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Too Faced Better Than Sex Plumping Mascara Review

Too Faced Better Than Sex Plumping Mascara Review
Product Description
Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara is a product that became an instant classic the moment it hit beauty store shelves, and has continued to thrive not only because of its outspoken supporters, but because it’s really just that great a mascara. This product comes with a curvaceous volumizing applicator with bristles that really get to your lashes, and with every caress, make the product stick and stay. This mascara also packs an intense classic black color that enhances the overall look of the lashes. The mascara’s main claim is its volumizing effect, which it delivers on in spades, making your lashes look as plump as possible. While not something it claims on the label, this product also does hold whatever curling you do very well, which can be an issue for other mascaras. Most importantly, the product really holds up well, even after several hours of wear time—perhaps even a whole day, if you take really good care of it. But there are times when it may do its job too well. For example, we raved about the volumizing this gives, but there are times when the product is applied, and the lashes just end up looking way too thick, without the spider leg-like wispiness that many want out of their lashes. Because of this, the mascara also lacks a well-defined separating effect. And on top of these, the product can also feel pretty heavy on the lids, like you’re wearing falsies, but you’re actually not. But then again, this is all a matter of our personal preference because overall, this mascara can basically do no wrong (or at least it makes no egregious errors), so this is definitely a product that we can confidently recommend a shot at.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Great volumizing applicator
Intense color
Strong volumizing effect
Holds curling very well
Lashes can look too thick
Lacks separating effect
Lashes can feel too heavy

Too Faced has created many products widely considered to be “holy grails” over the years, and the Better Than Sex Mascara is definitely one of them. The product’s name and its apocryphal history create a narrative of sexy mystique that complements how great the mascara formula (in conjunction with the applicator) makes one’s eyelashes look. In our book, this cult classic is a favorite, and is always one of the mascaras we can reliably reach for when it’s on our vanity.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is now available in a waterproof formulation (also $24.00) if one feels like that’s what they need out of their mascara.

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