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Catbird 2019 Review


February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Catbird 2019 Review
Catbird is all about that minimalist, subdued and simple jewelry that are meant for layering—a taste of modern style scattered all around the website’s various collections. There are pieces for both men and women, although the items for ladies take up a larger space in the online vault of the website, feature stunning designs filled with varying types, hues and designs of crystal detailinings. While the designs of the pieces are 100% lovely, that couldn’t be said for the quality of the jewelry pieces. Many customers complained of items easily falling apart or breaking just after a few times of use.
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Jewelry designs are lovely
Offers an array of jewelry pieces
Customer support is reliable and easy to reach
Some of the items break easily
Questionable quality of jewelry
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Shoppers easily fall in love with Catbird’s items—understandably so, as they have amazing collections featuring simple yet classy pieces, as well as crystal-embellished and layer-worthy items. However, the quality and craftsmanship of the jewelry pieces are quite questionable, as some customers expressed their disappointment on some items that easily broke or fell apart. Many of those complaint though have been pacified by the respectful and quick response of their customer support, who provided replacement items.  

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