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Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette Eyeshadow Review

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette Eyeshadow Review
Product Description
Generally, eyeshadows are bundled in one set to be everything one could need to create a specific look or type of look. Smashbox takes the opposite approach with their Cover Shot Eye Palettes. In the whopping fifteen available colorways, there are eight colors within. One thing this product gets right is the large number of available colorways and the specificity of each of their uses, which really helps one cut down on what to purchase. Since the palettes are so small, they’re also quite portable, and easy to take with you when you’re on the go. All of the shades in each palette are also generally well-pigmented, showing up strong on the eyelids, especially if eyeshadow primer is part of the equation. But alas, this product also has faults that, in our opinion, force one to really consider whether they want to purchase the product. First of all, the packaging of the product can be a little frustrating to use because it doesn’t quite open up properly, unlike other eyeshadow palettes, which means the built-in mirror isn’t as useful, and you can’t even leave it open on a flat surface and expect it to stay open. In terms of all the shade selections for the various colorways, none of these really offer anything particularly unique or super striking; they’re basically exactly what you’d expect—not more but maybe a little less, which brings us to the final point. You’d expect peak quality from each and every shade in the individual colorways, but in each palette, it seems that there’s at least one dud shade that maybe doesn’t go well with the rest, or blends weird. In our opinion, this palette is only really worth it if you absolutely need a portable palette that you can bring with you without sacrificing kit space that has generally reliable shades for you to use.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Large variety of colorways
Very portable
Generally well-pigmented
Cohesive color story
Frustrating packaging
Nothing particularly unique
Some dud shades

Most people wouldn’t even dream of bringing an eyeshadow palette with them in their everyday makeup kits, but with Smashbox’s new Cover Shot Eye Palettes, they might just reconsider that notion. With fifteen available colorways containing eight pans of eyeshadow each (two large and six regular), one of these portable palettes might just be for you. Of course, this product does come with a few specific caveats in its packaging and the reliability of some shades across the different colorways, but if you need something you can bring around that can still produce fantastic eye makeup looks, look no further.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette’s different colorways are Bold (bright rainbow colors), Ultra Violet (pinks and purples), Sunlit Yellow (sunny and moody shades), Ablaze (desert-inspired), Golden Hour (creamy, lit-from-within shades), Matte (high-coverage mattes), Pinks & Palms (feminine looks), Punked (darker, more rebellious colors), Smoky (super sleek and modern), Softlight (soft shimmers), Minimalist (neutrals), Prism (strong pastels), Petal Metal (rose gold shades), Bold Glitter (bright, glittery) rainbow colors), Major Metal (super bright metallics). What a doozy!

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