’s just as beautiful even as a plain straight dress. A silent but glamorous beauty is how we’d summarize this piece, with the divine mix of pure white with the sparkly accents on the shoulder and neck.

  1. VERSACE cut-out shoulder dress

VERSACE cut-out shoulder dress
Price: US$2,150.00
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Versace is like a woman with impeccable style: they never design their pieces based on trends and almost always creates their own instead. A daring red shade represents their sultry attitude towards fashion and this cut-out cold shoulder dress reflects their style of designing: unique and timeless.

  1. VERSACE Embroidered Lace Dress with Silk

VERSACE Embroidered Lace Dress with Silk

Price: US$1,180.00
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Through a simple slim-fit sleeveless dress, Versace introduces a new print that’s as intricate as its baroque and tropical signatures. It’s made with a sophisticated lace in darker shades, lustrous swirls in front and a divided print and solid color at the back. It bridges the gap between a minimal and a statement dress.

  1. VERSACE embroidered logo dress

VERSACE embroidered logo dress
Price: US$2,325.00
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Spring and summer are right around the corner and what better way to welcome the laidback seasons with an equally mellow Versace t-shirt dress that’s embroidered with a colorful tropical logo on the front? This dress is part of their collection specifically for the upcoming spring and summer, so you wouldn’t be missing out on what’s in this year.

  1. VERSACE Embellished Silk Dress

VERSACE Embellished Silk Dress
Price: US$2,840.00
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Though Versace knows how to take us through a nostalgic collection, their modernized pieces never cease to show us the forward-looking structures and designs that lend a face-lift to familiar clothes. This dress is made with silk panels that are studded in front, adding sultriness and edginess to the feminine tight-fitting sleeveless dress.

  1. VERSACE crystal trim pleated maxi dress

VERSACE crystal trim pleated maxi dress
Price: US$5,810.00
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Versace is always associated as a sexy, bold, and daring brand. But if you’re more a conservative type who prefers to leave others clueless, they’ve also got you covered. This long-sleeved maxi dress leaves a lot to the imagination while also giving you a luxurious appeal with crystal embellishments and a refreshing light blue hue.

  1. VERSACE rear beaded dress

VERSACE rear beaded dress
Price: US$3,973.00
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This dress is strictly business in front and party in the back. The V-neck lapel collar in front makes this dress super appropriate in the office, but the beaded embroidery at the rear offers a peek of some skin at the back. This transforms you from being a career woman by day to a party girl at night, just make sure to cover it with a blazer during office hours.

  1. VERSACE fitted crochet dress

VERSACE fitted crochet dress
Price: US$1,662.00
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At the time of Gianni Versace, the brand made a signature out of pastels and other bold colors. In this dress, the two extremes in their color palette meet in the middle to create this crochet dress that features brighter pastel colors in an illusory pattern. The material prevents it from becoming too uncomfortable even if it’s tight-fitting, and instead focuses on highlighting your figure.

Versace Footwear

  1. VERSACE Medusa embellished sandals

VERSACE Medusa embellished sandals

Price: US$996.00
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Nothing is quite as fancy yet unexpected than white shoes, especially heels. They usually come in black, so in this lighter color, it’s easier to stand out than its counterpart. The Medusa head can’t go missing and it’s featured twice on both straps on the toes and ankles.

  1. VERSACE Embellished Leather Sandals

VERSACE Embellished Leather Sandals

Price: US$870.00
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In a sea of stilettos, this black Versace pair sticks out because of the gold medallion-like Medusa studs embellished on the straps. The crossed-back ankle strap gives the right amount of support without drawing too much attention away from the minimalistic design.

  1. Versace Black & Gold Medusa Heels

Versace Black & Gold Medusa Heels

Price: US$795.00
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No matter how elegant and sexy strappy heels are, pumps are the original classic heels that will never not be redesigned and recreated in different variations. This version by Versace goes back to the basics using smooth black leather and a big gold Medusa head trinket on the pointed toes.

  1. VERSACE Embellished Leather Sandals

VERSACE Embellished Leather Sandals

Price: US$740.00
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This kind of strappy sandals with a low heel is the best to pair with either dresses or boyfriend jeans. Depending on what you’re going for, you can be rest assured this fits the occasion well whether it’s casual or a bit formal. Silver and gold studs add a tough element, so even in heels, you can be your edgy self.

  1. VERSACE Palazzo Medusa kitten heel pumps

VERSACE Palazzo Medusa kitten heel pumps

Price: US$795.00
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When we say heels, the most common type of shoes that immediately pops in our head are those with 3 to 5 inches of added height. That’s why those with a smaller heel tends to become all the more classy because of their uniqueness. This pair with kitten heels is as adorable as its name. With nothing but an all-black exterior, it’s the embodiment of “less is more.”

  1. VERSACE Medusa Palazzo pumps

VERSACE Medusa Palazzo pumps

Price: US$895.00
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When you’re dressing up and come to compare shoes to complete your outfit, this pair of white stiletto pumps will probably win over any other heels in your shoedrobe. Most of us will have an abundance of black clothes, and when it comes to all-black outfits, it’s refreshing to see some contrast down on your feet.

  1. VERSACE platform studded sneakers

VERSACE platform studded sneakers

Price: US$1,150.00
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A chunky platform is the ultimate trick to adding height without ending up with multiple blisters and numb feet at the end of the day or night. When it’s attached to a sneaker, it’s a double hit because you know it will be comfort all around.

  1. Versace Black Studded Loafers

Versace Black Studded Loafers

Price: US$975.00
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It’s safe to say that loafers are one of the cult fashion favorites when it comes to flat shoes. With a moccasin-like outer appearance, it offers a distinct style that’s not too common in other types of flats. Versace’s mark is evident in the coin-style Medusa head on the toe cap and gold hardware and studs that differentiate it more.

  1. VERSACE Medusa touch strap floral embroidered sneakers

VERSACE Medusa touch strap floral embroidered sneakers

Price: US$925.00
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Touch strap sneakers have shifted from being associated as typical childish school shoes to a high fashion footwear. This sneakers blends sophistication and youthfulness through the mix of gold-tone hardware, sleek black leather, and bright embroidered florals.

  1. VERSACE Medusa slip-on hi-top sneakers

VERSACE Medusa slip-on hi-top sneakers

Price: US$1,075.00
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High-top sneakers usually take more time to put on because of the ties that go up above the ankles. And when you’re wearing pants, fixing it up so it scrunches up nicely on top the shoes take forever. This slip-on high-tops from Versace reduces the struggle and is fancier than most with an all-white exterior and a gold Medusa head in front.

  1. VERSACE Signature Medusa strap sandals

VERSACE Signature Medusa strap sandals

Price: US$975.00
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Gladiator sandals will always be a statement piece that’s totally appropriate to wear casually. The strappy structure with stiletto heels is one of the most eye-catching styles, but its simplicity for being a sandal makes it a classic. This is a nice alternative on lazy days when you still want to dress up.

  1. VERSACE Embellished Leather Slides

VERSACE Embellished Leather Slides

Price: US$500.00
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Slides have recently gotten so much hype both in streetwear and high fashion runways. Anyone who has a good eye for trends and affinity for comfort and convenience would love this instantly. Leather makes everything nicer, so it’s the best to use for slippers. With the studs, this goes well on edgy outfits. Matching studded leather jackets, maybe?

  1. VERSACE Medusa pool slides

VERSACE Medusa pool slides

Price: US$366.00
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Slides are probably the simplest types of footwear, but Versace being Versace, it’s only expected for something super minimal to either become a statement or have a distinguishing aspect that makes it stand out. This pair of slides implements some contrasting colors and a huge Medusa head on the strap, so it can almost look as good as fancy flats or even heels.

  1. Versace Grey Medusa Ballerina Flats

Versace Grey Medusa Ballerina Flats

Price: US$695.00
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Flats are the main shoe option for every girl no matter the age. Not all choose to wear heels and slides may be too casual for some occasions, so flats are a good balance between the elegance of one and the ease and comfort of the other. In a neutral gray, this Medusa flats mix and match with almost any existing clothes and accessories you may have.

  1. VERSACE platform studded sandals

VERSACE platform studded sandals

Price: US$933.00
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Heels are super fun to wear, but only until you can still feel your feet. At some point, they just lose all sensation and weirdly, you still feel the ache. But 5-inch heels are not completely hopeless with a little bit of platform on the toes. This studded heel sandals offer just that, so you can dance the night away without too much pain that going up to your legs.

  1. VERSACE square toe mules

VERSACE square toe mules

Price: US$1,125.00
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If you should know anything about Versace, it’s that they’re game for any unconventional styles, designs, structures, and whatnot when it comes to fashion. This pair of mules shows an odd mix of sneakers, mules, and stilettos in one. Still, it comes off as a badass shoe that will make strangers secretly take a stolen picture for their reference because they would’ve never seen anything like it before.

  1. VERSACE floral sequin-embellished sandals

VERSACE floral sequin-embellished sandals

Price: US$2,575.00
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Over-the-top is not unusual for Versace. If anything, that’s their preferred approach. This sequined strappy stilettos can be considered excessive, but to the true fashion gal, it’s just one of those that you need a little more care to dress up or down.

  1. VERSACE chain detail sandals

VERSACE chain detail sandals

Price: US$755.00
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Gold accessories make a classy accent to outfits, so it just follows that this gold heels is a magnificent statement. This pair promises to give you the glam that Versace always delivers on, and its familiar silhouette with the open toe is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your red-painted nails.

  1. VERSACE platorm strap sandals

VERSACE platorm strap sandals

Price: US$1,275.00
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You can survive spending 5 hours in 5-inch heels when it comes to you like this strap sandals. The added height on both ends of the feet won’t put too much pressure on your toes, so it’s going to be a smooth sailing day or night in these.

  1. VERSACE embroidered logo sneakers

VERSACE embroidered logo sneakers

Price: US$562.00
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Low-cut, all-white sneakers may as well be called a signature shoe for this generation, and we’re predicting it will stay relevant in years and decades to come. Consider this white sneakers with a gold embroidered Versace label on the side a big investment because it’ll surely last you a while.

Versace Jackets

  1. Versace leather biker jacket

Versace leather biker jacket

Price: US$4,739.00
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Can’t stop thinking about buying a leather jacket? This Versace leather jacket is a great investment if you are looking for a timeless wardrobe staple because it’s just not provide enough warmth during the cold weather but also practical and can be worn with anything found in your closet.  This leather jacket comes with a classic collar, front zip fastening, side zipped pockets is made of black lambskin which is perfect for winter and autumn season. This can easily be partnered with your favorite scarf or accessories – depending on the type of activity you will be attending.

  1. Versace Embellished satin bomber jacket

Versace Embellished satin bomber jacket

Price: US$1,675.00
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Looking for an effortless outerwear style in every occasion? This Versace embellished satin bomber jacket is a great choice. Any woman who will wear this piece will exude strength and power because of its intricate design of Medusa head surrounded by gold chains at the back. Even if adorned with lavish styling at the back, the lustrous black satin material balanced the design making it a perfect outerwear for your gorgeous dress during your dinner date.

  1. Versace palm print bomber jacket

Versace palm print bomber jacket

Price: US$528.00
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Are you into the ‘street style’ trend? Finding a bolder piece should be your goal – one with a bolder pattern, bright colors and impeccable tailoring. And this Versace palm print bomber jacket is your must-have. This bomber jacket by Versace has combined contrasting prints and colors, making it your go-to outerwear during a cold brunch with your gals. Surely, guests at your favorite café will take a second glance the moment you enter that door to have brunch with your girls!

  1. Versace Western Denim Jacket

Versace Western Denim Jacket

Price: US$1,160.00
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Want to be part of the denim craze? As denim jackets are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene, and Versace has made its statement with this Western Denim Jacket. This dark blue denim jacket with high-shine metallic gold buttons will add character to your outfit by simply partnering it with a tank top, a leather skirt and a statement accessory. Truly, you can never go wrong with a Versace piece; your girls will be impressed with how you finish off your OOTD with this jacket.

  1. Versace ruched leather jacket

Versace ruched leather jacket

Price: US$2,150.00
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Want to look awesome in the corporate world? You’ll surely look like a girl ‘boss’ with this Versace ruched leather jacket. This piece made of black lambskin featured a round neck, a front zip fastening and a fitted silhouette in a ruched design. This leather jacket partnered with a perfectly tailored dress plus pumps will make you more confident and at ease speaking in a boardroom dominated by the male species.

  1. Versace baroque print bomber jacket

Versace baroque print bomber jacket

Price: US$1,888.00
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Wanting to look bold and brave? Anyone who catches you wearing this Versace baroque print bomber jacket will know that you got style and character. This bold and vibrant aesthetic with bright color schemes and distinctive patterns is perfect if you want to flaunt your style and femininity to everyone. Just by wearing this piece, you don’t have to say a word – this piece will do it for you.

  1. Versace quilted sleeve bomber jacket

Versace quilted sleeve bomber jacket

Price: US$2,450.00
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Girl’s night out but can’t get out of bed because of the cool weather? How about get a quick shower, curl your hair, wear makeup and dress to impress? This Versace quilted sleeve bomber jacket will make you wanna go out and have fun the whole night. It is intricately designed with a ribbed collar, a front zip fastening, side pockets – and yes, the quilted sleeve feature. Who would want to miss a party if you have this jacket to show it all off?

  1. Versace embellished logo bomber jacket

Versace embellished logo bomber jacket

Price: US$2,841.00
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Having a date with your guy driving a Harley-Davidson? Impress him with your ultimate ‘all black outfit’, and polish your look with an ankle heel boots and this Versace embellished logo jacket. Your guy will surely be inspired driving his Harley with a gal in a bomber jacket.

  1. Versace leather biker jacket

Versace leather biker jacket (2)

Price: US$3,595.00
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Can’t get enough of piled up winter coats? Why not ditch some of these coats and buy something bolder like this Versace leather biker jacket? This item should be hanging in your closet along with your other fall/winter outfit. You can never go wrong if you are looking for a fresh item to wear. Put on your distressed jeans, a basic white tee, a pair of sneakers – and polish your look with this statement piece.

  1. Versace Medusa printed bomber jacket

Versace Medusa printed bomber jacket

Price: US$1,950.00
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Looking for an extraordinary bomber jacket? Versace has one for you. This Medusa printed bomber jacket is totally for every gal who wants to stand out in every way. With its opulent baroque print and detailed ribbed trim, you will surely look dashingly beautiful every time you wear this piece.

  1. Versace Baroque embroidered cape

Versace Baroque embroidered cape

Price: US$2,875.00
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Wanting to add some mystery in your outfit? Why not grab this baroque embroidered cape by Versace for a change? You will look glamorous and mysterious all at the same time, making you even more interesting to anyone staring. The hue and design of this piece allows you to layer it over any clothing, and with any type of footwear.

Versace-Collection Apparels


Versace Collection fringed detail dress

Price: US$1,176.00
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Spice up your collection of little black dresses with this black and gold piece from Versace. It features fringed details which break the monotony of a two-toned dress, uneven hem which gives it more than just a plain straight silhouette. Spot the chunky straps that keep the dress looking stylish in a conservative way. You will ooze with sophistication wearing this with your choice of gold strappy sandals and handbag.


Versace Collection printed T-shirt

Price: US$315.00
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Versace sure knows how to take casual, everyday wear to a whole new level with this pink and blue printed t-shirt. You will love the baroque prints which effectively showcase the luxury brand’s signature look, and satin material which certainly gives you a comfortable and smooth feel. Celebrate how vibrant life is with this one.


Versace Collection embroidered v neck dress

Price: US$1,037.00
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Going on a date? You definitely have to get this black cotton blend embroidered v-neck dress. It brings out the best from a simple black item with perfectly placed loud, bright patterns. The cut also showcases your curves in the right way. Wearing this with heels, your date will definitely step his game up a notch to impress you.


Versace Collection Signature print shirt

Price: US$648.00
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Time to expand your work wardrobe and add something that shows the powerful woman in you. Ace your next presentation to the higher ups with this gold and white silk printed shirt from Versace. The classic collar and long sleeves are totally work appropriate, and the button cuffs and a front button fastening keep it tight in place. But wait, can you just take a moment and admire the pattern? Love!


Versace Collection lace insert dress

Price: US$1,037.00
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Get out of the house and have a fun night out with your girlfriends in this black cotton blend dress. Featuring lace details that runs from your clavicle all the way across your thigh, pleats that give it structure, and zip fastening at the back, this piece will keep you feeling sexy and confident while drinking with your best gal pals.


Versace Collection draped front shift dress

Price: US$629.00
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When your girl’s gotta eat, you most probably will get a “food coma” after enjoying all the food. No worries, you can still be stylish even in loose-fitting clothes that keep your tummy concealed with this blue and green draped front shift dress from Versace. Goes well with a pair of stilettos to add another layer of sexiness.


Versace Collection embossed jacket

Price: US$1,283.00
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Want something a little more than your typical leather jacket? This one-of-a-kind embossed jacket from Versace might be the right one for you. Featuring signature Versace patterns that will surely turn heads, zip fastening in case you want to keep warm, and three fourth sleeves for a slicker look, you will project the badass in you that no other people can mess with.


VERSACE COLLECTION beaded fringes dress

Price: US$1,659.00
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Perhaps you’ve been invited to a formal dinner and your closet has zero dress for it. Look no further, because all you need is this black and gold toned beaded fringes dress from Versace. With a side slit, v-neck cut, straps that cross at the back, and zip fastening, this one isn’t only appropriate but also fresh and fashionable.


Versace Collection knitted open embroidery skater dress

Price: US$1,919.00
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For a more chill look, maybe for a casual day at work or attending a book club gathering, this skater dress from Versace with a mesmerizing design will be your best bet. This one has a knitted style and embroidered details which intricacy will impress you, as well as its ribbed details, body-tight silhouette, and flared skirt which will lengthen your overall look.


Versace Collection printed fitted dress

Price: US$588.00
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Having to network and want to give a positive and lasting impression? Then you better don this gorgeous blue and white printed fitted dress from Versace. With the amazing color combination of blue, yellow, and black, you will effortlessly appear lovely and perky in this. Pair it with your classic heels and purse, and you’ve got your complete look.


Versace Collection embellished cold shoulder T-shirt

Price: US$332.00
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For a more laidback and chic look, elevate your plain t-shirts with this black printed piece that has a stunning round neck and cold shoulder cut. The cut-out detail and crystal embellishments surely make it a little more special. This is obviously wearable with any pants, from jeans to shiny leather ones, as well as any shoes, from sneakers to sandals.


VERSACE COLLECTION baroque print cardigan

Price: US$412.00
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Cardigans are known to be usually plain, so you will instantly stand out when you give it a spin with this blue silk blend baroque print cardigan from Versace. To balance out the look, it has a simple round neck, long sleeves with straight hem and cuffs, and a front button fastening. You will be a walking masterpiece in this cardigan.


Versace Collection structured greek key blouse

Price: US$315.00
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Stylish pieces such as this blue structured Greek-key blouse from Versace are made for days when don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look put together. Show off those striking collarbones with its wide round neck, those trimmed arms with its short sleeves, and those elongated upper body with its slim fit and asymmetric hem. Complete your outfit with trousers or leather pants, and pumps or booties.


Versace Collection tie waist T-shirt

Price: US$218.00
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The trick to improving your collection of no-brainer office wear is investing in clothes that can easily be paired with different pieces. Add this black embellished cold shoulder t-shirt and you get a versatile item for keeps. Featuring a wide round neck, short sleeves, and a tie waist, you can wear this with a skirt or pants, with or without blazer, pumps or stilettos, from AM to PM—the combinations are endless.


Versace Collection sleeveless fitted dress

Price: US$429.00
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It’s been almost two months since the holidays, and you’ve probably got ridden of the holiday pounds. What better way to show off your figure than this black cotton blend sleeveless fitted dress from Versace. The high round neck keeps it conservative and the pleated cuts on the waist give it a little more dimension. All in all, a timeless piece that your wardrobe will benefit from.


Versace Collection off the shoulder embroidered dress

Price: US$1,134.00
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Traveling somewhere tropical means being able to wear breezy clothing without being murdered by cold harsh winds. If that’s on your agenda any time soon, why not pick up this black cotton blend off the shoulder embroidered dress. The v-neck and off the shoulder design make you look slimmer, the embroidered pattern provides the twist you need, and the boxy fit and short length enable you to not feel constricted while you’re out and about exploring the island.


VERSACE COLLECTION Baroque patterned dress

Price: US$1,171.00
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Talk about attention-grabbing outfit is this black cotton blend Versace dress. Adorned with contrasting baroque patterns in red and an innovative v-neck design, people will actually ask who are you wearing like what they do at the red carpet. This one has a concealed rear zip fastening, a gold-tone hardware, and a conveniently stretch fit.


Versace Collection VERSACE COLLECTION G32962G601554 PRETO Cotton

Price: US$435.00
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Designers make versatile pieces because they also experience the rapid changes in weather and room temperature within a day. If you’re the type who’s sensitive about such thing, then you will probably have to get something that you can easily put on and take off like this black, lace detail, cardigan from Versace. A very straightforward piece with button finishing at the front and v-neck cut that’s completely flexible no matter where you will be any time of the day.

Versace Vintage

  1.  Versace Vintage square neck mini dress

Versace Vintage square neck mini dress
Price: US$1,540.00
Buy It

For the vintage-loving lady who loves herself some black, the artistry of Versace added to this square neck mini dress is perfect. While a little color is always appreciated from time to time, black remains a timeless choice that you can never go wrong with. This dress provides more character by using a velvet panel across the body that makes for a nice drape on the back, allowing for two textures in one dress. It also has a fitted body that allows the fabric to hug the skin nicely and a looser skirt that falls just above the knee, all of which make up a classier-looking dress.

  1. Versace Vintage zipped slim jacket

Versace Vintage zipped slim jacket
Price: US$210.00
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Fit right in the 1990s with this slim jacket that says so much with very few touches. This jacket is made a mix of the 90s and the decade that precedes it, having been made just right after the decade of excess and hedonism but before the more subtle 90s could define itself the way we know now. It is meticulously done in Italy from black cotton blend. While it features a classic collar and a zipper fastening, the whole piece ties beautifully at the hem.

  1. Versace Vintage standing collar flared dress

Versace Vintage standing collar flared dress
Price: US$726.00
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A little black dress is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re conquering the workplace or rocking on a girl’s night out, you can look exquisitely chic by getting yourself this flared dress. The high standing collar gives an air of determination and power, while the flared skirt gives way to breathability and maximum comfort. One thing that makes black dresses so beloved is the ability to dress it up or dress it down while using a few accessories. If you would like to give your dress a flattering piece to emphasize the waist and the hips, a belt is optional, but the dress made from luxurious wool works flawlessly even when it is without any other embellishments.

  1. Versace Vintage oversized shearling jacket

Versace Vintage oversized shearling jacket
Price: US$1,492.00
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Dare to give yourself the excess Versace is known for while keeping it monochromatic with this oversized shearling jacket from 1980. While this piece is almost 40 years old now, the oversized design still makes it look current as it is a trend that makes its comeback time and again. The black wool and leather shimmers enough to catch anyone’s attention without blinding them, and the generous shearling maximizes warmth and comfort in a number that is a few sizes larger. It finishes smoothly with the oversized lapel, button fastening and side pockets.

  1. Versace Vintage double-breasted leather coat

Versace Vintage double-breasted leather coat
Price: US$913.00
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Gianni Versace may have established his name with excessive prints and contrasting colors, but that does not mean that he does not work well with more toned down fashion items and still put his label at the forefront. This leather coat is a testament to that, where he employs a subdued color of blue and antique-looking buttons. The latter even features the iconic Medusa with a Greek key lining, making the number even more irresistible especially to the vintage hunter. Made in Italy, this blue midi item has buttoned cuffs for the long sleeves, front pockets and a belted back.

  1. Versace Vintage houndstooth coat

Versace Vintage houndstooth coat
Price: US$882.00
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Give your designer collection a piece of retro luxury with this black and white linen coat first produced in the 1990s. Featuring a round neck, long sleeves and a concealed front fastening, the coat features a houndstooth pattern, a classic that reappears every now and then. The pattern has been applied by many designers since its first usage as an indicator of wealth and importance, but Versace just owns the design by paying attention to careful seaming and using quality materials.

  1. Versace Vintage knitted dress

Versace Vintage knitted dress
Price: US$586.00
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Knitted dresses may be valued for their comfort, but that does not mean you can’t use one to one-up your style and be glamorous. Look exceptionally sleek with this Versace Vintage dress in lovely petrol blue that is soothing to the eyes. The fitted silhouette just gives ample chance to accentuate your curves and the dress employs a V-neck that is typically more fashionable than its rounder counterpart. The look is capped by fringes on the dresses’ hem, giving a somewhat semi-transparent effect.

  1. Versace Vintage padded mid-length coat

Versace Vintage padded mid-length coat
Price: US$898.00
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Whoever said you can’t look hip when wearing winter clothes? This padded mid-length coat dismisses the notion that winter is for frumpy and ill-fitting clothes that, while may give you a sense of comfort in the meantime, would not be one you would find too exciting to wear when the season arrives again. Versace puts together a lovely black feather down padded mid-length coat featuring a wide lapel and long sleeves, something that you won’t mind spending money over if it can keep you fashionable for colder seasons to come.

  1. Versace Vintage pleated fit and flare dress

Versace Vintage pleated fit and flare dress
Price: US$489.00
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Elevate your style by dressing yourself up with this 80s black pleated fit and flare dress that is absolutely perfect for glam nights. The dress may cover you up, but it is especially flattering and slimming on the body, thanks to the pleats and knots. The flare skirt also gives you a more a more feminine piece, while the black contributes to it becoming striking and elegant, you’re sure to impress your partner on a date night.

  1. Versace Vintage two-piece suit

Versace Vintage two-piece suit
Price: US$1,284.00
Buy It

Moving away from blacks and splashing more color on our selections is a vintage two-piece suit in striking and vibrant red, made relatively closer to the present times. Even though it was first sold in the 2000s, the style seems to evoke a period that is 20 years earlier. The coordinated suit combines casual with a little formality by mixing zip fastening with a pencil skirt. The contrast stitching and the pointed collar of the red wool suit makes it even more of a standout.

  1. Versace Vintage wrap front shirt

Versace Vintage wrap front shirt
Price: US$922.00
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One glance at this wrap and you can figure out how scrupulous the work was done. Look fashionable and extravagant with this pink silk wrap from Versace Vintage that is even made more valuable by the handcrafted metalwork that adorn it. The light wrap that is a treat with its luxurious feel features a wrap style V neck, long sleeves, button cuffs, a loose style, a straight hem and a front button fastening. Made around the 1980s, the wrap gives a dropped effect on the shoulders, making you look simultaneously relaxed and confident.

  1. Versace Vintage bead embellished choker necklace

Versace Vintage bead embellished choker necklace
Price: US$1,250.00
Buy It

What other time would be better to get yourself this vintage choker than today? While they may have gone out of a style some years ago, these necklaces have come back, possibly as an ode to the fashion of decades’ past. This necklace is a signature style of Versace—excessive that works perfectly well and makes you extravagantly chic. The beads are cordoned together by gold-tone metal and snapped together by a hook closure.

  1. Versace Vintage midi trench coat

Versace Vintage midi trench coat
Price: US$1,894.00
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Take back a piece of fashion from the 1980s with this pristine white midi trench coat from Versace Vintage. Made out of cotton, this white coat features a classic collar and a double breasted fastening. Epaulettes, which have been quite the craze back in the loud and overindulgent decade, adorn the shoulders of the coat. The gold-tone hardware provides great contrast with the plain white fabric, and the belt looks more unique thanks to similarly colored buckle and loops.

  1. Versace Vintage concealed fastening sheer shirt

Versace Vintage concealed fastening sheer shirt
Price: US$391.00
Buy It

If you want to look retro, subtle, and stylish all at the same time, then we have found the best shirt for you! This sheer blouse in opulent brown silk that will hang beautifully if you choose to untuck it and give more fun to layers if you do otherwise. It has a classic collar and a concealed button fastening that makes it appear seamless, and the button cuffs and straight hem make it more sightly.

  1. Versace Vintage bondage harness dress

Versace Vintage bondage harness dress
Price: US$72,411.00
Buy It

We are saving the best (and the most extravagant of them all) for last. This bondage harness dress, priced at 72 grand, is a coveted item for anyone who is a fan of Versace, especially Gianni-era Versace. Part of the 1992 A/W collection, this bondage dress was worn by Versace muse Nadege du Bospertus on the runway. Made out of fine orange virgin wool blend, the dress especially woven in Italy features a round neck, sleeveless design, rear zip fastening, fitted waist, a short length and cut-out details.

Versace Accessories

  1. VERSACE antique double buckle belt

VERSACE antique double buckle belt

Price: US$512.00
Buy It

Are you a fan of tucking in shirts? Get every opportunity to spice up that look with a premium belt, completed with two buckles in gold-tone hardware. The intricate detailing in the double-buckle let’s you know that Versace is all about craftsmanship and style, even more so as you see the small Medusa head pieces on the belt loops.

  1. VERSACE studded Medusa belt

VERSACE studded Medusa belt

Price: US$593.00
Buy It

The use of colors says a lot about a person. With this medusa belt, you can easily communicate a message that lets people know you are highly fashionable and you are as fab as the luscious red hue of this piece can get. Filled with neatly patterned studs all over the piece, a perfect modern and ancient Grecian look is achieved.

  1. VERSACE engraved buckle leather belt

VERSACE engraved buckle leather belt

Price: US$1,225.00
Buy It

Ever used the term blinding? Well, if you haven’t, here’s your chance for it. This engrave buckle belt has a blinding gold-tone that reflects the beauty of vintage luxury accessories. The engraving made the piece even more luxurious-looking, detailed perfectly in the buckle, belt loops and the hardware at the tip of the belt.

  1. VERSACE Medusa gold-tone earrings

VERSACE Medusa gold-tone earrings

Price: US$150.00
Buy It

Earrings are the most basic accessory of every woman, that even when every other accessory is missing, there should be a pair of earrings to give a nice glow to her face. Step up you daily earring game with Versace’s earrings, made from gold-tone medal that shows the glorious Medusa head.

  1. VERSACE oversized Medusa sunglasses

VERSACE oversized Medusa sunglasses

Price: US$315.00
Buy It

The aesthetic of Versace mainly revolves on audacious regal look, manifested in all of its pieces. Even when you know sunglasses can be limited to looking hip, cool and fab, the brand takes them to a certain level of sophistication and luxury that they look almost divine. Don’t understand what we mean? Just zoom in on the gold-tone embellishments on the sides, showing off the beautiful Medusa theme of the brand.

  1. VERSACE Medusa zipped chain purse

VERSACE Medusa zipped chain purse

Price: US$214.00
Buy It

Are you the type that ransacks your bag each time you’re looking for your purse? Or are you too busy to organize every single thing inside your huge tote? Versace has the solution for that, in the most fashionable way possible: vibrant chained purse! The popping blue color of this piece makes it easier to spot among your bag’s contents and the chain can be attached to your bag’s handle to never let it go ‘missing’ again.    

  1. VERSACE Medusa disc buckle belt

VERSACE Medusa disc buckle belt

Price: US$414.00
Buy It

Any standard belt can be transformed through a gorgeous buckle design. And if there’s any brand that knows how to do it in the most elegant way possible, it’s Versace. They have switched out the regular rectangular buckle for this piece, replacing it with a more knockout piece: a disc buckle belt with the accent of the Medusa head.

  1. VERSACE Medusa tote keyring

VERSACE Medusa tote keyring

Price: US$550.00
Buy It

Always an initiator of out-of-the-box designs and pieces, Versace came out with this utterly adorable keyring for any tote-lover. And what woman would not love totes, right? It is the perfectly gorgeous accessory to adorn your bag with, especially during night events where the crystal-like details of this piece will surely sparkle, and the Medusa head will show off its beauty even in its tiny, tiny version.

  1. VERSACE Baroccoflage make-up bag

VERSACE Baroccoflage make-up bag

Price: US$273.00
Buy It

Bold in both color and print, Versace’s Baroccoflage make-up bag captures what make-up is all about–fun play of creativity, artistry, and just plain expression of personality. This is exactly the reason why we know that this piece will be an automatic hit for women who cannot leave their houses without their touch-up set for their perfect smokey eye, contour and matte lips.

  1. VERSACE Equality embroidered hat

VERSACE Equality embroidered hat

Price: US$295.00
Buy It

If you think Versace is all about the gold and the glitter, you’re bound to be more impressed by the brand with this embroidered hat. A statement piece to complete your fab streetwear attire, this black hat features the word “EQUALITY” boldy embroidered in yellow across the front side of the hat. This is the way to go for a stylish casual impact.

  1. VERSACE Beverly Palm baseball cap

VERSACE Beverly Palm baseball cap

Price: US$304.00
Buy It

A more laid-back theme is adopted by Versace in making this baseball cap. Made from white cotton, this piece has an eye-catching embroidery at its front. We might as well call it a flora paradise in a hat, as its vibrant green and red hues perfeclty capture the beauty of leaves and flowers in a garden. We love the bursting bright colors used for the brand’s name as well, made extra by the flower details added in them.

  1. VERSACE Medusa buckle belt

VERSACE Medusa buckle belt

Price: US$495.00
Buy It

This belt is another Medusa-detailed piece that exudes class and sophistication. The gold-tone buckle’s shine against the black leather totally captures a woman’s  classic feminine vibe, perfect for office attire or business meeting style. A versatile piece to adorn any color and style of your pants.

  1. VERSACE Medusa key ring

VERSACE Medusa key ring

Price: US$318.00
Buy It

We add another keyring to this list because, let’s admit it, they are too gorgeous for their purpose. Meant to hold your different keys, we’re sure you’d rather use this as an accessory for your expensive totes and shoulder bags. We don’t blame you though, the beauty of the Medusa head is really mesmerizing.

  1. VERSACE Printed Silk Scarf

VERSACE Printed Silk Scarf

Price: US$390.00
Buy It

Scarves have been on the down low for the past decade, but it doesn’t mean that they can steal a show with their beauty. Versace proves that by releasing this silky satin scarf filled with interesting details with a magnetic color combination: black and yellow. Filled with captivating prints, people will surely take a few good seconds admiring it loosely hung around your neck or knotted neatly for a dainty appearance.

  1. VERSACE Medusa belt

VERSACE Medusa belt

Price: US$372.00
Buy It

When you think you saw the best of the Medusa head yet, we’ll make you think twice with this simple but oh-so-luxurious belt. With the Medusa as the central detail of this belt, you are left with no choice but to admire its regal beauty as it shines beautifully with its gold-tone metal composition.

  1. VERSACE feather print scarf

VERSACE feather print scarf

Price: US$405.00
Buy It

Another scarf takes a spot on this top picks list because of its divine beatuy. Versace captured the beauty of colorful feather by setting feather prints on a thin and lovely canvas made from modal cloth. It’s long size gives you more styling freedom, with additional material to warm yourself up with.

  1. VERSACE stripe shoulder strap

VERSACE stripe shoulder strap

Price: US$300.00
Buy It

The boldness of Versace is shown off beautifully in this shoulder strap that will bring life out of your most boring bags. The pop of blue against the red and black colors in this piece is the perfect combination for your handy shoulder strap. Not only is it fashionable, but really practical when you want to go hands-free with your tote bags.

  1. VERSACE classic cat-eye glasses

VERSACE classic cat-eye glasses

Price: US$235.00
Buy It

Who says glasses cannot be sexy? With these Versace ones, your smize won’t look out of place with its sleek frame and luscious red hue. Of course the cat-eye design adds more alluring quality to this item, perfect for the smart woman who knows exactly what she wants.

  1. VERSACE Grecca print baseball cap

VERSACE Grecca print baseball cap

Price: US$265.00
Buy It

We end with a cool item that doesn’t need much explanation why. This baseball cap shows the creativity of the team of designers of the fashion luxury brand. The intricate details of the artistry behind the simple look of this piece are worth of recognition, especially for people who loooove to sport a casual look all year-long.

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