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Reebonz 2019 Review

Reebonz home page screenshot on April 2, 2019

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Reebonz 2019 Review
Reebonz is one highly trusted online luxury shopping site aimed to provide the most covetable high-end pieces worldwide. The website has a wide range of items for both men and women, coming from the most important designers of today. What sets Reebonz apart from other shopping sites is that customers can find both new and used luxury pieces from their website, depending on their needs and preferences.
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Offers both new and use designer pieces
Has care program that offers repair and restoration of luxury items
Allows its customers to earn credits by selling back the items they bought from the website
Compared to bigger online shopping sites, this offers less shipping services

Reebonz makes luxury pieces accessible for everyone, as it has always aimed to from its initial launch. For the style-savvy, the Singapore-based online shopping site is a total fashion heaven, as with over 150,000 products featured daily of their website, there is so much to choose from and a lot you could purchase.

The website has pieces from over 550 known labels in the high-end fashion industry, including Balenciaga Saint Laurent, Prada, Celine, and many more. The luxury pieces that have been expertly picked by the website can be purchased by the fashion-hungry all over the world, with Reebonz offering shipping to over 20 countries, some of which are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, America, Middle East, and ofcourse, Singapore.

All pre-owned items featured in the website have undergone a process of checking and authentication by the Reebonz team of experts. To assure shoppers of the authenticity of the products they purchase, the website also provides certification to every pre-owned item they sell. Other services by the website include a care program that allows their clientele to have their pre-owned luxury items (jewelry, watches and other goods) cleaned, restores, and repaired. They also allow shoppers to re-sell the pieces they bought on the website to earn credits that they can use for their next purchase. How neat, right?

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Introduction to Reebonz

Have you ever heard and believed the term “accessible luxury?” Quite an oxymoron, sure, since the words seemingly contradict each other. For those who are not familiar with fashion’s unique and sometimes confusing verbiage, accessible luxury is commonly dubbed as affordable luxury where it becomes so much easier for a wide range of shoppers to avail exceptional luxury pieces.

The thing is, accessible luxury is a possibility never imagined. Well, it was, for a long while, but all that changed when Singapore based retail company, Reebonz, which was launched in 2009, made the concept to a reality. Through Reebonz, and its various retail platforms, users can now avail luxury goods with so much ease from the comfort of their homes, without badly hurting their pockets.

Multi-layered Retail Approach

Reebonz is no ordinary retail company. From the very beginning, it aimed to be set apart from the numerous online retail stores that abound in the current virtual space. As a matter of fact, it has slowly and strongly been building and developing its various platforms that cater and prioritize foremost its customers. Besides the all-too-familiar way of retailing its own inventory to the clients, the company also allows other shopping method – although of course, everything still revolve to luxury offerings.

Got an overflowing closet filled with designer pieces? Want to update your wardrobe with the latest trends but with a limited budget? Or simply want to get rid of items that do not complement your current style anymore? Fret no more, Reebonz has got you covered.

Reebonz offers digital shopping platforms for fashion-savvy shoppers to buy and sell pre-owned luxury pieces with convenience and assurance that each item is authentic. It provides shoppers access to designer items at a lower cost and allows sellers to declutter their closet and make space for new ones. Through these marketplaces—Closet, White Glove, and Boutique—you can upgrade your wardrobe with the returns from selling your pre-loved luxury clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to a community of fashion lovers.


Closets offers the convenience of having everything managed, discussed, and negotiated within the app from selling to buying. The app allows this in just three simple steps – snap, send, and sell. After you download the app, you can take photos of the items you are ready to part with, send it to the app for listing, and once listed, your pre-loved luxury items are now ready for takers.

White Glove

Named after a close-fitting garment for the hand often used to protect the wearer and the item being handled, particularly for close examination and inspection, White Glove is a special service offered by Reebonz to provide assistance to those who want to sell their designer items. Through White Glove, Reebonz picks up the users’ pre-owned designer item for meticulous authentication. Once authenticated as original, Reebonz takes professional photos of it and then puts it up for sale with the use of exquisite photography and effective copywriting in their platform.


If you are looking for brand new designer items, look no further because Reebonz is not only for pre-owned luxury pieces, it also offers a wide assortment of brand new products. In contrast from the first two, Boutiques is where the most luxurious brand consignments move their items, guaranteed authentic and brand new, from their physical stores to the digital marketplace. With Reebonz’ wide reach and diversified customers through its online platforms and diverse customers, it taps an extensive market for its luxurious offerings.

New and Expanded Market

The multi-layered approach of Reebonz proves to be substantially successful for the company as the peer-to-peer virtual retail space for user’s pre-owned items now account to 45 percent of the company’s gross merchandise volume. This made it possible for the company to reach new markets, both domestic and international. Further, aside from having a strong online presence, Reebonz has also established physical pop-up stores to bring its wide clothing selection nearer to its loyal clientele.

Today, it has offices in China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and of course, Singapore. Its offerings, meanwhile, include a range of luxury goods such as clothing, leather goods, jewelries, bags, accessories, shoes, and timepieces for sale.

Surely, there is no luxury item Reebonz cannot offer, and there is no better way to upgrade your wardrobe and shop for authentic luxury items than with Reebonz.

Reebonz catalog page screenshot on April 2, 2019 Reebonz product page screenshot on April 2, 2019

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