Best-selling Hi-top Sneakers & Casual Footwear for Men in 2018


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Did you know that if there’s anything that men are most likely to splurge on (aside from fancy fast cars and expensive watches, that is), one of them would be shoes. Yes, definitely shoes! Just like women, men have this fetish for comfy, trendy and fashion forward footwear. Why not? Men love to show off their kicks, an easy and sure way to enhance their look and style.

There’s nothing like a really functional yet fashionable footwear to save the day. Besides, lavish and fashionable shoes are also seen as a status symbol. A collection. A hobby. Just like those high valued paintings and decors on the wall. It is something that men would be proud of to own.

Below is a list of the best-selling Sneakers and casual footwear such as loafers & espadrilles in 2018.

High-top Sneakers

  1.  Rick Owens Leather Boots

Rick Owens Leather Boots

Price: US$1,235.00
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These premium leather high-tops are minimalist and low-profile, but they’re not plain at all. The clean-cut look and elegant leather work splendidly with either denim or more smart casual trousers. They’re perfect for men who get stuff done.

  1. Amiri contrast-panel hi-tops

Amiri contrast-panel hi-tops

Price: US$552.00
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The execution of restraint in these sneakers are impressive; the gold metallic leather is subdued enough that it prevents the kicks from being tacky. The gold, mixed with black textured leather and white soles, make for an impressive image without going overboard.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Green Camo May London High-Top Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Green Camo May London High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$895.00
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On paper, sneakers in gold-tone hardware and Velcro straps can invoke the image of a backup dancer from a state-of-the-art production. If that’s your thing, we don’t mind. These are not as flashy, and the green camouflage makes them more grounded, but they require just as much confidence so you’re sure it’s you who wears them and not the other way around.

  1. Damir Doma hoop detail hi-tops

Damir Doma hoop detail hi-tops

Price: US$292.00
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Damir Dona’s iteration is fashion-forward as it is functional. The black color gives it a rather imposing aura, so even if they’re in neutral colors, they are hard to ignore.

  1. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Black & Grey Coralie Wings High-Top Sneakers

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Black & Grey Coralie Wings High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$580.00
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Go up, up and away with each step courtesy of these high-top sneakers by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan. The wings on the sides give the impression of a lighter gait, and its gray contouring goes smoothly with the black canvas.

  1. Philipp Plein hi-top sneakers

Philipp Plein hi-top sneakers

Price: US$840.00
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Are you a music lover who wants to look like a rockstar? Philipp Plein’s forte is right on this corner.  Have these gems, for starters. They’re studded and made in premium leather, but they’re also monochromatic, which makes them a little easier to style.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Tiziano Runway Leather High-Top Sneaker

Ermenegildo Zegna Tiziano Runway Leather High-Top Sneaker

Price: US$895.00
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Walk as if you’re strutting on the runway with these high-tops from Ermenegildo Zegna. The calf leather is as exquisite as leather used in dress shoes. It also makes a plain and uncomplicated outfit slick effortlessly.

  1. Gucci Ace high-top sneaker

Gucci Ace high-top sneaker

Price: US$730.00
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If you’re a fan of the staple Ace sneakers by Gucci but want to have your ankles covered and more, then you’re in luck, the Aces come in a high-top variation. The shoes look retro, from the lace-ups down to the embroidered bee, a house code from almost 40 years ago.

  1. Balenciaga Navy Speed Runners High-Top Sneakers

Balenciaga Navy Speed Runners High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$695.00
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When you’re gunning for high-tops that can both be a fashion statement and a running buddy, look no further than your high-end brand Balenciaga. They’re sure to help you hit your peak by being snug on the feet and giving a good grip, thanks to the rubber sole.

  1. MCM lace up trainers

MCM lace up trainers

Price: US$572.00
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This classy warm cognac coloured leather sneakers from MCM is such a gorgeous piece. With its trademark logo and print and gold toned hardware on this shoe, one look and youll know its from MCM. Looks really cool with matching MCM leather messenger bag for a casual streetwear look.

  1. Boris Bidjan Saberi Off-White Bamba 1 High-Top Sneakers

Boris Bidjan Saberi Off-White Bamba 1 High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$1,350.00
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I don’t know about you but the worn and distressed look of this Boris Bidjan Saberi sneakers make it really stand out and charming. It’s like finding an old worn book, the charm just gets you especially the padded tongue that hides all the laces underneath and  mock strap at the toes make this kicks really enchanting.

  1. Jimmy Choo Gunmetal Metallic Lewis High-Top Sneakers

Jimmy Choo Gunmetal Metallic Lewis High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$795.00
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Whoever says that Jimmy Choos are only for ladies have not seen this  gunmetal high top sneakers from Jimmy Choo. Rock on with its logo plaque and velcro strap with its black rubberized logo.

  1. Givenchy Black Georges V Mid Sneakers

Givenchy Black Georges V Mid Sneakers

Price: US$650.00
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Feel youthful and free in this Givenchy mid-top sneakers. The skaters at the park rink will definitely take a good long look at the suede and canvas mix of this black shoes along with its contrasting white stitches and laces. Wear it with your favorite stretch pants and t-shirt and show them your skateboarding moves in style.

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin High-Top Sneaker, Orange

Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin High-Top Sneaker, Orange

Price: US$595.00
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Don’t you just love this vibrant orange leather high-top sneakers from Salvatore Ferragamo? The Gancini logo in gold at the tongue is one luxurious detail that makes men just to show off this pair of shoes for anyone who would care to see. Men, strut your stuff Ferragamo style!

  1. Buscemi Men’s 100mm Leather Mid-Top Sneaker, Natural

Buscemi Men's 100mm Leather Mid-Top Sneaker, Natural

Price: US$890.00
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This Buscemi mid-top sneakers has a smooth beige leather finish and features a logo-engraved padlock in gold-tone. The white rubber outsole totally enhances the beautiful neutral leather color of this footwear. Best worn with a white pair of linen shorts and plaid shirts for a comfy and relaxed feel when you’re just out and about.

  1. Hender Scheme Beige Manual Industrial Products 01 High-Top Sneakers

Hender Scheme Beige Manual Industrial Products 01 High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$925.00
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This handcrafted Hender Scheme leather sneakers in beige is something any man would love to have. The cinch strap at the padded ankle area is a charming addition to this lovely neutral colored high top.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Black May London High-Top Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Black May London High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$1,025.00
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The gold Giuseppe Zanotti logo and zips on this black high top suede sneakers is totally on point. Perfect for some casual trendy night out with the boys especially when paired with a black leather jacket and dark washed jeans.

  1. Alexander McQueen Black Leather Skeleton Patch High-Top Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Black Leather Skeleton Patch High-Top Sneakers

Price US$690.00
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This Alexander McQueen black leather skeleton patch high top sneakers is a mix of avant garde  and classy design all in one delightful pair of footwear. This pair is simply a work of art from the smooth black nappa leather to that bold red shoe laces and skeleton patch. Wear it with a pair of ripped blue jeans and black shirt for a bold streetwear garb.

  1. BALMAIN Atlas high-top trainers

BALMAIN Atlas high-top trainers

Price: US$811.00
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This Balmain white leather high top trainers look really cool with its gold tone side panels. You will definitely be Spring season ready in this white kicks, a soft frill edged scarf and light coat.

  1. Burberry Black Reeth High-Top Sneakers

Burberry Black Reeth High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$425.00
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Who would not notice that trademark Burberry plaid or check in this black reeth high top sneakers. Look comfy and relaxed in this stylish preppy shoes with a navy drawstring pants and hoodie.

  1. FABI hi top trainers

FABI hi top trainers

Price: US$453.00
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This Fabi black leather sneakers in a classic high top will go well with ripped jeans, white shirt and bomber jacket for a rugged and relaxed look. All you need is a mean big bike and you’re ready to give James Dean a run for his money.

  1. Versace White Palazzo Slip-On Sneakers

Versace White Palazzo Slip-On Sneakers

Price: US$1,175.00
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That gold tone Medusa hardware is enough to make this Versace all white leather sneakers a winner. No one would miss taking an appreciative and even envious looks on this kicks. Pair it with a an all-black outfit for a really edgy and hip look.

  1. ADIDAS strap trainers

ADIDAS strap trainers

Price: US$136.00
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This Adidas Originals strap trainers is something anyone would wear almost anywhere. That famous trefoil Adidas logo have made a recent comeback recently and has been openly and excitedly accepted by people from all over the world. The logo itself brings back old warm memories which this Adidas strap trainers in dark suede now sports.

  1. Maison Margiela White Replica Sneakers

Maison Margiela White Replica Sneakers

Price: US$495.00
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The textured gum rubber outsole perfectly frames the white leather and grey suede upper materials of this Maison Margiela sneakers. The logo and padded tongue in off white makes it best for a hip streetwear kicks.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY Glueless Running trainers

STELLA MCCARTNEY Glueless Running trainers

Price: US$725.00
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This grey monochrome lovely sock-inspired ankle sneakers from Stella McCartney is sure to win hearts of men who go for a relaxed yet sporty look. The rubber outsole is sure to withstand whatever sports you may care to take.

  1. Fear of God White & Grey Basketball High-Top Sneakers

Fear of God White & Grey Basketball High-Top Sneakers

Price: US$825.00
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Play in style one of the world’s most favourite sports, basketball of course, in this grey and white leather high top sneakers from Fear of God. A black pair of socks together with your sports shorts will really go well with this pristine yet comfy colour-block shoes.

  1. REEBOK Reebok x Future Furikaze trainers

REEBOK Reebok x Future Furikaze trainers

Price: US$275.00
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Whatever style men aim for, any one of these trendy high top kicks will surely do majestically. These Reebok sneakers are made of premium materials and have been created and designed by well known luxurious fashion houses with comfort, style and quality in mind.


  1.  Loewe embossed logo espadrilles

Loewe embossed logo espadrilles

Price: US$409.00
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Feeling the summer vibes but found that wearing leather in the office really grew on you? Take the journey by going halfway with Loewe, incorporating the braided sole distinct in espadrilles with embossed leather. No need to worry that you might look a little too serious on a holiday, the logo stamps make for an eclectic design.

  1. Saint Laurent Logo-Stitched Leather Espadrille

Saint Laurent Logo-Stitched Leather Espadrille

Price: US$495.00
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Saint Laurent was credited for the resurgence of espadrilles back in the 70s, so of course the French designer deserves a mention in our list. Want to keep it low profile but can’t resist a little bit of color and texture? Tan isn’t exactly what you would consider vibrant, but it is still more spirited than black. The pebbled leather and the neat stitching of the label’s logo will make your feet more elegant.

  1. Tod’s slip-on espadrille sneakers

Tod’s slip-on espadrille sneakers

Price: US$495.00
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If your style is to be simultaneously classic and contemporary, then Tod’s has you covered. Tod’s took some liberties by introducing white rubber underneath the braided rafia, but keeps the entire design casually elegant by using supple leather and suede in light beige and brown.

  1. Jimmy Choo Vlad Men’s Crocodile-Print Espadrille Slip-On Sneaker, Blue

Jimmy Choo Vlad Men's Crocodile-Print Espadrille Slip-On Sneaker, Blue

Price: US$495.00
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Jimmy Choo knows very well what would make you look tougher even when wearing summer-appropriate footwear. How? By combining the traditional construction of the espadrille with crocodile-embossed leather, that is. The insole is in the same material, further elevating their luxurious feel.

  1. Marsèll slip-on fitted shoes

Marsèll slip-on fitted shoes

Price: US$675.00
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Look like you can brave the streets and stay still on a boat with these slip-ons from Marsèll. These have a flat sole instead of the traditional jute rope, so they might look less appropriate for the beach, but they still get the job done anyway. The leather and suede comes in a subdued brown color.

  1. Thom Browne White Perforated Leather Espadrilles

Thom Browne White Perforated Leather Espadrilles

Price: US$840.00
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Make your feet feel light and free as they should on a vacation with perforated leather. It’s a bummer to have sweaty feet on such a hot day, but with these stylish espadrilles in white, you’re sure to take control of an unpleasant situation. Looks good with khakis, too!

  1. Alexander McQueen skeleton espadrilles

Alexander McQueen skeleton espadrilles

Price: US$580.00
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Not in the mood for summer but do not want to make your feet suffer? Be a little rebellious with Alexander McQueen and survive the heat with black espadrilles. The canvas and the leather might look a little serious, but that’s balanced by the funky skeleton embroidered in front.

  1. Gucci Alejandro GG Logo Espadrille

Gucci Alejandro GG Logo Espadrille

Price: US$520.00
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Leave it to Gucci to make you appear like a man of means with these slip-on espadrilles. The G logo is all throughout the shoes, the round toe is capped with jute for extra buffer, and you’re given an infinite number of styling options, thanks to its brown color.

  1. Burberry Checked Canvas Espadrilles

Burberry Checked Canvas Espadrilles

Price: US$375.00
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Burberry may be famously known for its trench coat collection, but this brand has expanded its line to both men and women’s bags, accessories and shoes. If you want something under the label, consider this Burberry check canvas espadrilles as footwear. Designed in navy blue color and styled with its signature plaid pattern, you will easily identify that this pair is a Burberry brand.

  1. Kenzo Hyper Kenzo espadrilles

Kenzo Hyper Kenzo espadrilles

Price: US$180.00
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Espadrilles are crafted for casual wear, and this Kenzo hyper espadrilles is intentionally designed to be your next favorite casual footwear during summer. Featuring a round toe, a slip-on style, braided raffia sole and a bold red Kenzo logo, you will look carefree and always in-style for your upcoming beach getaway.

  1. Santoni Suede Espadrilles

Santoni Suede Espadrilles

Price: US$650.00
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Nothing will look both classy and casual but a suede and espadrilles combined. This Santoni Suede Espadrilles may tone down your summer outfit because of its neutral color but will still keep your feet comfy and light for long walks.

  1. Fendi appliquéd espadrilles

Fendi appliquéd espadrilles

Price: US$950.00
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Be free and feel young as always with this Fendi appliquéd espadrilles. Made with black and chamois leather in round toe, a padded insole, and a printed cartoon, you can keep pace with your dog during your morning walk at the park wearing these bad boys.

  1. Brunello Cucinelli Pebble-Grain Leather Espadrilles

Brunello Cucinelli Pebble-Grain Leather Espadrilles

Price: US$745.00
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If you’re the type of man who keeps it simple, then this Brunello Cucinelli Pebble-Grain Leather Espadrilles is an easy choice. Aside from its toned down navy blue color, the pebble-grain leather uppers keeps it plain and effortless to style. You may opt to wear it with denim shorts and a basic tee, and will still have that boy-next-door vibe.

  1. Saint Laurent embroidered lace-up espadrilles

Saint Laurent embroidered lace-up espadrilles

Price: US$695.00
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Want to polish your ultimate bohemian style? Then search for fresh, laid back and comfortable footwear with a degree of stylishness like this Saint Laurent embroidered lace-up espadrilles. This luxury piece will give you an edge when it comes to stylish and comfy footwear because it’s made up of soft cotton and flexible rubber to make your feet ready for new summer adventures.

  1. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Suede Espadrilles

Bottega VenetaIntrecciato Suede Espadrilles

Price: US$680.00
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Bottega Veneta was popularized by producing distinctive leather weave design known as intrecciato. Most of its quality goods have this distinct exterior style only associated with the brand. So why not try this Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Suede Espadrilles to experience this opulent style. Made of gripped soles and soft rubber in intrecciato leather uppers, this will be perfect while beating the summer heat at the beach.

  1. Givenchy logo espadrilles

Givenchy logo espadrilles

Price: US$550.00
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If you are a logo mania, you shouldn’t miss this Givenchy logo espadrilles. Originally known for perfume and fragrances, this brand has evolved into a world renowned fashion brand producing haute couture and ready to wear. And you might opt to get one for yourself. Try this Givenchy espadrilles with round toe, flat soles and a front logo patch to make your feet oh-so cool and comfortable.

  1. Castañer Nacho Suede Espadrilles

CastañerNacho Suede Espadrilles

Price: US$240.00
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This may appear a plain slip-on with a loafer-look design, but this will definitely give you a distinct loafer-feel experience because of its gripped rubber soles and a suede design. Castañer has truly mastered crafting jute-sole wedges, slip-on mules and espadrilles for both men and women with this well-crafted nacho suede espadrilles.

  1. Mulo Suede Espadrilles

MuloSuede Espadrilles

Price: US$210.00
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Highly distinguished slip-on fitted shoes, this Mulo footwear was able to merge nude, velvety and soft in a perfectly crafted espadrille. This piece is fashioned with leather cushioned-arch footbeds and elasticated inserts which truly reinvented the classic espadrille into a contemporary footwear design.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana King Of Hearts embroidered espadrilles

Dolce & Gabbana King Of Hearts embroidered espadrilles

Price: US$710.00
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Get your charm with this dark blue velvet espadrille and start packing for a short trip to the nearest countryside next to your town. This Italian made espadrille will give you that perfect ‘summer vibe’ if don with white polo, walking shorts and a canvas bag.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Collapsible-Heel Suede Espadrilles

Ermenegildo Zegna Collapsible-Heel Suede Espadrilles

Price: US$495.00
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When it comes to luxurious and perfectly tailored men’s clothing and accessories, Ermenegildo Zegna should be your brand pick. Most of its products are designed for leisurewear just like these collapsible-heel suede espadrilles. Made from high quality black jute, rubber soles, and absorbent terry linings, your feet will be treated like a royalty with this pair.

  1. Alexander McQueen skull espadrilles

Alexander McQueen skull espadrilles

Price: US$480.00
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If you’re looking for bold, edgy and distinctive design, this Alexander McQueen skull espadrille is a good choice. Known for producing eye-catching pieces, this famous label will offer you   extraordinary pattern and perfectly crafted footwear. You can never go wrong with this piece featuring round toe, slip on and leather trims, a great pair to don while walking around the beach.

  1. TOM FORD Barnes Suede Espadrilles

TOM FORD Barnes Suede Espadrilles

Price: US$490.00
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I know, sometimes you don’t feel like wearing hard leather at work, so you’re looking for an alternative to your leather loafers. This Tom Ford Barnes Suede espadrille might be your best solution. Made from soft rubber soles, midnight blue suede and breathable insides, your feet will feel comfy and at ease in an instant.

  1. Tomas Maier camo espadrille

Tomas Maier camo espadrille

Price: US$390.00
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Behind the Bottega Veneta’s well-crafted collection is its creative director, Tomas Maier. The man has proven his art based on the success of this famous brand. So why not try donning a fashion item under the name of Tomas Maier himself with this camo espadrille. This camouflage print will make you manly and cool by pairing it with distressed jeans, and white basic tee combined.

  1. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bowsworth Linen Espadrilles

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bowsworth Linen Espadrilles

Price: US$350.00
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Ralph Lauren has produced timeless casual wear designs and this bowsworth linen espadrille under the label will upgrade your casual look. Designed with rubber soles, canvas and soft leather linings, you can walk confidently around the city in chinos and espadrille.

  1. DSquared2 denim espadrilles

Dsquared2 denim espadrilles

Price: US$400.00
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If you are a fan of the denim craze, you might want to add  to your collection a denim styled footwear like this DSquared2 denim espadrille. This slip-on style denim shoes is your go-to summer pair because of its braided raffia sole great for long walks along the shore.

  1. Dries Van Noten Leather-Trimmed Velvet Espadrilles

Dries Van Noten Leather-Trimmed Velvet Espadrilles

Price: US$420.00
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Who wouldn’t like having this Dries Van Noten leather trimmed velvet espadrilles in his footwear collection? Aside from the comfort and ease it provides, you will look polished, smart and sleek while donning this pair with long sleeve polo and trousers.

Brown Loafers

  1.  Maison Margiela Leather Loafers with Chain

Maison Margiela Leather Loafers with Chain

Price: US$594.00
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Whether you’re hanging out with friends on a fancy club or having a romantic dinner by the sea with your lady friend, you can count on these leather loafers to be the perfect, charming accessory. The creamy brown color is classic, the hardware bold, bringing together a footwear that is elegant and one of a kind. The stately shoes will look more of a daring in an edgy outfit made out of fringed pants and a denim jacket.

  1. Guidi Brown Leather Distressed Loafers

Guidi Brown Leather Distressed Loafers

Price: US$995.00
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Make your feet look edgier with these buffed, distressed leather loafers in brown. The creases on the shoes can give a more laid-back impression, but you’d have to be blind to ignore the impeccable stitching and the smooth leather. The very folds on the heel of this vintage-looking shoe also make slipping them on exciting. Can you just imagine the comfort?

  1. Tod’s Leather Loafers with Shearling Insole

Tod’s Leather Loafers with Shearling Insole

Price: US$552.00
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Tod’s has established their brand with their topnotch driving shoes. With these loafers, you’re given both the control of driving shoes and the preppiness of merino shearling. They are simultaneously sleek and comfortable, definitely worth a slot in your collection. And look just how amazing they are with light trousers; you’d finally have a good justification for taking the latter from the back of your closet!

  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio woven loafers

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio woven loafers

Price: US$584.00
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Add these woven loafers to your “dressed to impress” category. The brown color, the woven design, and the Gancio buckle all spell impressive. They’re beautiful and expertly made, but they will not make your feet suffer unlike other “beautiful” shoes. The strap is an excellent choice for an accent and the soles are a welcome addition so slips would be preventable.

  1. Brunello Cucinelli Tasseled Suede Loafer

Brunello Cucinelli Tasseled Suede Loafer

Price: US$1,195.00
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These loafers from Brunello Cucinelli fit both the descriptors “casual” and “fancy”; the suede material allows for limitless style options and the tassel adds a tinge of finesse. If you’re looking for your first brown pair, this might be a good place to begin. The price tag is on the higher end compared to the other designer loafers on the list, but should you splurge, they will stay with you for a long time.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana woven loafers

Dolce & Gabbana woven loafers

Price: US$795.00
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Give your feet a bold and snazzy cover, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana. If the woven design preceding this D&G entry has piqued your interest, but you would have wanted a full-on woven design, then you got your wish. Step up your style with an even darker color and a stacked heel.

  1. Fratelli Rossetti tassel front loafers

Fratelli Rossetti tassel front loafers

Price: US$299.00
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Check out these polished tassel loafers from Fratelli Rossetti. They’re truly versatile pieces, a pair that will not look out of place whether on a typical boys’ night out or in the office. It is no wonder that they remain in season, even after many decades now.

  1. Bontoni Principe loafers

Bontoni Principe loafers

Price: US$3,750.00
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Feast your eyes and indulge your feet with some of this Bontoni goodness! Bontoni boasts of impeccable shoemaking in its lineage, putting together shoes that are exclusive to family and friends. Fortunately for us, this is no longer the case. These Bontoni loafers in tan is a blend of old Italian taste and modern style in the crocodile leather that is intimidating as it is stunning.

  1. Loewe Brown Croc Convertible Loafers

Loewe Brown Croc Convertible Loafers

Price: US$790.00
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Show off your love for dual textures with these convertible loafers from Loewe. It is dual-colored too, with the grainy leather in black and the croc-embossed part in brown. The handsome pairs made in Italy also offer another option to wear them as the heel is collapsible. Trust us when we say that no one will doubt your style when your feet have these on.

  1. Berluti Luciano Polished-Leather Backless Penny Loafers

Berluti Luciano Polished-Leather Backless Penny Loafers

Price: US$1,250.00
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Leather experts from Berluti predict that the Lucianos will soon be the brand’s new bestsellers, and we understand why they think so. Italian made and crafted from the finest material, these backless gems are a delight to the senses, thanks to the brown color and the shiny leather oozing luxury. If you need an excuse not to wear socks, then you have found it. It doesn’t hurt that the shoemakers fully support the idea.

  1. Gucci Jordaan horsebit leather loafers

Gucci Jordaan horsebit leather loafers

Price: US$730.00
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Fans of Gucci will be delighted with the Jordaan loafers they have on offer, and why not? It’s exquisitely made, inviting to the feet, an absolute eye candy and a Gucci classic. Its horsebit in gold-tone is a nice, antique-y touch, and the leather is soft and snug. Casual wearers will also come to embrace the shoes with a chunky low heel as it makes the transition from casual to luxurious easier.

  1. Harrys of London Edward Collapsible-Heel Leather Penny Loafers

Harrys of London Edward Collapsible-Heel Leather Penny Loafers

Price: US$675.00
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Behold Harrys of London’s idea of the perfect loafer: the Edward. You may think so too once you slip them on your feet and experience for yourself Technogel® 3D inserts that serve as memory fitters so you could break into them easier. Made in Italy, the loafers will do a bang-up job whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Although if you’re doing the latter, it might be best to fold the heels.

  1. Fratelli Rossetti tassel front loafers

Fratelli Rossetti tassel front loafers

Price: US$579.00
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Fancy some of them tassels on your loafers? Grabbing these Fratelli Rossettis will quench your desire. The loafers come in luxurious brown leather that shines just the right amount and is oozing with sartorial appeal. They will also be comfy on your feet all day long even with the heel.

  1. Hender Scheme Split-Toe Distressed Suede Penny Loafers

Hender Scheme Split-Toe Distressed Suede Penny Loafers

Price: US$650.00
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If you are a fan of all things vintage and love the vibe that a worn in item gives, then we’re sure that these penny loafers from Hender Scheme will get your attention. It’s different from most of the list in that it’s made in the Land of the Rising Sun, but that is in no way a strike against its quality. The oiled brown suede with a split toe detail is made to last and easy to maintain.

  1. Alberto Fasciani Ulisse penny loafers

Alberto Fasciani Ulisse penny loafers

Price: US$525.00
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The secret behind Alberto Fasciani’s success as a high end cobbler lies on the fact that besides quality and beauty, it also adheres to one other quality: freedom. Freedom, in the sense that a client will have the liberty to mix and match, experiment, with their prized shoes. Who wouldn’t want that? Also worth considering is how much love and effort went through the making of these penny loafers, which just shows on the brown leather shining gloriously and the flawless handcrafted shoe.

  1. Edward Green Polperro Nubuck-Trimmed Suede Penny Loafers

Edward Green Polperro Nubuck-Trimmed Suede Penny Loafers
Price: US$655.00
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If you’re searching for the right pair of loafers to wear with pants that fit rather nicely and stop just right at the ankle, then might we recommend these shoes by Edward Green? The renowned cobblers from Northampton have made these plush shoes comfortable so you wouldn’t have to take some more turns before you become fond of them. The supple suede is also handmade, making them feel like they are made just for you. Complete the sharp look with a blazer and button down shirt.

  1. Magnanni for Neiman Marcus Smooth Leather Penny Loafer, Brown

Magnanni for Neiman Marcus Smooth Leather Penny Loafer, Brown

Price: US$475.00
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This exclusive from Neiman Marcus is a must-have for its classic construction. Made in smooth leather, the brown shoe gives you limitless options in how to style it. If you’re just beginning to appreciate the versatile penny loafers, might as well start them with another basic garment, your trusty pair of denims. Start them off with a fine pair of jeans with folded edges if you want to look hip.

  1. Church’s classic loafers

Church's classic loafers

Price: US$347.00
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Church’s is another brand you should check out if ever you’re a fan of Northampton brands or English shoes in general. These classic loafers are simple but on point, giving a stately aura with each step you take. If you’re looking for a pair that you want to designate as your go-to shoes, then these are a perfectly fine choice. They can easily make your attire with shorts look classier.

  1. Ermenegildo Zegna Asola Suede Penny Loafer, Dark Brown

Ermenegildo Zegna Asola Suede Penny Loafer, Dark Brown

Price: US$695.00
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Don’t be daunted by the seemingly hard to maintain suede if you’re doing your shopping, as they make a shoe rack even more charming just with its presence. Master tailors from Ermenegildo Zegna put together this loafer in lovely dark brown that’s easy to slip on. Most people will think that they are ideal in the summer, but they work for all seasons, really. A cheap investment in a suede brush and waterproofing spray will go a long way.

  1. Santoni Burnished-Leather Buckled Kiltie Loafers

Santoni Burnished-Leather Buckled Kiltie Loafers

Price: US$870.00
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Tired of the usual choices that just cannot bring out your personality? Groan no more, says Santoni. These leather loafers are a toss between monks and kilties, and are made in Italy with buffed soles to ease each step. They would look courtly with a suit, just check the picture if you need proof.

  1. Cole Haan Grant Canoe Penny Loafer, Brown

Cole Haan Grant Canoe Penny Loafer, Brown

Price: US$170.00
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Spice up your penny loafers collection with Cole Haan’s hand-sewn shoes. Your toes would also have ample wiggle room and the shoe itself won’t restrict movement. Plus, it’s finished with a pebble rubber sole to keep you from having tired and pained soles at the end of the day. All in all, you can’t (and shouldn’t) complain.

Designer Loafers

  1.  Marsèll Beige Suede Strasacco Loafers

Marsèll Beige Suede Strasacco Loafers

Price: US$675.00
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Can you imagine the comfort of slipping these Marsèll Strasacco loafers on? The ample suede will give your feet a velvety feeling. The design, with the crease in the middle and the distressed leather, takes us back to days of yore. Suitable for the old souls.

  1. Moreschi ‘Bahamas’ loafers

Moreschi 'Bahamas' loafers

Price: US$360.00
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If feet enclosed all day is a problem for you, then ease the problem with these perforated Bahamas loafers. Take control of the sweaty situation and get a good grip (literally), thanks to the smart design of these Moreschis.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Kevin Loafers

Giuseppe Zanotti Black Suede Kevin Loafers

Price: US$750.00
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Love having your tootsies on the spotlight? The attention will be received without much effort on your part. Giuseppe Zanotti took care of a total standout by including accents in silver-tone.

  1. Hender Scheme slouchy loafers

Hender Scheme slouchy loafers

Price: US$602.00
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Don’t care for loud hardware but still keen on making an impression? These nude leather loafers are keeping it simple but definitely not shortchanging on class. They are beautiful, and their charm would definitely rub off on your clothes.

  1. Gucci Black & White Gallipoli Loafers

Gucci Black & White Gallipoli Loafers

Price: US$930.00
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If you have the means to buy yourself some Gucci and want to show them off, then do so with these Gallipolli loafers. The wool and leather slip-on is distinct in its design with the herringbone pattern and the graphic patch. Walk the streets in luxury.

  1. Versace Greek Key embossed loafers

Versace Greek Key embossed loafers

Price: US$550.00
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Versace perfectly mashes art with streetwear, upping your style than the usual dilettante. The baroque pattern is ideal for an aspiring artist and scholar, or even just someone who wants to give the impression. Each step is a joy, too, courtesy of its rubber sole.

  1. Gianvito Rossi Jean Velvet Round-Toe Slipper

Gianvito Rossi Jean Velvet Round-Toe Slipper

Price: US$845.00
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Give your feet the VIP treatment by retreating to these Gianvito Rossi round toe slipper. And don’t be afraid to experiment, try one in purple (although they’re also available in black, if you won’t budge)!

  1. Dolce & Gabbana classic loafers

Dolce & Gabbana classic loafers

Price: US$500.00
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This classic black pair is from Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian artisans have proven their skill and inventiveness but still excel in simplicity. You can never go wrong with these velvety loafers.

  1. Gucci Pink Velvet Fur Princetown Slippers

Gucci Pink Velvet Fur Princetown Slippers

Price: US$840.00
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Take comfort to the next level in this Gucci Pink Velvet Slippers. The lamb fur adds a soft texture and feel to this handsomely made footwear. You would even dare to wear these loafers at home with you in your comfy plush robe and your favourite cup of joe. Sit back and relax, Gucci style!

  1. BERLUTI Luciano Polished-Leather Backless Penny Loafers


Price: US$1,250.00
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These backless penny loafers are great for a casual day out. The rich smooth tan leather looks real classy and chic. Pair it with linen trousers and a fedora hat for a carefree and relaxed look. Slip on this lovely pair and have fun walking around the shops downtown.

  1. JOHN LOBB Byrne Suede Loafers


Price: US$1,400.00
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If there’s anything that the John Lobb brand is known for, that would be durability. The John Lobb brand has been perfecting shoemaking for 160 years! That is one feat that would be so hard to overcome. This leather loafers in beige suede looks real great with denim jeans and jacket. The quilted leather insoles ensure your comfort all day and night which is a really really great plus!

  1. TOD’S new gommini intreccio loafers

TOD'S new gommini intreccio loafers

Price: US$495.00
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Named after the little rubber pebbles that adorn the heels and soles of this “Gommini” loafers, this Tod’s suede shoes sure look classic and timeless. That red and white leather weave embossed logo in front are pretty details that will look outstanding with a red printed polo shirt and white Bermuda shorts.

  1. LORO PIANA Summer Walk Leather Loafers


Price: US$895.00
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Have carefree and happy “summer walks” in this Loro Piana loafers. The smooth brown leather and lovely top stitches will definitely look cool with your khaki shorts and crewneck t-shirt. Throw in a knitted sweater for cool summer nights.

  1. OFFICINE CREATIVE Warwick Suede Loafers


Price: US$580.00
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Nothing feels more luxurious than a pair of Officine Creative loafers in brown suede. These loafers are a dream since they are handcrafted by artisans, from start to finish. Plus, its plush leather linings that mould to the feet making them more comfortable as you wear time over time. Wear it with your favourite sweater and beige pants as you enjoy hanging out with friends over coffee.

  1. MONCLER eyelet lace-up loafers

MONCLER eyelet lace-up loafers

Price: US$395.00
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This blue leather and suede loafers from Moncler will pair pretty well with a crisp linen shirt and blue denim jeans. This obviously well-made footwear is accented by eyelets that run along the upper and is held together by a leather string that ties into a handsome knot in front.

  1. HARRYS OF LONDON Edward Collapsible-Heel Leather Penny Loafers


Price: US$675.00
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If there’s one selling point of this pair of loafers, that would be the collapsilble heel of this Harrys of London leather penny loafers. Why? Coz it would be hard to achieve such a feature without using the softest leather that will withstand being stepped on and then pulled up on a whim. These “perfect loafers” also boasts of insoles that mould to the shape of the feet. You’ll sure look cool in these shoes with either pants or shorts and a plain basic t-shirt for a relaxed casual style.

  1. TOD’S Gommino driving shoes

TOD'S Gommino driving shoes

Price: US$361.00
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Tod’s Gommino driving shoes are made from light beige suede with full leather lining. It is called “Gommini” for the 133 rubber pebbles which adorn the soles. The leather knot and top stitch in front makes it easy to switch between casual and dressy styles. Opt for a more formal style in these loafers with a tan pants, matching sports jacket and plaid inner shirt for a preppy and trendy look when you go to work.

  1. DRIES VAN NOTEN Suede Loafers


Price: US$700.00
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Everyone will adore, first –  the light pink hue of this suede loafer from Dries Van Noten, second – the square toes of this footwear making it stand out above the rest of its round-toe and brown/beige competitors. Should I add more? That these pretty loafers are best worn casual with denims or shorts.

  1. BILLIONAIRE logo plaque loafers

BILLIONAIRE logo plaque loafers

Price: US$726.00
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These logo plaque loafers from Billionaire in grey suede needs to be taken on a date. The top stitch and texture made by the grey colour of this shoes will stand out on a monochrome dark grey co-ord set with a black inner shirt for contrast. You would definitely look and feel like a Billionaire in these shoes!

  1. EDWARD GREEN Polperro Nubuck-Trimmed Suede Penny Loafers


Price: US$655.00
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Show off this good-looking Edward Green penny loafers in camel coloured suede. Its nubuck trim makes it a total match for your slim trousers and linen shirt with the sleeved rolled up halfway. Did I mention that this footwear is handmade and has been ran through a trusty sole sewing machine that has been around for decades! Now you’ll love the soles of these shoes even more!

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Croc-Embossed Velvet Horn Tassel Loafer

Giuseppe Zanotti Croc-Embossed Velvet Horn Tassel Loafer

Price: US$750.00
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Nothing but superior craftmanship was put into these Zanotti loafers. The texture of this croc embossed velvet loafers is just amazing and that leather knot with metal horn tassel accents make it even more beautiful if possible. Wear this with a pair of dark coloured matching trousers and blazer for a dashing and smart looking you.

  1. ALBERTO FASCIANI Ulisse penny loafers

ALBERTO FASCIANI Ulisse penny loafers

Price: US$525.00
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Only the finest quality and impeccable style can be associated with this Alberto Fasciani penny loafers. The make of rich dark brown smooth leather shoes is all about innovation with a touch of country-charm which stems from Fasciani’s love for horse-riding. Take this with you when you feel like going to the country for some fresh air and nature walks. Will definitely match the charm of your surroundings.

  1. CHURCH’S Pembrey Suede Penny Loafers


Price: US$550.00
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Cinch your tailored co-ord set of twill pants and sports jacket with this Church’s penny loafers in pliable tobacco-brown suede. And did I mention that this footwear also comes with Goodyear welts that will surely last you for years. Now, ain’t that a really good investment?

  1. GUCCI Driver shoes with Web buckles

GUCCI Driver shoes with Web buckles

Price: US$590.00
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This Gucci driver shoes are to die for. The tan leather material accented with blue and white straps fastened by a buckle makes it a perfect match with navy blue trousers and red polo shirt. And don’t you dare forget to fold your trouser’s hemline to show off that bee print in gold at the back.

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