Top 16 Most Fashionable Men’s Burberry Shirts in 2018

Exterior of the Burberry store in Covent Garden, London.

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Men are basically just grab and go (well, most of them) when it comes to fashion and style. They grab whatever they think fit the occasion best and just go. And if they get real real unlucky they end up with the same outfit again and again ‘coz they will always grab whatever’s right in front of them when they open the closet.

So why don’t we, chic and stylish women in their lives, help them a little bit and boost their fashion style? They hate shopping anyway (well, most of them) and we absolutely do love to shop. And that is a fact. Then we can do each other a favor. So these men won’t end up with the same shirts everyday (unless we throw them all away), and us women to satisfy our need to look and buy lovely things for the important men in our lives. Besides, walking is a good form of exercise, right? Or if we like to save our energy for much better things like shopping for our OWN clothes, we can always buy THEIR things online. So convenient.  It would be like shooting two birds with one stone.Start by giving them their beloved item of clothing—shirts of course—a major upgrade. And it is indeed a major upgrade if they get to wear shirts from none other than one of the iconic British luxury brand Burberry, of course. So just sit back and relax as we help you go through these Burberry shirts that you can get for these plain lazy and (sometimes) style-oblivious men.

  1. BURBERRY checked flannel shirt

BURBERRY checked flannel shirt

Price: US$640.00
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He will totally look comfy and cool in this flannel shirt in the trademark Burberry check pattern with basic t-shirt and jeans. Its dominant walnut color is just perfect for the outdoors. Can’t you just picture him outdoors with a tent, camping fires aflame, enjoying quiet nature and feeling warm in his cotton-cashemere fabric shirt.



Price: US$265.00
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He will definitely look dapper and charming on his work meeting with colleagues in this light pink stretch cotton poplin shirt paired with dark trousers and leather shoes. The button front and minimalist look of this pastel colored shirt makes it work appropriate. Who says pink only looks great with women? He definitely pulled off looking real masculine in this one.

  1. BURBERRY checked shirt

BURBERRY checked shirt

Price: US$317.00
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In its truest Burberry color, this camel checked shirt looks real yuppie and smart plus a real great fashion investment. One could never go wrong sporting the Burberry colors in this checked shirt with pants and loafers. He could end up being best dressed in the office, for sure. Aside from that, he will surely approve of the comfy cotton blend fabric and classic cut of this new shirt.

  1. BURBERRY check stretch shirt

BURBERRY check stretch shirt

Price: US$317.00
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Literally an eye-candy, this pastel colored Burberry check shirt undeniably is. It would be truly his summer favourite paired with navy Bermuda shorts and white canvas sneakers. A must-have cotton blend shirt with long sleeves for when it gets real hot and sunny. He would look real trendy with some dark glasses on, I’d swear!

  1. BURBERRY long-sleeved shirt

BURBERRY long-sleeved shirt

Price: US$285.00
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For an uncomplicated casual date outfit, this navy blue long sleeved shirt would be his best bet. Not too flashy and formal, but just right especially when worn with with dark washed jeans and brown leather shoes. Besides, that dark blue color will enhance his natural skin color and will add a neat and smart  vibe to his look for sure. He will surely be grateful of your classy choice.

  1. BURBERRY classic check shirt

BURBERRY classic check shirt

Price: US$328.00
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He can never go wrong with this Burberry classic check shirt in camel. Its short sleeve cut is just perfect for warmer weather. He will manage to look put together (as always) with this classic shirt on in the prominent Burberry check and color.

  1. BURBERRY checked button-down shirt

BURBERRY checked button-down shirt

Price: US$317.00
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This classic Burberry classic pattern in blues, red and greys would be a great addition to his work wardrobe. He can opt to wear it on its own or paired with a business jacket for more formal work events. That patch pocket is a great way to keep his pen handy, just make sure that the pen’s cap is secured coz no one would want to stain such lovely shirt with ink.

  1. BURBERRY checked shirt

BURBERRY checked shirt

Price: US$377.00
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Women have been stylishly sporting co-ord dress pajama sets on the streets lately. Well, men can unquestionably do the same thing in this Burberry checked shirt in pajama cut that looks real comfy and soft with that neon green trims which add a striking contrast to this classic camel colored shirt. Now he can positively claim that “woke up like this” look.

  1. Burberry Men’s Harley Scribble Check Short-Sleeve Sport Shirt

Burberry Men's Harley Scribble Check Short-Sleeve Sport Shirt

Price: US$420.00
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I’d bet that he you would let you get away with just anything (how about more shopping?) for getting him this Burberry Harley scribble check shirt that just matches his fresh and urban style. Besides, those artsy and creative scribbles all over are way too adorable and add the perfect contrast to the iconic Burberry check pattern. He will enjoy wearing this one with his jeans and favorite sneakers just about anywhere.

  1. BURBERRY patch pockets tartan shirt

BURBERRY patch pockets tartan shirt

Price: US$425.00
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How about getting him this red tartan Burberry shirt for Christmas? We, women always plan ahead, right? The vibrant red color of this shirt will merrily complement the most joyous season of all time. And just spot-on for Winter too with its 100% wool fabric and long sleeves to keep him warm and comfy.

  1. BURBERRY Strenton Print Shirt

BURBERRY Strenton Print Shirt

Price: US$395.00
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He will be extra pleased finding in his closet this abstract sketch of people Burberry shirt in pink and grey. It looks real wonderful tucked in black smart trousers and cinched by a leather belt. He would sure look neat and handsome in this piece that he can reserve for days when he feels like dressing to impress on rare special occasions. He would be out on a date in this shirt, no doubt.

  1. BURBERRY spot print shirt

BURBERRY spot print shirt

Price: US$457.00
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Spot prints are always interesting and fun and so is his style when he wears this wine-red cotton shirt under business jacket and matching trousers. Meetings can be tedious and boring but why reflect the same thing on his work clothes?

  1. BURBERRY classic button down shirt

BURBERRY classic button down shirt

Price: US$307.00
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You just can’t resist adding this Cornflower blue Burberry shirt in your shopping cart. The light blue color is just the thing for this Spring season. He can take this shirt to work or even on casual days out. And that pastel color has that calming effect on anyone that it’s like staring at a cloudless blue sky.

  1. Burberry Oxford Polo Shirt

Burberry Oxford Polo Shirt

Price: US$175.00
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This royal blue oxford polo shirt is something that he would want to wear again and again for sure. He will fall in love with the soft cotton fabric of this shirt and classic style that he can wear with light faded jeans or even khaki shorts. He can even go play tennis and golf in this casual shirt. So go ahead and get this shirt too.

  1. BURBERRY checked shirt

BURBERRY checked shirt

Price: US$377.00
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Can you just imagine your guy having a real great time hanging out with his friends with a few bottles of beer, pizza and watching their favorite sports on television? And him in this Burberry check shirt in navy blue thrown over his favorite white t-shirt and ripped jeans is almost too solid in your head, so you will never ever regret getting him this Burberry shirt.

  1. Burberry Kenforth Double-Stitch Trim Polo Shirt

Burberry Kenforth Double-Stitch Trim Polo Shirt

Price: US$275.00
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Okay then, he already has a lot of black shirts already. But you just can’t resist buying him this black Burberry Kenworth polo shirt. He sure will appreciate that equestrian knight embroidery as well as the soft cotton fabric of this shirt that goes with just about anything. Besides he owns too many black “crewneck” shirts and not enough polo shirts in your opinion.

Most of the times, we underappreciate the men in our lives unintentionally. They could be our fathers, brothers, guy friends and of course boyfriend who have been and still do those little tasks for us like bringing and picking us to and from work, fixing our car and everything else we women cannot handle. They would always be there to save the day. So, doing something extra special like getting them at least one stylish shirt like these Burberry ones is indeed a small thing.

These men help us all the time even in the most tiny things, it is now our turn to at least give back and make them feel appreciated by shopping (which we are really very good at) for them every now and then. They need our fashion and style expertise too and we, of course would be real happy to lend them a hand in that department.

Burberry store in Milan displaying Red Shirt

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