25 of the Best Men’s Designer Caps Worth Paying For (With Brand’s Emblem)


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

What is it about hats that men wearing them is such a debatable issue? Even within men’s circles, it seems like hats really take an unstable stance among those who are for and against them. There’s no in-between where we all agree that hats on men are either completely fashionable or completely not.

That might be the case for fedoras or panamas but allow us to take caps out of the conversation. We’ve yet to meet one guy who would refuse to wear them, and until then, we’re convinced caps are the one fashion accessory we can all agree is acceptable in all kinds of circumstances and by all kinds of men.

Wearing a straw hat out of the beach may be the threshold for some men’s comfort zones, but with caps, there’s no limitations as to when and where they can be worn. Athletes and fans are usually the ones sporting caps to show their loyalty and team spirit and wearing those kinds can be a bit cheesy. Don’t consider yourself out of options because here are caps from designer brands that will save you the trouble of finding the least sporty-themed caps and instead, hook you up on the most fashionable ones you can find.

Men’s Designer Caps

  1. BALLY logo-appliquéd cap

BALLY logo-appliquéd cap

Price: US$295.00
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Let’s begin with one of the most evolved and modern types: the snapback. Compared to the baseball caps, these ones have a flat brim on the front. Bally boasts of their expertise in crafting the nicest leather and this cap enables you to experience it. A beautiful logo script emblazoned on the front ties it all together to be one badass headwear. 

  1. PRADA Embroidered Nylon Baseball Cap

PRADA Embroidered Nylon Baseball Cap

Price: US$310.00
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Leather or canvas usually dominate in this type of accessory for fashion and practicality respectively, but Prada throws in something else into the mix by incorporating nylon, a frequently used fabric in all their creations. It creates a sheen in the entire cap and a very discreet Prada Milano trademark sits on the crest in black embroidery. 

  1. VALENTINO embroidered logo cap

VALENTINO embroidered logo cap

Price: US$345.00
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Not much of a sports fan? That’s totally alright because we’d rather sport this Valentino baseball cap instead, too. It looks like a team from the major soccer league got a major merch upgrade, one that’s way more fashionable and says Valentino. The cap is all black so the fuzzy white embroidered logo will really pop. 

  1. GUCCI Logo-Print Linen And Cotton-Blend Canvas Baseball Cap

GUCCI Logo-Print Linen And Cotton-Blend Canvas Baseball Cap

Price: US$350.00
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In a style similar to their double G logo accessories, this logo-print Gucci cap shows brand support like no other. The brown, beige, and red color palette is not what we usually see on caps like this but that’s what Gucci always gives and it’s always on point. Though extremely high fashion in name, its aesthetic still goes with the same vibe as your sporty outfits.

  1. GCDS Australian baseball cap

GCDS Australian baseball cap

Price: US$91.00
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In this chaotic world, we’d be happy with a little bit of peace and camaraderie. Nothing models it like our distant neighbor on the other side of the Pacific, and nothing shows it like wearing something that supports them, even if it’s as simple as wearing a cap that says Australian. This looks so much like a dad cap, with the red color and white outlines, so maybe if not for you, this will be a great gift to your old man. 

  1. GIVENCHY Leather And Mesh Baseball Cap

GIVENCHY Leather And Mesh Baseball Cap

Price: US$535.00
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A tight cap and a sunny day equates to a sweaty head and a foul-smelling and gross cap. This Givenchy snapback adds in leather and mesh to that equation to result in a fresh hair and cap that’s the complete opposite of icky. The logo is embossed in bold on the front to give it more of that street style. 

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA logo patch baseball cap

DOLCE & GABBANA logo patch baseball cap

Price: US$305.00
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Italy is home to the high-quality goods that made Dolce & Gabbana the luxury brand that they are today. Through their logomania collection, D&G gives tribute to the home that grew along with them in their success. This cap is part of that, shown obviously through the shiny logo patch that says “Made in Italy” against a matte black cotton fabric. 

  1. BALENCIAGA Embroidered Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

BALENCIAGA Embroidered Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

Price: US$350.00
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White baseball caps might as well be following in the steps of white sneakers as they inch their way towards mainstream popularity both in and out of the fashion world. You’d come across white caps in markets that sell knock-offs, but nothing beats an authentic Balenciaga gem that is this cap with their signature double B symbol and Balenciaga Mode lettering. 

  1. DSQUARED2 logo embroidered baseball cap

DSQUARED2 logo embroidered baseball cap

Price: US$120.00
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Fashion loves twins, and we do too especially when it brings out items like this Dsquared2 cap with their embroidered logo on the front and the Caten twins’ names at the back in matching white font. The brand’s character is seen in the impeccable structure and silhouette and the duo’s quirkiness come through the bold embroidered names. 

  1. LORO PIANA Storm System Baseball Cap

LORO PIANA Storm System Baseball Cap

Price: US$275.00
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This cap may seem the same to you as all the other black baseball caps but it’s actually a lot different and in some ways, better. It’s made with one of Loro Piana Storm System® natural fabrics durable enough to be wind-resistant and waterproof. That’s right, this holds its original structure even in the harshest weather, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s summer or winter. This could be your hat all year round. 

  1. MSGM logo print cap

MSGM logo print cap

Price: US$95.00
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MSGM is created for the young and young-at-heart. Just the logo print at the front of this cap gives us the vibe of a skate park, also because of the graffiti-inspired symbol. It has an adjustable strap at the back that hides the excess, so even little ones can enjoy the feeling of street style with this cap on. 

  1. CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Embroidered Cotton-Canvas Baseball Cap

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Embroidered Cotton-Canvas Baseball Cap

Price: US$180.00
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Raf Simons may be a bit new with Calvin Klein, but his expertise in the aspect of menswear is as refined as can be. Fashion is not always about going beyond the norm but rather going with the flow and working with the basics, and this cap shows us how it’s done. It merges the snapback and the baseball cap through the slight curve on the brim, and the embroidered logo on the front looks discreet and cryptic at a quick glance. 

  1. Y-3 branded Street cap

Y-3 branded Street cap

Price: US$85.00
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When Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto collaborates on a brand, what comes out is a force to be reckoned with and that’s what Y-3 is in the fashion world. The latter is a “master tailor” himself influenced by Japanese design. This cap is the ultimate fan-boy baseball cap as it features his autograph and is supported by Adidas’ skill in crafting sportswear and accessories. 

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Embroidered Stretch-Cotton Twill Baseball Cap

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Embroidered Stretch-Cotton Twill Baseball Cap

Price: US$300.00
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Alexander McQueen‘s grisly details and chain designs are rarely taken deeper than its surface-level grungy aesthetic, but their skull motif takes a deeper meaning through this cap with the embroidered Danse Macabre in front, showcased through an amusing image. It doesn’t go too far from the norm with the all-black baseball cap structure and adjustable leather tab at the back. 

  1. OFF-WHITE camouflage print cap

OFF-WHITE camouflage print cap

Price: US$217.00
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Off-White promises pieces that marry street and high fashion. So far, they’d been doing well in the industry and if this cap is any indication, they top almost all others in their niche. The camouflage pattern is quite a hard one to style. It takes an inner swagger to come out to be able to pull it off, but this cap makes it wearable and easy as the snapback shape makes it as natural on you. 

  1. AMI Appliquéd Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

AMI Appliquéd Cotton-Twill Baseball Cap

Price: US$130.00
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No matter how big of a sports fan you are, wearing your team’s clothes and accessories makes you a big target of the fashion police in the off season. This AMI cap saves you from committing any faux pas without losing your sports fan spirit by imitating the prints on your merch collection. It features an ‘A’ appliqué in block font like in your jerseys and caps, only this one stands for AMI’s founder, Alexandre Mattiussi. 

  1. MONCLER logo patch baseball cap

MONCLER logo patch baseball cap

Price: US$120.00
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This Moncler cap offers a minimal and trendy aesthetic with its all-white color in exchange for a show of brand loyalty through its logo patch on the front and some sporty vibe at the back through the striped adjustable strap. You can’t go wrong with a white cap and it wouldn’t hurt to show off a little bit of a designer element with your outfits. 

  1. MAISON KITSUNÉ Suede-Trimmed Embroidered Cotton-Blend Twill Baseball Cap

MAISON KITSUNÉ Suede-Trimmed Embroidered Cotton-Blend Twill Baseball Cap

Price: US$125.00
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Maybe sports are not your thing but getting down to the music shoots up your adrenaline. We can imagine this cap worn by your favorite DJs and R&B artists and we can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t look good on you too. The flat peak is in a camel suede while the rest of the cap is in red cotton-twill blend with Maison Kitsuné‘s signature logo embroidered in front. 

  1. MSGM logo baseball cap

MSGM logo baseball cap

Price: US$95.00
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Everything from the above-mentioned MSGM black baseball cap is the same as in this white one in a contrasting background color and black logo. The best thing about it is you can get the two and be set with the cap basics. The adjustable strap at the back also makes this shareable with your friends. 

  1. BOTTEGA VENETA Printed Cotton-Blend Baseball Cap

BOTTEGA VENETA Printed Cotton-Blend Baseball Cap

Price: US$390.00
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Bottega Veneta presents a different variation of their signature intrecciato pattern in this all-black baseball cap. It needs no logo embroidery or appliqué as it creates diamond shapes throughout the entire cap including the leather tab. 

  1. MARCELO BURLON COUNTY OF MILAN graphic print baseball cap

MARCELO BURLON COUNTY OF MILAN graphic print baseball cap

Price: US$109.00
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Marcelo Burton County of Milan sticks to their bold and futuristic prints on their accessories as with their clothes. This two-toned cap features a snake on one side and a bird wing on the other in place of a bold lettering in front. The adjustable tab keeps it in place as the snapback tends to be more loose than the classic round shape of baseball caps. 

  1. FEAR OF GOD + New Era Embroidered Wool Baseball Cap

FEAR OF GOD + New Era Embroidered Wool Baseball Cap

Price: US$295.00
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A product of Fear of God and New Era, this cap helps two foundations that in turn help young people through education and sports training. It’s so much easier to feel good about what you wear when you know it goes to something of a greater good. If it means having this cap, you should definitely count yourself in. 

  1. KENZO Tiger cap

KENZO Tiger cap

Price: US$130.00
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Remember your resolutions at the start of the year? This Kenzo cap printed with their fiery tiger motif should remind you to stay on track and be vigorous with how you follow them through to fruition. While everyone else is laidback in the summer, this is your time to hustle and this cap should keep you going with its fun colors and chill aesthetic.

  1. NOAH Embroidered Baby Camel Hair Baseball Cap

NOAH Embroidered Baby Camel Hair Baseball Cap

Price: US$120.00
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This cap is as natural as the original baby camel hair it’s made of because this Noah cap keeps everything from the material to the color unretouched. Their logo is embroidered in a decent size in front to not take attention away from the interesting texture and color. If it’s a factor in your decision-making, Noah also gives back to the causes they feel strongly about, which is always a nice thing to know about the brands you wear. 

  1. EMPORIO ARMANI logo baseball cap

EMPORIO ARMANI logo baseball cap

Price: US$117.00
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This Armani cap introduces a different shape we rarely see. It seems to incorporate a different hat style in the structure of the cap while still having the common curved peak in baseball caps. A soft wool composition makes up the exterior and the logo and leather makes up the brim in a luxurious way to fit with suits if you can pull off the combination.

The sun is coming back from behind the clouds all these months and this collection of caps is how we’d like to celebrate. Whether you care for fashion or not, caps are your best ally as the sunshine seasons come in. Adjusting to that much sunlight is annoying if not harmful to the eyes especially after months of gloom. Accompany any of these with your favorite sunglasses and your eyes and face are set.

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