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L’Oréal Paris Voluminous® Waterproof Mascara Review


L’Oréal Paris Voluminous® Waterproof Mascara Review
Product Description
For a drugstore mascara, the Voluminous® Waterproof Mascara from L’Oréal Paris gives you your money’s worth—maybe even more. This fantastic mascara is not only inexpensive, of course. It’s able to provide rich color, it layers better than most mascaras we’ve encountered, and it still manages to squeeze in quite a bit of lengthening for good measure. Sure, we do have a few gripes with the formula, but that generally didn’t dampen our experience with this lovely mascara.
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Value for Money
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Rich color
Good for layering
Plenty of lengthening
Takes a while to dry
Tends to clump
Slight flaking

We love drugstore mascaras. Somehow, when we’re in those hallowed halls, it’s just so easy to reach for a new mascara because generally, the formulas are pretty great. The same goes for L’Oréal ParisVoluminous® Waterproof Mascara, which had us… pretty astounded, to be honest.

Besides its inexpensive drugstore price tag—always a plus in our book—there’s a lot to love about this mascara. We appreciate the fact that even if this mascara’s consistency isn’t particularly thick, it still has a huge color payoff. Whichever of this product’s three shades you’ll be using, you’re guaranteed rich pigmentation that goes a long way in filling out your eyelashes, and making them look much fuller. Next, the main aftereffect of the consistency of the formula—slightly thinner and more watery than the usual—is that this product layers quite well. This is good for people who like finding just the right look for their lashes by layering a number of coats, which is something we like a lot about this product. This mascara also provides abundant lengthening for the eyelashes, which tends to make them look a little more spindly. And finally, of course, this product is absolutely waterproof. We were truly amazed at how little this product budged under the worst of conditions.

Now, of course, we do have a few things to say about the product’s formula because there are some qualities which we don’t enjoy as much. In terms of layering, while we do like that this product isn’t difficult to layer, we also don’t like that it takes a little time for the product to actually, fully set, which can be a bit of a hassle when you’re trying to use this on the go. There’s also the formula’s tendency to clump a little bit, no matter how much product you’re using, so that’s also something to consider. Also, you might experience a little bit of flaking when it comes to this product, so you’ll definitely have to check how it’s doing throughout the day.

But generally, this is a solidly enjoyable mascara to use. And especially for the price you’re paying for this product, we’d say you’re getting value aplenty.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The L’Oréal Paris Voluminous® Waterproof Mascara comes in three shades: Black, Black Brown and Carbon Black.

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