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Christian Dior Makeup Diorshow Mascara Original Review

Christian Dior Makeup Diorshow Mascara Original Review
Product Description
The House of Dior’s Diorshow Mascara is an… okay mascara. The product’s best asset is its fantastic plump brush that does its best to get the mascara to evenly coat one’s eyelashes beautifully. Once applied, this product gives you natural-looking but voluminous lashes, and it has a subtle lengthening effect to make your eyelashes look the best they can. But on the other hand, this product is quite pricey, at $29.50 for a small tube of product. The lash-separating aspect of this product isn’t particularly great either as lashes do tend to clump together. And there are certain times that the product just doesn’t want to stick to or coat the lashes, making it look messy and flaky. Overall, the Diorshow Mascara just doesn’t truly give enough to justify purchasing it, and it comes with lots of extra baggage as well. There are products within the same price range (or even less) that leave you with less issues than this particular product.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Great brush
Natural, voluminous lashes
Light lengthening effect
Pricey (for mascara)
Tendency to clump lashes
Doesn’t always stick to lashes
May flake throughout the day

The House of Dior has ventured into beauty to mixed results. Unfortunately, the Diorshow Mascara falls into the less favorable end of their spectrum of products. Despite what it’s capable of delivering, the product just leaves the wearer with too many issues to truly enjoy and feel beautiful in the product. There are just other products that deliver the same results (with less issues) out there within the same price range, or even less.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information:

  • The Diorshow Mascara also comes in plenty of variants for addressing different concerns for the eyelashes. Some of these variants include Waterproof, Black Out, and Iconic Overcurl, all for $29.50.

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