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Forzieri 2019 Review

Forzieri home page screenshot on April 1, 2019

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Forzieri 2019 Review
Forzieri promises its clientele a five-star experience of it luxurious fashion collection, featuring some of the best designers and brands in their collection. Its website targets the most luxe shoppers around the world, bring to them premium accessories, clothing, shoes, bags, travel items and home pieces. Aside from the high-end pieces in their collection, the website boasts of excellent customer service and fast shipping.
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Based in Italy, Forzieri is made up of a team of experts in fashion, who make it as luxurious and as up-to-date as it is. Their curation of the most luxurious pieces established Forzieri’s name in the luxury online retail, eventually earning a good customer base around the world. With the excellent team the website has, it’s able to offer the best pieces from the best designers to its clientele, including items from Alexander Wang, Balmain, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, and many more.

While Forzieri has a wide collection in their website, it isn’t hard to browse through the different items, especially with its well-organized categories. For each type of item, categories are groups into men and women, so it’s easier to look for products you need. A separate tab for items on sale is easily reachable from the homepage too, making it easy for customers to find the best deals within the website.

Forzieri also offers handwrapped gifts and designer fragranced packaging, making them unforgettable to their consumers and the best option for gifts, too. Another thing that keeps their customers coming back for more is the premium customer rewards program, which offers great perks for the loyal customers. And although there are a few exceptions, Forzieri is loved by its customers for the fast processing and delivery, with many reviews online as proof of their great service.

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How to use Forzieri Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Forzieri
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the lower-right part of the page.
  5. Click ‘Apply’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Forzieri

Introduction to Forzieri

If you haven’t heard of Forzieri, we’re afraid you’re missing out. This is the site fashionistas go to to keep themselves from being dull style-wise; the website is a treasure trove of Italian-made and international accessories.

This is no fluke as the crew responsible has a strong and extensive background with picking the best there is in a country teeming with designers, both established and budding, that pride themselves with style and expertise as well as other international contemporaries who match the excellence of local brands. Exploring the website is akin to uncovering priceless gems, but in this case the gem comes in the form of beautiful, highly coveted bags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Around since 1992

The concept store began right on the streets of Italy before it joined the growing number of retailers online in 1998. Much has happened between the six-year interval as well as 20 years, gaining the trust of iconic fashion houses such as Versace, Valentino, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti, among others, as well as encouraging and supporting local master artisans.

Today, the Italy-based Forzieri has made its mark not only in the country but also internationally as one of the ultimate destinations for accessories that won’t let you down. It has shared the unrivaled craftsmanship and rich culture of Italy to more than 150 countries, as well as established offices in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia and China.

The goal of a team to be reckoned with

Based in Italy’s Florence, which is quickly becoming a fashion capital, Forzieri has a team of fashion and retail experts dedicated to bringing to a wider audience the accessories made in the fashion haven. But in order to do so, it took the practical step to bring its collection online where more people could have access to it.

Forzieri wants you to experience all the same feelings when perusing their collection in person—thrill, wonder, and exclusiveness. A five-star experience, in short. The site doesn’t have to look further when finding an inspiration as they have something priceless right at Florence, home to many notable and long-standing architecture from the Renaissance, and that translates somehow on each of the pages, offering a peek to the height of art and culture as well as the luxe living of the few today.

The abundance of creativity in the Italian peninsula does not make the process any smoother, though, as there are plenty to choose from on the land known for its exquisite style and quality products.

Sending wherever you want to and returning without hassle

With Forzieri, you are promised with full customer satisfaction; over 1 million customers around the world already did.

The distance between you and Italy does not get in the way of your shopping; Forzieri promises shipping its products anywhere in the world (except P.O. Boxes, AFO and FPO addresses). With reasonable rates, the company offers Express Delivery and Premium Standard Delivery.

Forzieri also offers many options for payments. All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB, which you can safely use because data is encrypted. Paypal, bank transfers and cash on delivery are also available, although the last is saved for EU countries at this moment. Good news for students, too! You can get 10% off as Forzieri has partnered with UNiDAYS just as long as you register and confirm your status as a student.

If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can return it or exchange it for store credit or another item within 28 days. The Forzieri catalogue surely offers plenty of items you can choose from should you choose this option.

Giving back to its patrons

The luxe of shopping with Forzieri does not end after you check out your items. Receiving your order in a neat package will also elicit similar wonderful feelings while you’re shopping. You can personalize the box for you or for your intended recipient with five choices of colors and a ribbon while having the whole package smelling of fragrances from your choice of luxury fashion house. Through this, you’re sending yourself or another person the whole experience of shopping in a box.

The website also curates a magazine for its intended customers who revel in the joy of discovering accessories and learning more about designers and their products. It is accessible right on the site and can be read through anytime.

You can get more out of your purchases too through Forzieri-Points or F-Points, where you can redeem items if you have enough credit from your purchases. Any customer from any part of the world can participate and effortlessly use their points when looking through the catalogue. The points can be seen anytime so you know which rewards are available to you.

“A treasure chest”

Forzieri is an apt name for the website as the word, when translated in English, means a treasure chest. The website is like a gift waiting to unleash itself to a person who seeks the right accessories to go with one’s outfit. Its collection is also necessary for the world that is becoming more and more colorless and drab everyday, at least fashion-wise. Thankfully, the website is available anytime, anywhere, and Forzieri is inviting all of you in to bask in the excitement of discovering something new, and enjoying the hassle-free shopping.

Forzieri catalog page screenshot on April 1, 2019 Forzieri product page screenshot on April 1, 2019

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