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Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Neo-Blush Ombre Blush Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Neo-Blush Ombre Blush Review
Product Description
Kevyn Aucoin’s The Neo-Blush is a blush trio (composed of three different colors and finishes) combined into one pan for an interesting ombre effect. One is bound to get a lot of good use out of this blush as, besides using each color individually, you can mix and match the colors, or even swirl them all together to get a three-dimensional, sculpted rosiness. The biggest weakness of the blush is how the colors and finishes tend to bleed into each other, which can be a little distracting, but nothing that a little finessing can’t help with. Otherwise, this is a fantastic, simply innovative blush product that we found ourselves really enthused by.
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Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s The Neo-Blush is actually a blush trio that’s placed in one pan for a visually striking gradient-ombre effect. What intrigued us most about this product is that all three colors in the pan that make up this product also have different finishes. This simple innovation is definitely something that worked to set the product apart from other blushes in the market in the best way possible.

The colors of this blusher are absolutely stunning. Each colorway is created with three colors that complement each other well in the pan and on the skin. Because of the presence of these three gorgeous colors, you also get a lot of versatility with this product. You can use each shade individually, combine two of them, or even mix all three together for a sculpted, three-dimensional flush. And the variety of finishes also guarantees a good time using this blush. The blushes are also formulated for long wear, ensuring they’ll last through the worst of conditions.

The biggest downside, probably, to using this ombre blush is that it tends to get a teensy bit messy. Because some of the finishes contain glitter, it’s easy to contaminate the semi-matte shade, especially if you want to swirl through the entire pan for an even coating of the three colors together. But to be fair, the matte doesn’t get affected too badly—just a stray sparkle here and there—but it’s still enough to be taken note of.

We really, truly found ourselves pleasantly surprised by how well this product worked. We don’t know why we were so surprised, considering how well the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty brand has done in the past, but it was pleasant nonetheless. We’re happy to say that we can highly recommend this blush product.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • Kevyn Aucoin Beauty’s The Neo-Blush is available in four colorways: Pink Sand, Grapevine, Rose Cliff, and Sunset.

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