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Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara Review
Product Description
High marks are in order for the High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara from Clinique. This is one product that we came in knowing nothing about, and it ended up impressing us all the more because of how great it performs. Not only is this mascara waterproofed for an extended wear time; it’s also particularly easy to apply, and its separating and lengthening effects are particularly noteworthy. Although we wish this product just pushed a little bit further in terms of volumizing the lashes, we’re happy for this mascara. The way we see it, it’s absolutely perfect for pulling off a slightly heightened everyday makeup look.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Great applicator
Easy-to-apply formula
Distinctive separating effect
Slight lengthening
Could’ve used more volumizing
Some clumping

For this Clinique product, “high impact” means “high impact.” The High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara makes one’s lashes look absolutely amazing because of the many things that its formula is very capable of doing, and we love it for that.

What made this mascara stand out for us is its applicator. Clinique has designed the wand and brush of this mascara to be particularly easy to handle, which allows it to get into all the corners you need to reach for when applying mascara with plenty of ease. Its easy-to-apply nature is also supported by the consistency of the formula, which is just the right balance of thick and thin to make putting it on effortless. In terms of what it actually does for the lashes, we were very happy to see how well this particular mascara separated lashes, making them look much wispier and more delicate-looking, which is a quality we do really like in a mascara. This product also offers a very fair amount of lengthening as well, which works hand-in-hand with its aforementioned separating effect. Finally, as the product’s name implies, this product is truly waterproof, meaning it’s much less likely to run—unless, of course, you actually use force, which is a different story altogether.

Out of the things we wish this product had, we think the one that really stands out the most is more volumization. Yes, separating and lengthening are great to have out of a mascara, but a formula that would also provide for a fuller-bodied lash look would just put this over the top. A more minor quibble, but still noteworthy nonetheless, is that one may experience a bit of clumping because of this mascara. It’s definitely not the worst clumping we’ve seen out of mascara, and it only happens when you happen to not notice how much product you’re putting on, but the fact that the risk is there is pretty bothersome to us.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to see that this mascara really fulfills the “high impact” part of its name. This is one product that we believe really does the best it can make one’s lashes look absolutely amazing, and we’re happy for that.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Clinique High Impact™ Waterproof Mascara is available in two shades: Black and Black/Brown.

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