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MYAR Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


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MYAR Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
The army has long been a point of reference for designer brands, but MYAR takes it to a whole new level. They're all about the military style, and in their Fall 2019 Menswear collection, it led to mixed results. On one hand, there were some fine garments worthy of attention. While on the other, some pieces were too questionable and pedestrian to be taken seriously. Only time can tell whether this brand's philosophy will resonate to a lot of customers. But as of now, it doesn't really look like it!
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If people think the army look is over, think again! Designer brand MYAR is making it their mission to provide highly-stylized takes on classic military looks, from texturized khakis to different spins on the camouflage prints. Headed by Andrea Rossi, this young brand is out to make army style more desirable to civilians and veterans alike. In his Fall 2019 Menswear collection, Rossi emphasized the possibility of different textiles redefining the signature aesthetic. A dark gray shealing jacket, for instance, looks like your ordinary plush outerwear, but when paired with dark green khakis in a strong silhouette, makes for a tougher garment than initially realized. A semi-shimmering nylon puffer-like bomber, on the other hand, ups the cool factor to a new high when styled in a chic military way. However, there’s only a number of ways that you can play with the army look. After a few twists here and there, other spins tend to look weird, unnecessary, and juvenile. Take for instance, a hybrid sweater of a Harvard college knit with a dark blue jumper. Firstly, the school logo had nothing to do with the overall military narrative, and the overall construction looked too “cut-and-paste.” And the blue and orange track pants with the word “ARMY” printed on the side? Downright pedestrian. If Rossi wants more people getting into military chic, he’ll have to find new, better, and more exciting ways to play with the style!

Photo: Courtesy of MYAR

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