Our Favorite 18 Men’s Boots Brands of 2020


All too often, men subscribe to functionality over style especially when it comes to choosing the right shoe. We completely understand. After all, a quality footwear that prioritizes comfort and practicality? That is worthy of investment. However, it could still be achieved without compromising a footwear’s style. It is often an understated element in menswear, which is such a pity, because with the right pair of shoes, you can amp up any outfit and elevate your personality.

The same principle is upheld in buying men’s boots. The versatile pieces that can transition from blue collar worker to high fashion in an instant is needed for all occasions, especially come winter season. Plus, it can be a modish companion when mixed in the ensemble just right. As such, in choosing the right boots, we consider more beyond comfort and practicality, and also add brand, style, durability, and versatility to the equation.

Say a fond “Adieu!” to casual sandals and laid-back canvas shoes and welcome the 17 topnotch boots brands that are made to impress but not at the price of functionality.

  1. Tricker’s

Tricker's Boots
Credit: Rakuten

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay

Tricker’s has an unmatched reputation gained from its 180 years of heritage in manufacturing handmade country boots; every pair is promised to make you feel like they’re custom-made just for you. Its thick double leather sole and neatly sewn leather lining scream solid durability, not to mention practicality considering its price point. The comfort level Tricker’s boots provide will make you want to walk around in them all day long.

  1. Red Wings

Red Wing Boots
Credit: Red Wings Vienna

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | ASOSAmazon | eBay | Zappos | Revolve

If you are looking for the perfect work boots, then Minnesota original Red Wings is the best for you. Inspired to provide the perfect shoe for mining, logging and farming, founder Charles Beckman produced shoes that could weather any harsh working environments and conditions. As proof of its durable craftsmanship, these boots were also used by American soldiers during the wartime era.

  1. Grenson

Grenson Boots

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay | Zappos | ASOS | East Dane

They’re impeccable, without a doubt, but Grenson boots can also resist wear through time, thanks to the Goodyear Welted method that has been used to manufacture Grenson boots since the 1800s. You may even get a chance to witness this shoemaking technique in action in their Shoe School. Grenson boots can be worn in a casual or even in a more polished look.

  1. Clarks


Available at: Amazon | eBay | Zappos | ASOS

Like some brands in this list, Clarks is a British-based, internationally recognized shoe manufacturer. The brand’s iconic Desert Boot, an ankle-high boot usually made of calf suede leather, can be used to take the formal edge off a suit, and can be a great alternative to sneakers if you want a smart casual look. From styles to colors, you will definitely find a perfect pair of Clarks boots for you.

  1. Fracap

Fracap Boots
Credit: Fracap

Available at: Amazon | eBay

One of the main activities people do during winter is hiking, and one of the gears people seek is the hard-to-find mountaineering Fracap boots which are, of course, included in this list. Fracap boots are made by hand in Italy until a few years ago when their hiking boots are specifically tailored for the Japanese market. Every Fracap footwear offers an interesting twist to the classic hiking boots.

  1. Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones Boots
Credit: Crockett and Jones

Available at: FarFetch | eBay

There is quite a number of shoemakers established in Northampton, and here we put the spotlight on Crockett and Jones, internationally renowned for producing men’s footwear made from only the finest leather. Within the Crockett and Jones footwear range, there is something for everyone. From formal and business shoes to rubber soled country boots, you name it and they most probably have it.

  1. R.M. Williams

R.M. Williams Boots

Available at: Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay

Whatever your footwear needs may be, whether it is casual, formal or fieldwork clothing, you are likely to find what you need in R.M. Williams’ wide range of men’s shoes. R.M. Williams’ signature boots exude class and sophistication. No wonder these boots are a top pick for most corporate gentlemen.

  1. Alden of the New England

Alden of the New England Boots
Credit: Alden Shoes

Available at: FarFetch | eBay

This brand hails from the other side of the shoemaking nation, specifically in New England, Massachusetts. It’s right there on the name. Alden of the New England produces formal-focused quality men’s footwear which often feature graceful design and simple stitching that just don’t fall short in the styles department.

  1. Belstaff

Belstaff Boots

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay | Zappos

Established in England in 1924, Belstaff has become quite a name in the motorcycling world. If you are one who’s more into that rugged but sleek look, Belstaff boots are surely worth the investment as they are lasting and durable. Pair them with a chunky leather jacket to boost that adventurous spirit.

  1. Church’s

Church’s Boots
Credit: Church’s Footwear

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | eBay | Zappos

Behold one of the most prominent shoemakers from the other side of the pond, Church’s. The brand has a long history beginning in the 19th century, and even beyond if you consider founder Thomas Church’s descent from a family of cobblers. The prices for their boots and footwear can be steep in general, but you can rest easy knowing that you’re paying for its quality (officially recognized by the Queen, by the way) that’s been proven for centuries.

  1. FRYE

Fyre Boots

Available at: Amazon | eBay | Zappos

The oldest operating shoe company in the US holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans. It was part of many pivotal moments in US history since the company’s inception, from a military favorite all the way to a pop culture staple. Its Campus boot which was an original Frye has found a new batch of fans in the 1970s. Today, the pair it dubs as both a ode to history and a key to the future remains a strong contender among its many bestsellers.

  1. Hunter

Hunter Men's Boots

Available at: Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay | Zappos

Hunter, originally called the North British Rubber Company, is the UK’s trusted brand when it comes to boots that will withstand the harshest of elements—rain, mud, snow, slush—and the favored pick of its national army. The company vision goes beyond practicality and protection, however. The Hunter Original boots, released in 1960s, was heavy-duty and stylish, making it a fan favorite to this day.

  1. Berluti

Berluti Boots

Available at: Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay

Halfway through the list, you’ll notice that most brands so far all have their origins in Anglophone countries. Berluti is a beautiful exception, coming from a country we cannot forget when it comes to fashion: France. Founder Alessandro Berluti was once quoted as saying “you cannot be elegant if you are not comfortable and well shod.” Releases from the Parisian house are true to this statement; after decades of mastery in leather, Berluti boots are both comfortable and stylish.

  1. Visvim

Visvim Boots
Credit: Pinterest

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | eBay

If you haven’t heard of this cult Japanese brand, then you might be living under a rock. Visvim is different than most on the list not only because of its Asian roots but because it’s also relatively new, having only been established in 2000. That’s not a flaw, though. Mr. Hiroki Nakamura is one well-traveled designer, and his releases are often icons where East visibly meets the West. If you’re one to go for items that pack some character, then Visvim is your brand.

  1. Edward Green

Edward Green Boots
Credit: Edward Green

Available at: Mr Porter | eBay

Northampton sure does have a lot to boast of when it comes to the art of shoemaking. Edward Green is quintessentially English, with quality and exclusivity taking precedence in its vision. The method by which leather is made into shoes—by hand, that is—remains unchanged since its founding in 1890.

  1. AMIRI

AMIRI boots

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | eBay

AMIRI is the label you should seek for unadulterated Californian luxury. Named after its founder Mike Amiri, the brand’s ready-to-wear apparel and footwear are inspired by grunge and punk subcultures that were a huge part of Mr. Amiri’s youth. Besides boots that look bangin’, AMIRI sets itself apart through its meticulous attention to details and thorough deconstruction techniques.

  1. Timberland

Timberland Men's Boots
Credit: Lenscap Photography /

Available at: FarFetch | Mr Porter | Amazon | eBay | Zappos

Timberland made one big leap from being exclusively associated to working men to the streetwear status symbol we know today. Given its roots, one can be assured of its capability to survive the most unpleasant of terrains and weather conditions. Its toughness is also extended to its aesthetics; Timberland is your footwear of choice if you want working boots that are effortlessly rugged yet hip.

  1. Wesco Boots

Wesco Boots

Available at: Amazon | eBay

Wesco Boots is unabashed in saying that they have the strongest, baddest, hardest working boots in America, and honestly, they have every right to say so. After all, Wesco’s where most the adventurous and industrious of men go to for their boots fix. A pair’s durability is guaranteed with the multiple steps they go through Wesco’s workshops. Every penny you give is taken seriously here with a tough and handsome boot to match.

It may be sensible to put practicality over design, but these brands all tell you that it’s entirely possible to enjoy both in one pair. You get what you pay for here, and then some. Ready to make the change today? We see no reason why you shouldn’t be excited about the boots you’re gonna wear.


Top 18 Best Men’s Boots Brands

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