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MAC Cosmetics Shape + Shade Brow Tint Review

MAC Cosmetics Shape + Shade Brow Tint Review
Product Description
We’re very impressed with one of MAC Cosmetics’ more unique products, as far as eyebrow shaping products go. This product features a dual-ended application, a liquid “liner” side with a felt-tip applicator, and a sponge tip side that contains a powder-gel product that’s perfect for filling in patchy spots in eyebrows. We’re honestly very happy with the performance and the precision this gives us, and we can happily recommend this to anyone who needs an easy eyebrow product.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Well-matched dual pigmentation
Offers great precision
Very long-wearing
No spoolie
Slightly unwieldy in size
Takes a little warming up before use

One of MAC Cosmetics’ more recent attempts at a brow product, the Shape + Shade Brow Tint, looks very different from a lot of things we have available in the beauty market right now. The most popular brow products of today are one of probably three things: retractable pencils with spoolies on the other end, pomades, or brow “mascaras” in tiny tubes. The Shape + Shade Brow Tint, on the other hand, is a dual-ended product, where one end is a liquid “liner” with a felt-tip applicator, and the other is a sponge-tip carrying a gel-powder infusion for filling in the actual brows.

Each colorway of this product has two shades: the “liner” is a little lighter to create a subtle outline for cleaning up the eyebrows, and the gel powder is for filling in the actual brows so it’s a little darker. The two shades complement each other very well, and create a subtle but full look. The product also offers a great amount of precision, and with plenty of ease. It’s not too painstaking to get a great silhouette for your eyebrows. The product is also very long-wearing, so you’ll have no problems wearing it through an entire day.

But even so, this isn’t a perfect product. We do have a few issues, albeit minor, with this product. First of all, this product doesn’t have its own spoolie, so you better be ready with your own spoolie in order to blend the product out properly for an even smoother finish. The actual physical product is also a little bit large, definitely larger than the usual eyebrow product, so it can be a little bit unwieldy to carry around. And finally, this product takes a little bit of warming up before you can get the pigment out more, but once you do, it goes on beautifully.

So our final verdict: We’re very pleased about how this product performs generally. Its issues, while there are quite a few, also don’t really affect the actual performance of the product. We can definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and precise way to do their eyebrows.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The MAC Cosmetics Shape + Shade Brow Tint is available in seven shades, so you can find the right shade for you that matches the color you’re trying to go for.

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