26 Men’s Designer Backpacks You Should Grab in 2018


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Once upon a time, it was a big faux pas for men to wear backpacks. No self-respecting man would wear them because the bags have been relegated to the use of young boys who still go to school. With the knapsack’s resurgence, we’re all bound to wonder why; they won’t leave one shoulder aching, they can bring with them many of our essentials, they aren’t easily grabbed compared to briefcases.

Thankfully, backpacks are no longer picked on as it once was, and the notion that they are for youngsters is one that only a person who believes fashion is static would believe. Our preferred bags can be manly, sleek, and practical all at once, as you’ll see in our list below.

Carry your things in style with the following designer backpacks for men:

Designer Backpacks for Men

  1.  Gucci GG Supreme Backpack with Travel Patches

Gucci GG Supreme Backpack with Travel Patches

Price: US$1,980.00
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Want to don on your shoulders a backpack that is classy as it is edgy? This canvas bag gives you that, but also lets everyone know how worldly you are with its inclusion of travel patches. It’s also for the green and the active—the material has a low environmental impact, and the insides of the bag have compartments specifically designed to secure your gadgets.

  1. Thom Browne Black Unstructured Book Backpack

Thom Browne Black Unstructured Book Backpack

Price: US$2,250.00
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This particular style may evoke the image of a student more than the others, but trust us when we say that it can also look gentlemanly. The black calfskin and the gold-tone buckles give it a very elegant vibe.

  1. Saint Laurent Red Canvas City Backpack

Saint Laurent Red Canvas City Backpack

Price: US$950.00
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Active and always on the go? Add stylish to that description with this red canvas backpack, courtesy of Saint Laurent. It’s great to go with your everyday outfit, and can carry almost everything you need without hurting your back. Two thumbs up!

  1. Shinola Runwell Leather Backpack

Shinola Runwell Leather Backpack

Price: US$995.00
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If you’re wanting of a bag that is both utilitarian and elegant, go for a bag as well-made as this Shinola Runwell backpack in American leather. Not only is it good-looking, it also comes with plenty of compartments to keep your things. Also available in charcoal.

  1. Prada drawstring backpack

Prada drawstring backpack

Price: US$2,619.00
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Prada’s not one to go for a dull and a generic design; this is more than just your ordinary drawstring backpack. Instead of just a simple cloth drawn together by a string, what you have is a work of art, complete with buckles, compartments, quilted design and rabbit fur. Did we just hear “wow”?

  1. Loewe Grey & Taupe Anton Backpack

Loewe Grey & Taupe Anton Backpack

Price: US$2,850.00
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Prefer backpack that’s easier to sling? Then search no more because Loewe’s got this gray and taupe bag that you’re looking for. The bag’s straps that make it easily adjustable, depending on your preference. The calfskin is polished to perfection, achieving a more handsome appearance.

  1. Givenchy pocket front backpack

Givenchy pocket front backpack

Price: US$1,195.00
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If storage is your main consideration when purchasing a backpag, we’re giving you another that is plenty of internal and external storage, this time from Givenchy. It comes in a deep blue color that relaxes the eyes and black trims as well as silver-tone hardware that makes it one hell of a great-looking bag.

  1. Neil Barrett printed flap pocket backpack

Neil Barrett printed flap pocket backpack

Price: US$894.00
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Neil Barret may give you minimalist and understated neutral colors in most of his men’s wear collection, but this printed flap pocket backpack highlighted a contrasting white and red print for a more innovative style. This backpack has a large compartment to carry your everyday essentials while keeping them secure. The push-lock closure and a drawstring fastening are protective features to make your belongings well-kept, tidy and organized.

  1. Fendi embossed FF backpack

Fendi embossed FF backpack

Price: US$2,619.00
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This Italian fashion brand is known for producing the highest quality leather goods for both men and women. And this Fendi embossed FF backpack is no exception.  This piece is made of leather inserts with embossed FF logo attached to its full black body appearance. The style may look too minimalistic but the linings themselves have fashioned a true Fendi design.

  1. Valentino VLTN Leather-Trimmed Canvas Backpack

Valentino VLTN Leather-Trimmed Canvas Backpack

Price: US$1,495.00
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If you’re looking for durable and timeless canvas backpack, this Valentino VLTN Leather-Trimmed Canvas Backpack will definitely stand out. Made from hard wearing olive green canvas with two front pockets, this will make your backpack experience comfortably lightweight because of its padded adjustable straps. Just fill it up with your usual carry, put it on your back, and then you’re free to walk around.

  1. Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Roll Top Backpack

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Roll Top Backpack

Price: US$611.00
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A street savvy man like you should own a contemporary brand like Ami. Established by Alexandre Mattiussi, this designer understands the fashion needs of a modern man. This roll top backpack is perfect during a city stroll. The  wide free compartment will let you put everything you want and readily be accessed because of its drawstring feature.

  1. Versace crown embellished backpack

Versace crown embellished backpack

Price: US$1,656.00
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Enjoy going to work with minimal baggage. If you’re one of those men who simply put what’s just enough for them to survive in a day, this Versace crown embellished backpack is suitable for you. This piece may be crafted to have all  the most basic features in a backpack like top handle, adjustable shoulder straps and zip fastening; but the iconic velvet fabric and gold crown design will determine that it is a Versace brand.

  1. Polo Ralph Lauren Camouflage-Print Leather-Trimmed Cotton-Canvas Backpack

Polo Ralph LaurenCamouflage-Print Leather-Trimmed Cotton-Canvas Backpack

Price: US$245.00
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If you’re shopping for a new and bold backpack design, this Ralph Lauren camouflage-print leather trimmed cotton canvas backpack will be one of your top choices. This piece has a spacious interior to accommodate lots of your belongings, side pockets to easily access some of your stuff, and snap back design to readily open or close the main compartment.

  1. Prada buckle strap backpack

Prada buckle strap backpack

Price: US$1,786.00
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You cannot help but consider buying your bag from a renowned brand like Prada. This Italian fashion house has been producing opulent and elegant leather goods since its establishment in 1913. This Prada buckle strap backpack demonstrates the unique craftsmanship of the label with its fold over top, drawstring fastening, adjustable shoulder straps and a logo plaque at the side.

  1. Moncler New Yannick Leather-Trimmed Quilted Shell Backpack

Moncler New Yannick Leather-Trimmed Quilted Shell Backpack

Price: US$720.00
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Looking for your go-to backpack for you to carry during your out of the country adventures? This Moncler New Yannick Leather-Trimmed Quilted Shell Backpack is worth considering. This backpack is designed to have large compartments for you to throw in everything you need during trips. The top and front zipped compartments will let you access your most needed possession in just a sec. So go grab this piece and carry in to your next adventure.

  1. Kenzo Navy Signature Logo Backpack

Kenzo Navy Signature Logo Backpack

Price: US$215.00
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Some guys just want to carry a backpack at work. This Kenzo navy signature logo backpack can be your everyday work bag. The nylon backpack has padded shoulder straps, zippered pocket, and a logo print at the exterior. The main compartment is large enough so you can put in your work stuff without having to worry of having not sufficient space.

  1. Yohji Yamamoto logo backpack

Yohji Yamamoto logo backpack

Price: US$958.00
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Never miss this designer brand, Yohji Yamamoto when looking for avant-garde and contemporary bag design. This Japanese designer has worked his way up to the fashion industry with his aesthetically pleasing collections. This logo backpack may look ordinary at first, but the intricately sewn signature label can tell you that this piece has passed through uncompromising quality control.

  1. Gucci Black Leather Signature Backpack

Gucci Black Leather Signature Backpack

Price: US$1,980.00
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I know, this Italian fashion brand is hard not to miss. Gucci has established its name to be one of the best brand in fashion ever since. It produces high quality goods for both men and women. That is why, this black leather signature backpack should be on top of your list of bag choices. The perfectly crafted Gucci logo embossed all throughout will give you the most luxurious bag experience ever.

  1. Officine Generale Full-Grain Leather and Canvas Backpack

Officine Generale Full-Grain Leather and Canvas Backpack

Price: US$1,045.00
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Looking for a casual bag for short trips during a weekend break? Then pick this Officine Generale Full-Grain Leather and Canvas Backpack. This may look smart and simple but the shades of army green and beige create class and sophistication in a rucksack. Crafted to provide you with spacious compartment, you can put in your valuables you need in that long awaited trip of yours.

  1. Jimmy Choo Black Fitzroy Stars Backpack

Jimmy Choo Black Fitzroy Stars Backpack

Price: US$1,475.00
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You may usually find this signature label in women’s heels and stilettos, but this brand has a lot to offer. Established by a Malaysian fashion designer, Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat, the label produced quality leather products including bags. So try this black fitzroy stars backpack to experience this well-known brand. This piece is designed with star-shaped studs, front zipper, and gunmetal tone hardware for a unique leather bag design.

  1. Balenciaga Explorer backpack

Balenciaga Explorer backpack

Price: US$1,050.00
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If you’re up for a street style fashion with oversized hoodies and sneakers, this Balenciaga explorer backpack is the perfect bag for you. This black explorer bag has top handle, padded shoulder straps and two compartments for your valuables in different sizes. This piece is designed with both a ‘BB’ logo and a printed label in white to polish the ultimate vêtement style.

  1. Ann Demeulemeester Black Soave Backpack

Ann Demeulemeester

Price: US$1,455.00
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Trying out different fashion brands can be fun. You can choose from well known designers from Milan and Paris, or opt for other well established label like Ann Demeulemeester. Known to be one of the Antwerp Six in the fashion industry, this label has produced extraordinary collection since conception. This grained calfskin in black along with its foldover flap in twin pin buckle fastening will elevate your bag style game instantly.

  1. Givenchy floral backpack

Givenchy floral backpack

Price: US$1,310.00
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Having a reputable name in the fashion industry, this French brand was able to rise to prominence because of its ready to wear and perfume collections. This brand continued introducing new products under its name like bags and accessories. So, why not try this Givenchy floral backpack to get the luxe of this French brand. Perfectly designed with white floral paint in black canvas, you can start carrying this in your everyday activity.

  1. Raf Simons Navy Eastpak Edition Functional Backpack

Raf Simons Navy Eastpak Edition Functional Backpack

Price: US$300.00
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You may hear his name as one of the creative directors of Christian Dior, this Belgian fashion designer launched his men’s wear label back in 1995. The designs he created under his name are contemporary and suitable for modern man like you. So grab this twin adjustable padded shoulder straps bag to be your go-to accessory at work.

  1. Makavelic digital camouflage Sierra Fundamental daypack

Makavelic digital camouflage Sierra Fundamental daypack

Price: US$189.00
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Add something Asian to your bag collection with this Makavelic digital camouflage sierra fundamental daypack. This intentionally crafted street style bag will be your go-to piece everytime you step out of your house.  This is lightweight, convenient and easy to carry because of its adjustable straps that can fit well with your body stature.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Vulcano dog print and studded backpack

Dolce & Gabbana Vulcano dog print and studded backpack

Price: US$1,344.00
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Never miss a cute and graphic designed backpack from Dolce & Gabbana. This will bring a youthful vibe with its playful dog print and stud embellishments to your outfit. This bag features adjustable straps, a round top handle, an internal compartment, and zipped pockets to make you comfortable and more balanced while carrying this piece.

Make sure that your backpack will work for your wardrobe by choosing one (or more!) of these designer bags that assure durability, longevity, comfort and style. And while they may not be the best choice for a suit, don’t worry–they’ll be (more than) okay for almost everything else.

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