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Tarte Cosmetics Babassu Foundcealer™ Foundation SPF 20 Review

Tarte Cosmetics Babassu Foundcealer™ Foundation SPF 20 Review
Product Description
The hybrid nature of the Tarte Cosmetics Babassu Foundcealer™ Foundation SPF 20 might seem like a desperate click-baity gimmick, a cash grab, but beneath the veneer of gimmickry, there is an actual solid concept. This product provides gorgeous color with proper depth to the face, and fantastic blendability, making it such an easy product to incorporate into a makeup routine. We're very impressed with how well this product performs overall.
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Beautiful pigmentation
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Weak staying power

The Babassu Foundcealer™ Foundation SPF 20 is a pretty ambitious product from Tarte Cosmetics that markets itself as a “total complexion solution.” These days, marketing a product as either a foundation or a concealer is already a feat in itself, but trying to market one item as both is a bold claim. Fortunately, this is a claim that Tarte can back up very well in the quality of its product.

While the product is not exactly full coverage, it gives a rich amount, perfect for keeping blemishes and skin tone unevenness at bay. This is where the hybrid nature of this product truly shines. Unlike a normal foundation, which makes the skin flat, there’s seemingly more dimension to the color and coverage of this product. The actual fluid is also creamy and rich, which makes it so easy to blend out gently, allowing for just the right amount of time before the product sets so you’re not rushing to get it blended. Once the product has set though, it’s gorgeous, adding just a tingle of luminosity to a mostly matte finish. Additionally, the product does have skincare properties, but that goes more in the way of making it feel very comfortable on the skin.

On the other hand where we’re not necessarily impressed by this foundation is the wear time. It definitely doesn’t wear as long as other matte formulas, and it suffers the most when put through heat or humidity, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye out for with this product.

All-in-all, no, we don’t think this product broke any new ground per se, but we are very happy with how satisfyingly it performs in its dual tasks as foundation and concealer. If you’re in the market for an easy new foundation to try out, we definitely recommend giving this one a go.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Tarte Cosmetics Babassu Foundcealer™ Foundation SPF 20 is available in 30 richly pigmented shades.

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