Top 7 Designer Relaxed-Fit Jeans for Men in 2018

Top 7 Designer Relaxed-Fit Jeans for Men in 2018

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Do tight jeans equate to a great fashion taste? We don’t think so. You can be fashionable even if you’re wearing loose.

Fashion Rule number 1: You are what you wear. Just like every woman, every man should always aim to look their best inside or outside their humble abode. And by looking your best, you should consider every part of your body to be well-dressed, just like your lower half. To do that, you need a pair of relaxed-fit men’s jean that will compliment with your fabulous top.

In this guide, we will cater you the top 7 relaxed-fit jeans that will step-up your fashion game this 2018. The jeans we’ll about to show you are purely made out of cotton and can be worn for semi-formal and informal occasions. Given that they’re cotton, they are still machine washable and is easy to clean. If you’re longing for a pair of jeans that’s not hurting your thighs upon wearing them but still looks trendy, then, by all means, proceed to the list below.

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  1. DIESEL distressed loose-fit jeans

DIESEL distressed loose-fit jeans

Price: US$196.00
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Starting our list is the loose-fit jeans designed by Diesel. The brand has developed from a trashy but classy type of wearing to a premium casual wear catering its consumers a wide range of jeans without losing its streetwear theme. This blue cotton blend distressed loose-fit jeans highlights a zip fly and a button, a five-pocket design, waistband with belt loops and a Diesel brand patch that everyone would die for.

  1. DSQUARED2 Big Brother jeans

DSQUARED2 Big Brother jeans

Price: US$343.00
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If you’re searching for jeans that can be worn on both semi-formal and informal occasions, your best bet is this relaxed fit jeans from Dsquared2. With its Big Brother jeans style, it can be your go-to pair for everyday use, especially as it looks highly fashionable with all styles of shirts you have on your closet. This piece is one you’d love to style with your favorite sneakers, with its fold-up hems showcasing you cool pair of footwear.

  1. EX INFINITAS ultra relaxed jeans

DIESEL distressed loose-fit jeans

Price: US$121.00
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Formerly called the “Ele-pants”, this ultra-loose jeans from Ex Infinitas shall take you to the world of comfort you’ve never experienced before. With its Stonewash blue cotton design, you’ll certainly ramp up the street while feeling carefree and loose.

  1. JW ANDERSON patchwork denim jeans

JW ANDERSON patchwork denim jeans

Price: US$630.00
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Are you looking for something that would give you spontaneity? Or something that would make you stand out from the crowd? Then try this patchwork denim jeans from JW Anderson. Purely made out of blue-cotton and stuffed with patches that are shouting out “I’m odd, but I look great!” to everyone seeing it.

  1. MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN relaxed-fit jeans

MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN relaxed-fit jeans

Price: US$149.00
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This blast from the past relaxed fit jeans from MCQ Alexander Mcqueen were tailored from blue cotton cloth. Like other jeans that are easy to pull on and wear, this pair has a front button fastening design. A horizontal seam perpendicular to a vertical one on the knee-level both add a cool character to the jeans, fit for a boy-next-door look.

  1. NATURAL SELECTION Boxer Pinstripe jeans

NATURAL SELECTION Boxer Pinstripe jeans

Price: US$213.00
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Longing for a trendy, yet clean-looking jean that’s comfortable to wear? Then try the Boxer Pinstripe jeans from Natural Selection. This pair of jeans mirrors the discrete and innocent aesthetic of English fashion in present London through comfortable fabrications and progressive silhouettes.

  1. OFF-WHITE Diag skinny Jeans

OFF-WHITE Diag skinny Jeans

Price: US$327.00
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When you’re aiming a clean yet a little out-of-the-box look this summer, the Diag skinny jeans from Off-White will suit your needs. Highlighting a waistband with classic-looking belt loops, this pair also features a front zipper, and the usual five pockets. Coolest feature: the diagonal details adorning the lower back of the piece, complemented by the hobo feel of the black rope belt.

To those who are saying that in order to look good, you need to wear something that is tight to emphasizes your body parts, then you’re doing it wrong, guys. You can still be fashionable while wearing something that is a little loose to provide the ultimate comfort. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. If your closet doesn’t have even a pair of these stylish jeans for any manly guy, then you gotta go out and get some.


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