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Bare Necessities 2019 Review

Bare Necessities home page screenshot on May 7, 2019

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Bare Necessities 2019 Review
Bare Necessities wastes its wide selection of stylish lingerie and undergarments by delivering extremely disappointing customer service. While many customers are undeniably hooked with the designs and styles of the items offered by the website, many of them have been traumatized by horrible experiences with their purchases. Many of the complaints revolve around non-delivery of items, missing items, wrongs sizes, and customer support telling its clients, “I am not qualified to assist you.” No wonder the website perform poorly on online reviews.
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Huge selection of types and styles of lingerie and undergarments
Items are made from high-quality fabric
Instances of failed delivery and missing items
Improper sizing and measurements
Customer support is horrible and unqualified
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Bare Necessities has been called a scam and fraud by some customers who had horrifying experiences with them. Some didn’t even receive their items and got no help from the website, while others returned their items and haven’t been refunded for their payment. There are also a lot of complaints about their sizing and improper measurements, although admittedly, the items are made from quality fabric. Their customer service might occasionally be helpful, but many shoppers expressed their dissatisfaction towards staff who did not even try to help them with their concerns.

Bare Necessities catalog page screenshot on May 7, 2019 Bare Necessities product page screenshot on May 7, 2019

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