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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Pomade Review
Product Description
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Pomade truly deserves to be a favorite among influencers and beauty enthusiasts. Besides a great color range, the fantastic formula of this product also serves precision, blendability, and great staying power. There’s definitely a learning curve to using this kind of product, but once you’re able to master navigating the nooks and crannies of your own eyebrows with this product, you can be sure that your eyebrows will absolutely be on fleek all the time!
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Great color range
Precise application
Long wear time
“Learning curve” usage period
Doesn’t come with an applicator

It’s no surprise that among the roster of brow products by Anastasia Beverly Hills—itself a brow-oriented brand because of its origins—the Dipbrow® Pomade stands out as a favorite among influencers and enthusiasts alike.

The Dipbrow® Pomade is just an all-around fantastic product. The products boasts a good range of natural brow colors, so you won’t have too much trouble finding the right shade for you. Once you’ve mastered this product, you get an unparalleled amount of control over sculpting and filling in your eyebrows—moreso than any brow pencil out there can provide even. The formula is also blendable before setting, so you can easily feather out the color with a spoolie in case you accidentally apply it too thick. Finally, you get a good amount of wear time with this product because once it’s set, it doesn’t really budge anymore.

Probably the biggest difficulty with using this product is the learning curve you have to go through before mastering the use of the product. It’s not too long a period, but the first few days can definitely be rough if you’re more used to doing your brows with pencils or pen-type products. The product doesn’t come with its own applicator either so it’s up to you to find the perfect brush for using this particular product.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Pomade, in our opinion, is by and large one of the most effective and reliable brow products out there. It’s not only fun to use, but it also gives you an unprecedented level of control and precision that precious few products can.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Pomade is available in 11 natural hair color shades. Hopefully, the brand is also able to put out bolder colors for people with wilder hair in the future.

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