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LORAC Cosmetics Behind the Scenes Eye Primer Review

LORAC Cosmetics Behind the Scenes Eye Primer Review
Product Description
LORAC Cosmetics’ Behind the Scenes Eye Primer promises a beautiful, long-wearing eyeshadow application experience, and to some extent, it does stay true to its word. Once applied, this product smoothes and mattifies the eyelid area, creating the best possible base upon which you can place your eyeshadow. Upon this base, all shadows applied immediately become more vivid and intense. The best part is that the product makes eyeshadows more resistant to sweat, meaning you can feel free to do more active work with this stuff on without worrying about your eyeshadow. Now despite this, the product’s main drawback is that it doesn’t necessarily extend the life of eyeshadow in terms of regular wear time. But if a smoother application and more vivid colors are what you’re looking for in an eye primer the LORAC Cosmetics Behind the Scenes Eye Primer is still definitely worth a shot!
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
Reader Rating1 Vote
Removes creasing from eyelid area
Mattifies eyelids for easy shadow application
Intensifies eyeshadow pigments
Makes eyeshadow sweat-resistant
Packaging wastes a lot of product
Doesn’t exactly extend eyeshadow life

Just like regular face primers, eye primers have the potential to drastically change the application and look of your eye makeup, especially when it comes to eyeshadow. This is what LORAC Cosmetics sets out to do with its Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. The brand, very well known for their beautiful eyeshadow palettes, have created this product to make eyeshadow go on smoothly, and brighten and intensify their colors. While it doesn’t necessarily lengthen the life of eyeshadows per se, it’s still worth the investment, if only to make the colors more bright and vivid.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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