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Stila Cosmetics Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette Review

Stila Cosmetics Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette Review
Product Description
Diving into Stila’s Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette for the first time felt more like we were using something designed by someone who had too much to drink when they were at Happy Hour. Yes, the shimmer shades look pretty cool and are pretty unique colors, but the glitters leave way too much of a mess. The rest of the palette doesn’t fare well either. The matte shades are just generally ineffectual, none of the shadows seem particularly workable blending-wise, and the product just doesn’t last very long once applied. After using this palette, we were definitely ready to head out for Happy Hour, and not in a good way.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Glitter shades look very pretty
Mattes are barely pigmented
Plenty of glitter fallout
Shades don’t blend well
Mediocre wear time

When Stila named this palette the “Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palette,” we’re sure they were imagining the rollicking good time people have after work, surrounded by friends and a few shots to lighten the mood. Instead, after using the palette, we were left wondering if whoever created these had a little too much at Happy Hour, and then decided to go ahead and put together an eyeshadow palette for public consumption.

Honestly, the only good thing we can say for this palette is that the glitter shades are actually pretty great. The shimmers compose two-thirds of this palette, so their quality is actually pretty crucial to the overall quality of the palette. The shimmer shades in this collection are actually bolder colors that set this palette apart, so we’re very happy that they actually work quite nicely.

But unfortunately doesn’t make us feel that this palette is, in any way, worth it. This palette still has matte shades, and those just don’t work out too well. They barely leave a trace when applied, and because these will probably serve as the bases for many of the looks you can create with this palette, this doesn’t bode well for the rest of the shades. The shimmers, on the other hand, while looking gorgeous, also have abundant amounts of fallout—enough to make you want to scream because the glitters get everywhere. We also feel really let down by the overall blendability of the formulas in this palette. While the colors go together pretty well, what concerns us more us that it’s so difficult to make them look like a cohesive whole because of how tough the formulas get once they’re applied to the skin. It’s almost as if Stila didn’t think we’d have to soften to edges of the colors to make the look come together. Also, the cherry on top of this sad cake is that these eyeshadows don’t even hold up for good periods of time.

Despite its name, we definitely weren’t “happy” at this eyeshadow palette. It’s plagued with issues, almost as if it were created as more of an afterthought. As a consumer, you’d be much better off just looking for a different palette where all the included shades work as intended.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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