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Paria Farzaneh Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review


February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Paria Farzaneh Fall 2019 Menswear Collection Review
A touch of culture never hurt, and with Paria Farzaneh, it actually makes her clothes more stunning. Her Fall 2019 Menswear line was a beautiful combination of exotic patterns and elegant sportswear. However, it left us wanting and yearning for more. Though this was an interesting presentation, it was also slightly pedestrian in her retreat to overused athletic tropes. A new designer like Farzaneh should be carving out a new identity for herself, not recreating those of others!
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The world is trapped in a social media frenzy and no one knows this better than Paria Farzaneh. Her latest Fall 2019 Menswear show was a detailed view on how social media, and technology in general, has altered the way we live as humans. From the self-obsession of selfie culture to the unawareness of people brought about by their fixation on their phones, the narrative was staggering. The clothes, however, were interesting. Amidst this somber presentation was a beautiful collection that combined both contemporary and ethnic cultures. Being of Iranian heritage, Farzaneh incorporated many prints and imageries from her cultural background into her sporty line. Hoodies and jackets bore strikingly exotic patterns, which beautifully offset their somber-toned track pants. However, that’s just about it when it came to overall design impact. Upon dissecting the collection as a whole, we found that this was just another run-of-the-mill sportswear line that about a hundred other labels are churning out. Nylons suits, round hoodies, and military-like styles—these are all over and done with! Farzaneh is an up and coming designer, and for her to rest on her laurels and present looks that many have seen before was, in our opinion, a huge mistake. Granted she had an astounding message, the clothes, however, were severely not up to par. Uniqueness and newness—these are what Paria Farzaneh should focus on in the seasons to come!

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