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Dillard’s 2019 Review

Dillard's home page screenshot on April 4, 2019

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Dillard’s 2019 Review
Dillard’s general clientele is composed of the fashion-savvy and style-hungry population, but they have been a favorite online fashion store for those looking for great bargains. From its brick-and-mortar department stores to its online shop, Dillard’s has a separate selection for those targeting to get pieces on sale. However, the larger collections of the website still revolves around the new and on trend fashion items, from mid-range designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and others.
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Offers huge selections of items for men, women, kids, and home
They have specific selections for features brands and new brands
Shoppers complained about the poor customer support of the website
The categories can seem to crowded with all the sub-categories added to them

Dillard’s is a true blue department store that sells just about anything in the fashion department: shoes, handbags, slippers, tops, skirts, dresses, coats, belts, beauty items, lingeries, kids’ clothing, and pieces for the home. With the wide range of items that the shop offers, their website’s categories is almost spilling over with item types, trending pieces, featured collections, and featured brands.

While it can truly help shoppers to have many categories in their website, it can seem too crowded and confusing for some. Many appreciate the minimalist style of many fashion websites nowadays, but we still give credit to Dillard for thinking of ways to make searching for items easier for their clients.

While many love the physical stores and the many options offered by the shop’s website, it has gained a lot of negative comments and complaints about the site’s terrible customer service and the subpar items that they send out. They also have an unorganized system in their gift cards, which prompted their previous clients to never purchase them again. For such a huge store with a wide selection, Dillard’s definitely fall short on focusing on the key element in their business: keeping their shoppers satisfied.

Save at Dillard’s

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Introduction to Dillard’s

Whether they be for menswear, womenswear, beauty and lifestyle, and more, a multitude of department stores have added themselves to the world of e-commerce. Now you have the choice to use a little retail therapy either by visiting physical department stores right around the block or to enjoy the comfort of your home while browsing on their web stores. With department stores that carry a broad array of merchandise in equally varied price ranges, it isn’t easy to choose which one to shop at today. Here, see how major department store Dillards, one of the largest fashion retailers of today, is the right store for you.


Raised in a business-minded family, William Dillard borrowed $8,000 from his father to open his own store in Arkansas in 1938 after earning his master’s degree. He called the store T.J. Dillard, taking after his father’s name. Come World War II, William Dillard volunteered for service in the US Navy and he sold his merchandise to another store. While waiting for his commission, his father died, and so he declined the commission when it came through. This was the time when Dillard and his wife reopened the store. Even in the face of war, business was still good, in fact, so good that the store expanded as he invested in Wooten’s Department Store, thereby changing the name of his store to Wooten & Dillard, Inc. Years later, the store was renamed to Dilliard’s.

This was the beginning of one of the fastest growing department store chain, Dillard’s. The company’s growth strategy started with expansion by acquisition and purchase of assets from burdened competitors and then later on shifted to opening of new stores, some under a different name, which are strategically placed in suburban locations. Dillard’s also focused on improving its corporate organization by dividing his stores into three divisions—Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas—for better administration. The company benefited with the tricks of the trade of stock markets as well.

Since it first opened in 1938, Dillard’s have indeed found its way from a humble family-owned store in Arkansas to one of the leading department store chains in the United States which now operates in more than 300 locations in almost 30 states.

Your virtual fashion paradise

As a way of bringing Dillard’s closer to and more accessible to its customers, Dillard’s launched its shopping website, Through this platform, Dillard’s not only made shopping easier but also more informative as the site aptly provides detailed product information, company distribution channels, and store locations.

As an online sales portal and a virtual fashion paradise, customers, through the help of their smartphones and laptop computers, can purchase their merchandise across all of Dillard’s product categories. Items are organized in segments including for women, for men, for kids, accessories, handbags, beauty, lingerie, and shoes. It also provided a specific space to highlight well-loved brands, specialty shops, and trending items.

Through its website, customers can, without difficulty, arrange shipping services, deliveries, track orders, and manage their accounts. These helpful and convenient functionality can be accessed through Dillard’s mobile application, which is made available to both iOS and Android users. Thanks to Dillard’s online retail hub, shopping has never been this uncomplicated.

Customers first, anything else follows

Dillard's Retail Mall in Las Vegas, USA.
Dillard’s Retail Mall in Las Vegas

We have heard time and again the old adage that says you should, in all circumstances, put your the customers first. Easier said than done, really, but for Dillard’s, putting their customers first before anything else is natural. In fact, it has been a key feature for Dillard’s since time immemorial to prioritize their customers before anything else.

Dillard’s customers first policy is not that complicated, if you think about it. It is just a matter of making each and every customer, regardless of who and where they come from, feel important and valued. This can be seen in both the extensive and little efforts that all Dillard’s staff offer to their customers. From offering the most compelling selection of quality items to answering even the minuted questions and helping shoppers, Dillard’s has surely made customer satisfaction paramount. This contributed to a pool of loyal customers that led to the steady growth and continuous success of the department store.

Only forward for Dillard’s

Dillard's in Orlando, Florida. 
Dillard’s in Orlando, Florida. 

From a small department store in Arkansas, who knew that William Dillard will be building one of today’s largest retail chains in the United States, and arguably, in the whole world. Sure, the fashion landscape has changed since World War II when Dillard’s was still starting, but the thing about Dillard’s is that as it perfectly established itself firmly in the fashion ground, it also made sure that its stays relevant and ahead of trends by providing only the best array of merchandise and brands. Now, you can bet that Dillard’s will go nowhere else but forward.

Dillard's catalog page screenshot on April 4, 2019 Dillard's product page screenshot on April 4, 2019

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