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eBay 2019 Review

eBay home page screenshot on April 9, 2019

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eBay 2019 Review
eBay has been among those who led the online e-commerce industry into success, garnering a wide customer base that continuously support the website’s consumer sales and auctions. Aside from usual shopping-addicts and retail-therapists that are always on the lookout for great deals, merchants are extremely attracted by the opportunity to sell their items in the website. Offering a wide variety of options with competitive prices from different sellers, shoppers are free to choose from its fashion, home, garden, electronics, and many more categories.
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Huge selections of items for fashion and other categories as well
People can also sell their items in the website
Great bargains and fun auctions
Bad handling of customer support in issues of wrong shipping have been reported by disappointed customers many times

eBay is a great destination for fashion shopping, especially as both new and pre-loved items are found on the website. It’s got different pieces from different parts of the world, ready to be shipped out after your payment. The Fashion category of the website is also sub-categorized into men, women, and kids, allowing customers to easily pick from the items listed on the website. What’s great about eBay is that people can’t only buy stuff from the website, but they can also sell their own items or products. Overall, eBay’s appeal to people remains because of their great bargains, the thrill of joining an auctions to win an item, and of course, the huge collection that carries a lot of great pieces. But remember that not every piece on the website is authentic and in mint condition. eBay has also become known for selling fake or counterfeit products, so consumers should know how to differentiate an authentic product from the fake ones.

Save at eBay

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How to use eBay Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with eBay
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.
  5. On the pop-up page, put in your shipping details and proceed to the next page.
  6. Add the promo code on the area below the product.
  7. Click ‘Apply’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on eBay

Introduction to eBay

Many get hooked in online shopping for the pure fun it brings. Fun because in just a few clicks, you’ve got yourself a package on the way. The waiting game is also part of the enjoyment, too. It’s as if you’re waiting to receive a gift, which even though you have paid for yourself, still feels like Christmas at any time of the year.

This is why people are taken prison by the easy and addictive perks of eBay, a website that many people know so well. It has become a household name in the realm of online shopping, that one would immediately think of it when asked about the best online sites to easily get items from. eBay knows exactly how to get the attention of many, through their marketing tactics, efficient website and amazing collection of products.

Crucial first three years

eBay's main street at the headquarters campus in Silicon Valley
eBay’s main street at the headquarters campus in Silicon Valley.

Fun fact: eBay was created in a living room back in 1995. Pierre Omidyar, its founder and creator, conceptualized and launched AuctionWeb, the first version of the online shopping site. The vision of the creator was to provide a platform for sellers and buyers to meet in a virtual marketplace where the exchange of goods and services will be prompt and convenient.

Another fun fact: the first ever item listed by Omidyar in the website was a broken laser pointer. It was purchased by Mark Fraser, a Canadian, on the same year the site was built. After this, many firsts have been experienced by the online operations of the company, including hiring its first employee, Chris Agarpao who stayed in as an eBay employee for more than twenty years.

Just a year after the establishment of the company, Omidyar decided to focus full-time on it and quit his job. By that time he had a new partner, Jeff Skoll, who also served as the President of the company. Two more years later, Meg Whitman came into the picture to help the duo sustain the success of AuctionWeb, using her Harvard Business School background and knowledge on branding she got from Hasbro.

From AuctionWeb to eBay

Browsing Ebay from an Apple Laptop

eBay finally got its official name in 1997, leaving “AuctionWeb” as just a part of its history. By this time, Meg was busy at work organizing a management team with rich experience in keeping together a growing company. Many of her recruits were from remarkable companies like Disney and Pepsico, who became her senior staff and collaborators in setting a strong vision for eBay. The team remained keen on highlighting eBay’s mission to “connect people” rather than “sell things” to them.

The team decided to ditch the collectible auctioning image and take on an upscale stance—meaning higher ASP (average sale price), which was important as it was the basis for the transaction fees of the website. The next move for the company was to forge business relationships with known brands uncluding Sun, Disney, and AGM, to allow the switching of image to happen and sustain it.

Person-to-person trading

Woman browsing Ebay App
Woman browsing Ebay App

With eBay’s vision of bringing sellers and buyers together, they have created a trading community on the internet, efficient enough for both sides to enjoy the experience as well. The sellers can list items they want to sell, while the buyers can bid on the products they want. The cherry on top—the entire process is fully automated, complete with the convenient arrangement of items per topic and categorization of types of auctions for the users’ ease of browsing.

Such move by eBay captured the fast globalization and streamlining of what was before called the person-to-person trading. Through eBay’s business model, there was a complete revolution in flea market selling, collectibles shows, and garage sales. The process of selling and exploring items became easier and much efficient for users—it can all happen just a few minutes after registration.

Always aiming for buyers’ satisfaction

Ebay Packagings
Ebay Packagings

The fun incorporated in shopping with eBay can be attributed to bidding game, where buyers can either snatch a great item on such cheap price. Buyers admit to enjoy the “friendly bidding war” and the thrill of winning at first, then later on the fun of putting their adopted bidding strategy to the test.

Aside from the trill, the wide selection of items makes users feel like they just stepped on inside the biggest mall in the world. From children’s apparel to rare collectible vintage item, it is hard to think of something that you won’t find in the website. Aside from that, with eBay, no one has to pay more than what is needed. The extremely cheap price point and countless of bargains attract many users, even going down to less than $1 per item.

The feedback system is one of the great features of eBay as well, for it denotes the ability of the consumers to share experience with one another and provide decision points based on their own experience with the sellers. It is easy to get a refund as well when you are not satisfied with your purchase or if the delivery didn’t push thru at all. It wouldn’t need a long and arduous process that may entail arguments with the sellers, as eBay takes care of the issue resolution.

eBay continues to improve its offerings and systems to provide quality experience to its users and sellers, even exploring new options for payment. eBay’s partnership with PayPal proved significantly helpful, especially as users need not to submit more documents and personal financial info to the sellers. Through such option, faster and more secures payment process is achieved per transaction.

eBay catalog page screenshot on April 9, 2019 eBay product page screenshot on April 9, 2019

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