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Kiton Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


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Kiton Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
Kiton rarely goes sporty, but for Fall 2019, they did so with such luxurious ease. However, it would have been infinitely better had they designed their line with much more creativity. Aesthetics-wise, this is how you define "phoning it in"—elevated basics with little to no thought behind them. They're just clothes, albeit expensive ones. And while luxurious, the question whether this is fashion remains open.
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Kiton is essentially the go-to brand for many wealthy gentlemen. From business moguls to powerful politicians, this esteemed Italian brand, which may not be the loudest in the high fashion sphere, is certainly the most sought after by the most upscale of men in the world. And so with their Fall 2019 Menswear line, they prove that they needn’t pack in as much creative punch as other brands do, but it wouldn’t have hurt had they done so. Their strength lies in their materials, from their exotic vicuña fabrics—cut into their world-famous jackets—to their different types of cashmere and cotton. This season, a sense of ease was pushed to the forefront as the brand revealed a man’s sportier lifestyle through elevated basics. Along with their signature array of tailored suits were easy denim pieces and outerwear that, while still sleek and sophisticated, were the right casual touches from a luxury brand. Still, it wouldn’t hurt for the line to have a little more oomph. What good is having such exotic and luxurious fabrications if the execution is mediocre at best in terms of design impact? Though quality is a much heavier factor for a lot of the 1% that can afford these clothes, don’t they want to look extra special too? Upon first glance, there’s nothing remotely interesting (apart from quality) about Kiton’s checked jackets and wool suits. From their colors to their construction, they look like your ordinary business suits and pieces from any other brand. And when your pieces start looking like those from your competitors, that’s where the retail trouble usually begins.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiton

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