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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Couture Blush Powder Blush Review

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Couture Blush Powder Blush Review
Product Description
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty's Couture Blush is just an all-around disappointment. Besides some lovely packaging, the only good thing we can really say about the actual product is that it's very lightweight to wear. But it falls apart in just about every other aspect. The application and pigmentation of this product are absolutely dismal. If you can stay away from this product, do so.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Beautiful packaging
Very stiff texture
Not very pigmented
Difficult to apply onto the skin
Doesn't blend out well

We’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from products created by a renowned fashion titan like Yves Saint Laurent. Especially with the kind of luxury price tags they’re given, anything less than absolutely fantastic would immediately be a huge disappointment. Unfortunately, disappointment is all we felt when we finally got our hands on the brand’s Couture Blush.

There are very few things we actually like about the Couture Blush. The actual product packaging is the only thing about this that actually screams luxury, in our opinion. With a golden case bearing the YSL seal, it looked very pretty. The only other thing we can actually commend this product on is how light it is. Throughout a whole day of wear, it doesn’t feel like you’re really wearing, well, anything. But then herein also lies the product’s most significant weakness.

Among the things we disliked about this product, one of the things that bothered us most was how stiff it was. Whether you’re using a brush or even a finger (for swatching), it’s so difficult to pick up a decent amount of product off the pan for application. And even when you do get product off, it’s hard to get it to show up the way you’d want it to. This ties in with a similar issue with the blush’s pigmentation. It just seems like there’s barely anything there even after you apply coat after coat after coat. The product also doesn’t blend very well either, so it just ends up looking an uneven mess on one’s face.

We must express how disappointing we found this product in general. Despite the brand name and the price tag, it’s still as mediocre as a blush can get. We certainly hope for Yves Saint Laurent’s sake that they can get their act together for any future beauty releases.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Couture Blush is available in seven shades.

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