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Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Liquid Eyeliner Review

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes To Kill Liquid Eyeliner Review
Product Description
The Eyes to Kill Liquid Eyeliner by Giorgio Armani Beauty is an all-around frustrating product to deal with. While it does give you easy precision application for more precarious eyeliner looks, it encounters too many issues to make the product worth the hassle. The color lacks the intensity of a true black, and it goes on very patchy. The formula breaks in case of water, which is bad for people with teary eyes. The wear time is also awful, as the eyeliner dries out and cracks over time. Do yourself a favor, and find a better eyeliner to treat yourself to.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Precision application
Very pricey
Color isn’t intense enough
Patchy application
Not water-resistant
Dries and cracks

Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Eyes To Kill Liquid Eyeliner is, quite frankly, a frustrating product. In theory, it should work great, but in practice, it ends up a mess—and definitely among the worst felt-tip liquid eyeliner pens we’ve ever encountered.

Its only great quality, really, is that the combination of the pen form and the felt-tip applicator is fantastic. The resulting application is very clean, very precise, even if you’re not the best at doing your eyeliner.

But then we get to the frustrating part. First of all, the color isn’t as sharp or intense as it could be. For an item with only a singular, supposedly black shade, we were shocked to find that not even the color has been perfected. The eyeliner applies very patchy as well, so even if you were able to make a great line already, you’d have to go back again just to even out the color all across. For our more teary-eyed readers, we also found that the formula is not particularly resistant to water, so something as simple as tearing up when yawning could completely decimate the eyeliner look you worked so hard to build. Finally, after longer wear times, the product just tends to dry out and crack, eventually flaking, making it particularly messy. With a price tag of $36.00 for the amount of product you get, this is unacceptable!

So no, we don’t think this product is (at all) worth the hassle of getting it. These issues are eyeliner 101, and this product just raises all the red flags.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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