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5 Very Useful and Appealing Designer Belt Bags for Women

5 Very Useful and Appealing Designer Belt Bags for Women

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Maybe the image of a ’90s Dwayne Johnson wearing his black shirt, denim jeans, and fanny pack will always resurface upon the mention of the long-debated fashion accessory, but our shared laughs won’t mean mockery of the bag any more than it will be because the photo epitomizes the peak of the fanny pack craze before it was reduced to a fashion faux pas.

That is until last year, when fanny packs began re-appearing on designer runways, Dwayne Johnson recreated his infamous throwback photo, and we saw it frequently on people in the streets. If you must be in this 2018, fanny packs shouldn’t be missing in your wardrobe. Here are 5 of these belt bags you get cop right now.

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Price: US$725.00
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If you will wear a fanny pack, at least commit to it and wear one that will actually hold your stuff as a normal shoulder bag or backpack would. It’s a more convenient alternative so if you’re planning to use it to completely avoid the hassle, make sure you got a big one like this messenger bag type of belt bag from Alexander Wang.

  1. OFF-WHITE Mirrored-leather belt bag

OFF-WHITE Mirrored-leather belt bag

Price: US$448.00
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Why wear only one belt bag when you can have two bags in one belt? This Off-White belt bag didn’t compromise utility for style. The mirrored-leather material makes up for the minimalism of the bags, while also making it a statement with two bags, one rectangular and the other circular, that can’t be unseen.

  1. Saint Laurent Black Quilted Lou Belt Bag

Saint Laurent Black Quilted Lou Belt Bag

Price: US$895.00
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Saint Laurent‘s quilted belt bag leaves nothing purposeless. It keeps a roomy interior despite its small size and has an additional zipped pocket at the back, the tassel creates a chic distraction with which you hang your keys side by side, and the belt is detachable from the bag for when you need an emergency pouch or casual clutch.

  1. VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike leather belt bag

VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike leather belt bag

Price: US$1,495.00
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For a complete fanny pack pro who can work trends on the popular bag, even when many others are against it, this Valentino Garavani belt bag in pink should be your next It bag. From the Valentino classic handbag, the Rockstud Spike style is now on their belt bag. Take it on your next shopping trip because it can hold more than what you think.

  1. NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile belt bag

NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile belt bag

Price: US$2,750.00
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While others would go for the snap fastening or the adjustable strap, Nancy Gonzalez‘s Crocodile belt bag stays true to the belt style with the buckle fastening on it. It can even be detached to use on its own, or be replaced with the chain strap to use the bag as a cross-body. There are at least four ways you can wear the this bag and everything that comes with it, so you can use it for consecutive days without looking the same.

Gone are the days when fanny packs are only acceptable around the waist of your grandpa, and when the bag actually sat on top of the rear. Nowadays, there are hundreds of occasions belt bags are appropriate for. And as we’re now starting to realize… they’re not so bad after all!

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