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Petar Petrov Resort 2019 Collection – Paris


People usually only think of Paris, Milan, and London as the most fashionable cities in the world, but in truth, there are a lot more like them in Europe. Take Vienna, capital of Austria, for example. Rich in stunning architecture, the women who dwell in this gilded city can dress just as beautiful, some might argue maybe even more, than their Parisienne counterparts. This is thanks in part to designer Petar Petrov, a Bulgarian designer who chose this historic city to be his home base. His Resort 2019 collection gives women, all around the world but most accessible to fashionable Austrians, a modern and sophisticated wardrobe for all social events. Got an important business meeting? His monochrome tailored pantsuits in sky blue and candy pink would do the trick. They also come in leopard print if you really want to make an impact. Cocktail wear is called for with an array of diaphanous dresses that can be worn in a multitude of ways and for all sorts of social events. If you’re ever in need of a great piece to wear, keep the name ‘Petar Petrov’ in mind!

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