26 of Our Favorite White Designer Sneakers for Men in 2020


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Some days you’re just not up to the game to dress up. We admit, it can be a chore. “What kind of look am I shooting for today?” “Does this shirt complement my body type?” “These trousers are comfortable, but are they good enough outdoors?” But even when you have those settled, you can be stuck on one crucial detail of your outfit: your shoes. My, my, my, how troublesome!

We forgive you if occasionally you just couldn’t care less. Don’t you sometimes wish there is an instant solution to your fashion dilemma? Well, there is! On your down times, you can always rely on white sneakers to save the day. They are everywhere, and they pair with almost everything.

If you’re ready to replace your old pair or if you’re just looking to add white sneakers to your repertoire, then you’re on the right page. Might we recommend these designer sneakers sure to pump your style?

White Designer Sneakers

  1. Adidas Superstar 80s sneakers

Adidas Superstar 80s sneakers

Price: US$158.00
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Have a penchant for anything retro? Well, don on these sneakers and bring back the 80s vibe with you! The offwhite color is picked perfectly: it looks vintage, but it isn’t the dirty kind and definitely not worn out. This style hasn’t completely gone away, if we’re being honest, but today, it’s classic through and through.

  1. Wooyoungmi Off-White Logo Sneakers

Wooyoungmi Off-White Logo Sneakers

Price: US$435.00
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Another pick that tries to deviate away from looking like the standard white pair are these off-white logo sneakers. You won’t confuse these with any designer brands–with the label’s logo printed in the heels and midsoles, even embroidered at the tongue, everyone will know that these are from South Korean designer brand Wooyoungmi. These leather shoes don’t give away your laziness to mix n’ match, as they perfectly match any outfit like your meant to wear them together. Every. Single. Time.

  1. Givenchy bicolour matte Low sneakers

Givenchy bicolour matte Low sneakers

Price: US$560.00
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If maximum impact with minimal effort is your go-to style, then give these Givenchy sneakers a try. We’d argue that it can go on its own without the bold cord detail, but it is such a solid choice that it will really give your streetwear clothes the amp you’re looking for.

  1. adidas by Raf Simons Stan Smiths

adidas by Raf Simons

Price: US$200.00
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There’s no question that Adidas can really produce designs that in the long run become classics. Stan Smiths have been around for four decades now, and their appeal has widened from being an athletic staple to among the basics of casual wear. The design has been developed time and again. Today, we have Raf Simons give a modern touch on the classic pair.

  1. Maison Margiela pollock Replica sneakers

Maison Margiela pollock Replica sneakers

Price: US$595.00
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Cleaning is a practical concern that owners of white shoes have. Are they to be tossed out once we can’t remove the stains? We don’t think so, as the smudges make a statement of their own. These Maison Margiela sneakers are way ahead of you by strategically putting black splotches on their white shoes. It doesn’t make them an abomination in any way; we’d say they’re even successful in becoming edgier shoes.

  1. Puma x Han Kjobenhavn Basket Stitched Sneaker

Puma x Han Kjobenhavn Basket Stitched Sneaker

Price: US$110.00
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If you can’t make up your mind between preppy and athletic, then why not mix both? That is something that Puma x Han Kjobenhavn just gives you with their basket stitched sneakers. They’re extra comfortable too, thanks to the Trinomic Cushioning Technology incorporated in the material.

  1. Thom Browne canvas tricolour sneakers

Thom Browne canvas tricolour sneakers

Price: US$550.00
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While white provides a good foundation, sometimes you need to splash just a little bit of color to add more character to your shoes. The red and black tossed in really succeeds in making these canvas sneakers more attention-grabbing. Thom Browne is more known for their traditional designs, but we don’t think anyone would dare say that this is traditional.

  1. AMIRI Leather High-Top Sneakers

AMIRI Leather High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$595.00
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Now, we’re down to pair that you can resort to if you want to establish a more intensely modern look. These high-tops are dashing despite their monochromatic hue,  given the bold silhouette created by the pair’s urbane fitted shaft. This Amiri leather pair is guaranteed to make you stand out no matter what your outfit is, regardless of how easy it is for you to have just picked it among the pieces in your shoe rack.

  1. Valentino Garavani Open sneakers

    VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Open sneakers

Price: US$645.00
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At this point, we can probably call white sneakers the ultimate casual footwear for men and women of all ages. It’s literally the most popular type of shoe that everyone can wear, but Valentino‘s Open sneakers offer a different and easier way to wear them through its slip-on style lace fastening that doesn’t require as much effort. The midnight blue stripe across the middle and gold embossed logo on the tongue bring a little sophistication to the casual shoes.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN oversized sole sneakers

    ALEXANDER MCQUEEN oversized sole sneakers

Price: US$590.00
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Ever heard of orthopedic shoes? They’re supposed to be good for your feet because of the structure that ‘corrects’ their form and they’re usually greeted by raised eyebrows and “what are those?” which is some people’s substitute for direct judgment. Well, joke’s on them because this Alexander McQueen pair is good-looking as they are helpful for your feet. The renowned designer’s name is plastered proudly on the tongue and black heel counter, getting you bragging rights along with the comfy shoes.

  1. Off-White White & Yellow Belt Sneakers

    Off-White White & Yellow Belt Sneakers

Price: US$595.00
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Combining hip hop and athleisure, both styles at the center of the fashion world right now, Off-White stays true to their brand calling and mission as they put out yet another fashionable shoe for the trendy youth. A bright yellow logo webbing is attached down the tongue, secured by the white laces, to pop out on top of the all-white suede exterior.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA Portofino sneakers

    DOLCE & GABBANA Portofino sneakers

Price: US$545.00
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Portofino sneakers come in different colors, designs, prints, most of them extremely out-there. For minimalist tastes, this white version with thin red stitching is enough to make a statement. From the textured logo appliqués alone, they are sure to be noticeable from the back. Another logo patch is bedecked on the tongue, while the rest of the front is the usual round toe and white laces.

  1. Z ZEGNA Imperia Leather Slip-On Sneakers

    Z ZEGNA Imperia Leather Slip-On Sneakers

Price: US$495.00
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Some white sneakers take time to break in to be completely wearable without any pain, while others are never as good as the first time again. The Imperia sneakers are impossibly good as it skips on all those experiences, but it’s actually true that it feels good on the first wear and can keep its appearance throughout, thanks to their trademark Techmerino sockliners. Together with the elasticated laces, it gives your feet ample breathing room and keeps the outside looking fresh and sleek.

  1. GUCCI Ace sneaker with removable embroideries

    GUCCI Ace sneaker with removable embroideries

Price: US$734.00
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At the very least, the Ace sneakers give you a striking white pair of sneakers through Gucci‘s signature designs like the Web stripes on the sides and metallic snake-detailed logo heel counter, both in blue and red. The metal snaps at the side of the vamp can be another design element, otherwise, they’re there to give you the option of snapping on funky embroidered appliqués. Every pair comes with a couple and you can get more to assert different aspects of your personality.

  1. Y-3 Ayero sneakers

    Y-3 Ayero sneakers

Price: US$350.00
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An important note for sneakerheads this 2018: the thicker the sole, the better. It’s a rising trend that you’ll soon see everywhere. The Ayero sneakers, a product of Japanese designer Yohji Amamoto and Adidas, mix together the fairly new oversized sole trend with the white sneaker classic. It doesn’t bore the eyes with its combination of leather, cotton, swanky laces, and Y-3 logo patch heel counter.

  1. BERLUTI Leather Sneakers

BERLUTI Leather Sneakers

Price: US$1,110.00
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Sneakers are naughty for looking so beat-up after some time and that’s what sneakers are originally for. But since they’ve crossed over purposes from sportswear to fashion pieces, we’re always on the lookout for a pair that stays new and fresh after a couple times of wearing them. This Berluti sneakers are the “it” shoes we’ve found. It comes with a stiff construction and black and brown accented heel counters.

  1. BUSCEMI lace-up hi-top sneakers

BUSCEMI lace-up hi-top sneakers

Price: US$725.00
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We’ve seen many hi-top sneakers before, but nothing like this Buscemi masterpiece. We’re initially captured by the shoelaces in a micro pattern featuring our favorite primary colors, but it’s the innovative and fashionable pull tab and padlock detail at the back that seal the deal. A light logo is printed on the side so you can show people because after seeing even a glimpse of it, everyone will want to know where you got them.

  1. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN zipped mid top sneakers

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN zipped mid top sneakers

Price: US$850.00
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Coming from the upscale Italian designer, these mid-top sneakers is neither low-cut nor high-top in style but still is a fashionable compromise for men who can’t choose between the two. The white leather gives off a grayish tone, so you don’t have to worry about constantly dusting your crisp white sneakers. A zip detailing at the back gives it a badass look perfect for copping street style pegs.

  1. Prada White Leather Sneakers

Prada White Leather Sneakers

Price: US$650.00
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If you’re gonna get behind a trend, opt for something that delivers on fashionability and comfort. You don’t have to sacrifice one or the other when you have this Prada pair. Set on rubber soles and a rubberized heel counter, these shoes create a soft and flexible support for your feet while keeping the rest of the shoes classic.

  1. VALENTINO Rockstud Untitled Leather Sneakers

VALENTINO Rockstud Untitled Leather Sneakers

Price: US$795.00
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Valentino’s Rockstud collection is truly expansive with their pyramid studs appearing on a piece or two on everything from clothes, accessories, and shoes. A classic white sneaker from Valentino can’t go without the fashion house’s signature detail so the Rockstud Untitled sneakers answered a lot of prayers by having gold studs on this innovative sneakers with hidden shoelaces.

  1. GIVENCHY low-top sneakers

GIVENCHY low-top sneakers

Price: US$495.00
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As white sneakers get more and more popular and common, the way to be different is not anymore through the shoes but the socks that go on before them. For that, you’ll need an extremely minimalist shoes, which this Givenchy pair is. The low ankle gets you more space to showcase your funky socks so get creative because anything goes with white.

  1. COMMON PROJECTS B-Ball low-top sneakers

COMMON PROJECTS B-Ball low-top sneakers

Price: US$456.00
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Brands and designers like to switch it up sometimes, especially because with a trend as widespread as white sneakers, it can get too repetitive too fast. Common Projects likes to go back to the basics, though, and we’re glad they have because an all-white sneakers beats all others any day. It’s got everything we wish: solid rubber soles, low top, and slim construction.

  1. BALENCIAGA Match Tennis Distressed Leather Sneakers

BALENCIAGA Match Tennis Distressed Leather Sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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We owe the popularity of the white sneaker trend to its tennis shoe roots. Match from Balenciaga cops its design from the originals and decks it out with a hint of graffiti on the logo-printed rubber soles. It’s purposely distressed and lightly stained for the lived-in look, so you don’t have to get your friends to step on them and get your new white shoes dirtied a little.

  1. SAINT LAURENT Jump sneakers

SAINT LAURENT Jump sneakers

Price: US$795.00
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The clumsiest among us will meet their match in Saint Laurent‘s Jump sneakers that prevent any slips through their ridged soles. While everything underneath protects you from minor accidents, the upper is all good looks. Apart from the clean all-white exterior, silver-tone rivets act as loopholes for the laces and logo appliqués on the side break the monotony.

  1. AXEL ARIGATO Tech Runner sneakers

AXEL ARIGATO Tech Runner sneakers

Price: US$333.00
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Axel Arigato‘s Tech Runner sneakers can’t be a better bet for serious runners. Everything you see on the outside provides a purpose to make wearing them good for your feet and running in them the best experience. Handcrafted with Italian leather, mesh, and suede, the whole upper part keeps the shoe fit and tight through cord laces as suitable for hiking. The rubber sole is made with Vibram while the middle arch and cushioned insole keeps comfort up to the maximum.

  1. PHILIPP PLEIN ankle lace-up sneakers

PHILIPP PLEIN ankle lace-up sneakers

Price: US$626.00
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If you think white sneakers can never embody rock’n’roll, tell that to Philipp Plein and they’ll just shove out this pair of sneakers. Made in fashion world-renowned Italy, this ankle sneakers cover your feet in sleek white calf leather as the brand’s logo plaque in silver is emblazoned on the side.

We weren’t lying when we said you can match these white shoes with any piece of clothing, and you can even add any event to the criteria. With an ample selection, you’re never lacking of choices. There is always something that can maximize your existing wardrobe the most, and let your fashion style shine through any day.

White Gucci Men's Sneakers. Taken in Milan Fashion Week in September 2016
White Gucci Men’s Sneakers. Taken in Milan Fashion Week in September 2016. Credit: Andersphoto

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