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The RealReal 2019 Review

The RealReal home page screenshot on April 2, 2019

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The RealReal 2019 Review
From its name, The RealReal’s mission is to have 100% authentic pieces in their luxury consignment website. They offer the best of both worlds, as they have both high-end pieces and discount items that can match a wide range of fashion-lovers’ needs and wants. The website has a team of expert that ensures every piece being sold is real, guaranteeing their shoppers of a headache-free shopping experience.
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Authenticity are guaranteed when it comes to their jewelry
There’s an option for consignment in their website
Has a huge collection of items for kids, home, men and women
There are bad reviews about the site’s customer support
The consignment service isn’t consignor-friendly

The RealReal has a high regard for authenticity, as they bear in their name the word “real” twice. They have well-trained staff composed of horologists, apparel experts, gemologists and art appraisers, so their shoppers can rest assured that they are getting only the best and authentic pieces from their website.

The website has a beautiful collection of fine jewelry and watches, which are sent our with a certification of authenticity for the assurance of the clients. Aside from their  coveted jewelry and accessories, their website boasts of a wonderful collection of other fashion items for men and women, ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, plus kids’ items and home pieces.

Their website also allows consignment, which makes it easy for people to sell their items with free pick-up. However, there are a lot of negative feedbacks from consignors regarding this service. Also, other shoppes have been complaining about faulty items and bad customer service. There aren’t a lot of good reviews on their return policy as well.

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How to use The RealReal Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with TheRealReal
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout.
  5. On the first page of checkout, fill in your shipping address details and add the promo code on the middle-right area of the page.
  6. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on The RealReal

Introduction to The RealReal

Remember the old saying about how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? It’s under this adage that the company The RealReal operates. Well, okay, it may be unfair to call one’s pre-loved luxury item a trash, but for those who are looking to earn more money out of items they once adored but no longer have a use for and for those who want to revel in the finer things in life without always having to break the bank, the site is just what they’re looking for.

What is The RealReal

The RealReal, founded in 2011, are among the initiatives that helped reshape how people acquire luxury goods. With its experience in luxury resale since the beginning of the decade that’s proven adroitness and its quickness to adapt, it is now a leader in the budding field with over 600 employees under its wing, multiple offices around the US and deliveries to international locations everyday.

Julie Wainwright is the brain behind The RealReal, an experienced online entrepreneur with and in her resume. Believe it or not, Wainwright started small, working alone at the comforts of her own home and raiding other people’s closets (with their permission, of course) to find items they’d love to resell.

The RealReal knows that an item, just like any other purchase, goes through a cycle, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be enjoyed by the next person. This does not invalidate an artist’s or a designer’s vision in any way, as it will be treasured by the buyer who purchases from The RealReal. What’s more, both buyers and sellers take part in environmental sustainability because–less items make their way to the landfills.

Strongest points

Among the things that sets The RealReal apart is the fact that it has the largest selection there is for pre-owned items in good condition in categories such as men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, home furnishings and art. More often than not, items sell quickly even though The RealReal replenishes its inventory countless times a month.

The RealReal is also proud of being able to distinguish the counterfeit from the originals. In the Internet where legitimate companies like The RealReal thrive, it is not unheard of for others to try to replicate the success while passing off fakes as authentic products. Items undergo rigorous inspection to ensure that customers only get legitimate products and to maintain the company’s expertise. The RealReal boasts of its team of brand authenticators, horologists, gemologists and art appraisers that are now more than 50 people just so every item is ensured to be authentic. If you need more assurance, the profiles of each member can easily be accessed on the company website.

More about the authentication process

The RealReal subjects all items supplied by a potential consignor to an authentication process that’s dependent on the brand. All markings that are supposed to be present on original items—brand markings, serial tags, codes, hologram stickers—are thoroughly inspected, while jewelries always have to come with a valuation certificate. The number of items submitted would sometimes peak at 30,000, but The RealReal lets each and every one go through the process before they are included on the site.

If you’re wondering how much the brands concerned are involved in the process, well, they’re not, and they do not have any responsibility towards items that are sold from the site. The RealReal is independent in its process. The only time it does is coordinate with them is when a designer label taps them in case of stolen or fake items, during which they are required to submit the contact information of the concerned consignor.

But what happens when the products are deemed knockoffs?

Consignors are contacted in case any of the experts notice a sign that an item is fake and will be asked to submit proof of the product’s authenticity. If it is established that an item is indeed a knockoff, the item in question will not be returned to the seller but will be destroyed instead.

It’s rare for a buyer to complain about a product’s authenticity, but if they do, The RealReal conducts another round of authentication.

Onward to More Success

The RealReal is impressive in its growth considering that it has been just seven years since its establishment, and despite the fact that it was born right out of Ms. Wainwright’s own home. Today, its inventory that has thousands of items gets sold quickly, mostly within a month. The app it developed specifically for mobile shoppers have also paid off as it is estimated that more than half of its customers shop through them.

Its success can mostly be owed to the strict policy it has to ensure that the items sold on the site are in fact real, plus that it is a dependable site where sellers can trust that their items will be taken care off, with The RealReal making the process even easier for consignors. The reputation has lived on although the word “real” is already right there on the company name, and is even repeated for emphasis. When you want a second-hand Prada bag, or perhaps Christian Louboutin heels, The RealReal is the name that makes you relax easy.

The RealReal catalog page screenshot on April 2, 2019 The RealReal product page screenshot on April 2, 2019

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