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Covergirl TruBlend Base Business Face Primer Review

Covergirl TruBlend Base Business Face Primer Review
Product Description
The TruBlend Base Business Face Primer is a fantastic primer from Covergirl. What we love most about this primer is that the variety of formulas that this is available in makes it easy to tailor the product to your specific needs, whatever they may be. But besides being able to find the right primer for your skin concerns, the formula is also quite effective for prepping the skin properly, and making the skin so soft and supple that putting on the rest of the makeup is a breeze. Generally, despite a few issues we have with this formula, we find this to be a fantastic primer for if your skin just needs that extra bit of help getting ready for makeup.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Very inexpensive
Multiple variants available
Leaves skin soft and supple
Lightly corrects color
Could use better staying power
Needs more mattification

The Base Business Face Primer is one of Covergirl’s flagship priming products. It has received plenty of love from many corners of the internet for the way it prepares skin for makeup application. This is why we’ve decide to try this product out, and for the most part, we’re very happy to have picked it up in the first place.

What we enjoy a lot about this product is that it’s available in multiple variants that address a myriad of skin issues in a pinch. Whether for color neutralization or pore minimization, each specific variant really works hard on the issues that it has set out to help with. What the different variants do have in common is that texture-wise, this primer leaves the skin so soft and supple. This quality makes the rest of one’s makeup application so much easier. And also, while not all the variants are specifically focused on color, each of them sports a little bit of opacity to lightly give the skin a bit more evenness before you go to your next makeup step.

Generally, we like the way this product performs, yes, but there are certain qualities we wish it had more of. Our biggest wish for this product is that it would stay just a little bit longer. It certainly doesn’t have bad staying power—trust us, we know what that looks like—but it’s not really famed for being extremely long-wearing. We also believe this primer could use just a touch more mattification. Just like the wear time, we don’t think it lets oil flow out unhindered or anything, but we do want to see a stronger, more consistent finish from this primer.

We really enjoy using this drugstore primer. It has so much about it to love, and at its price point, we’re sure plenty of people will love this primer, too, despite its shortcomings.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information:

  • The TruBlend Base Business Face Primer comes in four variants: Skin Smoothing, Color Neutralizing, Pore Minimizing, and Illuminating.

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